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The main goal of clothing designers is to help people have the opportunity to become stylish, trendy, and fashionable. But, Anne Marie Blackman has a different purpose she has in mind. If you were to describe her creations, you will only need three words that include – tacky, garish, and gaudy. Even if you tell her this, you don’t have to worry of hurting her feelings. Blackman is an owner of a business the sells ugly sweaters for Christmas. Aside from that, she also sells dresses and cardigans.

When it comes to design, there is no sweater that she cannot make strange and super ugly. People will see jingle bells and fringes on their sweaters. As a matter of fact, there is one ugly sweater that Anne doesn’t sell. It is a 1980 sweater with padded shoulders accentuated with children’s toys, giant Raggedy Ann, and a toy box. Anne finds it a scary clown and has thought of adding lights if she will wear it during a party.

Blackman started a small business and then become a warehouse where people can find thousands of ugly sweaters that they can simply order from her website.

How Did Her Business Started

The idea popped into Anne’s mind when her children who were to graduate in high school were getting ready for college. She was searching for a way on how she can earn extra cash. Then she googled to get ideas. This is when she bumped into an Ugly Sweater Party for Christmas.

Because it is her first time to encounter this kind of party, she believes that she can make sweaters uglier than what people can buy in the market. She started working and the offer her creations in eBay. To her surprise, her products sold quickly. From this moment, she continues in making Ugly Christmas Sweater that people can get from her one-stop-shop. Buying one from her creations might help you win prizes in a party.

Despite the fact that not everyone is comfortable of being the center of attraction, participating in such kind of party will give people the reason to do their best just to stand out. People can also consider these ugly sweaters as a perfect gift. Anne considers her products a treasure from using trash.