Amazon Now Selling Harley-Davidson Gear


It’ll now be easier to look for Harley-Davidson motorcycle clothing sale in the UK and across the world, as the Milwaukee motorbike company has recently just opened an Amazon storefront. Part of its “More Roads to Harley-Davidson” initiative, this move is one of many made by the brand to make it more accessible to other people.

Gear and apparel  from the company are becoming more digitally available, rather than exclusive to their dealers who haven’t really been receiving much foot traffic as of late.

Currently, there are only three collections of Harley-Davidson apparel available on Amazon:

  • The 1903 Collection, which, as the name implies, is vintage-styled products.
  • The Garage Collection, which is simple and understated, harkening crew clothing.
  • The Genuine Collection, a mix of actual riding gear, casual apparel and additional accessories, like hats and wallets.

According to Senior VP of Marketing and Brand for the company, Heather Malenshek, the company has recognized that they operate in an on-demand, anywhere any time platform where their success hangs on the ability to meet customer expectations, and terms. To that end, the reach Amazon provide is key to their efforts, not only to make motorcycle clothing sale in the UK and across the country easier, but to connect with their customers, all of which lead to profitable development and a stronger company.

Part of their “More Roads” initiative also includes placing physical storefronts for greater exposure, like in shopping malls, close to places where their merchandise is available.

The “More Roads” initiative was undertaken due to the company’s declining US sales, which have declined in recent months, down by 13.3% in the third quarter of 2018. Part of the reason is the company being unable to appeal to younger demographics, the age range most familiar with Amazon, in spite of recent efforts like the Street Series, which were deliberately aimed to appeal to more urban riders, but have only found some niche success in Europe.

As the company’s US sales have dropped, so too have its stock value in the third quarter, having gone down by 11% from January to October.