Car Theft Ring Raised Awareness For Car Dealers


Local authorities were able to catch an auto theft ring worth millions of dollar in Canada recently. This prompted them to warn car dealers of luxury vehicles in the country. This also raised awareness for theft lawyer in Canada especially the Greater Toronto Area where the scheme was discovered. The case involved purchases of vehicles through fraudulent transactions and stolen luxury cars.

The bust was made possible through Project Baijin which is collaboration between three different police departments in the area together with the Canada Border Services Agency. Through the operation, they were able to take back 28 luxury vehicles amounting to $2.5 million which was intended to be exported to Europe and China. The project has been ongoing since April.

The police are not willing to reveal the reason why they started the investigation in the first place. Based on the new conference held by the department, a phone call made by a concerned citizen prompted it.

On April alone, the police were able to catch six luxury vehicles in Mississauga, Ontario including a 2019 Range Rover, 2015 Jeep Wrangler, 2018 Dodge Ram, 2016 Mercedes GLE350, 2018 Audi A7 and 2018 Mercedes C300. According to the authorities, the scheme works because identification numbers of the vehicles are being replaced with fake ones.

After the arrest of two men at Markham in Ontario, they were able to trace more transactions in Greater Toronto Area and a number of provinces from Quebec until the British Columbia. These are the places where the vehicles are taken and then undergo replacement in auto shops based on Ontario.

According to Const. Akhil Mooken, spokesperson of the Peel Regional Police, 90 per cent of the vehicles that were seized are new models and of the luxury type. These are financed through fraudulent transactions before re-vinned.

According to the police and verified by a theft lawyer, most of these vehicles are wrapped in vinyl in order to change the colour as well as to avoid being caught by the authorities. This is not the first time that this kind of operation was caught. It is quite common to use vinyl since it is cheaper and requires less labour.