7% Expected Growth For Bangkok’s Residential Property Market


If you are looking for a new home, why don’t you consider Luxury House in Sathorn that allows you to express your individual style? One of the best advantages that can be gained from luxury homes is space that will allow you to create different designs that will match with your requirements. You can also include several amenities which is not possible on an average home.

In Thailand, the government has proposed expansion of investments for infrastructure projects. This will improve Bangkok’s residential property market to realize the expected growth of up to 7% in 2018. Growth in Bangkok’s residential property market corresponds to the major views of project developers who continue to view the market as one with the best growth opportunities.

Products and offerings of the real estate market are expected to remain the same without any major changes in unit sizes and room layouts. Instead, project developers will be enhancing facilities to differentiate their products from the competition and help boost sales. In general, expect new luxury projects to include automated parking for businesses to add 20 to 30% capacity.

Development of home projects will focus on areas that are easily accessible from the train network particularly the Orange Line, Blue Line and the extension of the Green Line that is currently in progress. The property market is expected to expand to the outskirts of Bangkok where the train passes because it makes it more convenient for people to travel to the city.

However, the single home market and townhouse market located in the outskirts of the city with traffic issues will experience less expansion and low growth. Distance from train lines will hamper growth because there are few plans to build new roads that will accommodate cars and ease traffic. The condominium market that is located near the train lines has a definite advantage because it does not require lots of land for development.

The first and foremost consideration of home buyers is location and the ability to travel easily from point to another. Requirements of home buyers are easily addressed by Luxury House in Sathorn that has modern features and energy efficient technologies.