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Features of a Good Real Estate Website

There are various features that are considered very important when it comes to designing websites for real estate businesses such as a design compatible with most mobile devices, a layout that is centered on the images on the site as well as property alerts sent to users of the website.

According to Lamudi Nigeria, a portal for global property, in order for a real estate business to have proper market online, the agents and developers must ensure that their website has the following features included:

  • Responsive Design. This is a requirement in every e-commerce and online websites nowadays to ensure that the customers are able to view their website no matter the type of device or gadget used. More and more people are using their smartphones when connecting online which makes responsive design one of the requirements of an effective website. With this feature on hand, the website will be able to adapt depending on the size of the screen used – be it a laptop, mobile or tablet.
  • Image-centric. If you are wondering why many of the properties on the list are not given any interest, take a look at the visual images provided along with the property description on the website. Many customers these days who are looking to purchase a property are more likely to schedule an inspection if there are enough images provided on the website. This will give them the feeling of having toured the property virtually through the website. The images used must be with high quality as well as taken by a professional. The property’s interior and exterior parts must be photographed as well.
  • Property Alerts. If a customer searches today but without any compatible properties on the list, there must be match alerts that can be set up. This will help the customer by getting a notification once a compatible property hits the market, either through SMS or e-mail.
  • Great Content. Images are worth a thousand words but websites nowadays are more likely to get more traffic with the help of content strategy. A blog is one way to establish the business competency as well as connecting with social media platforms.

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