Types Of Popular White Bathroom Tiles You Can Choose From

Bathroom Tiles

Most often, the bathroom is commonly the most neglected room in the house thinking that it is just a bathroom. However, on the contrary, the bathroom is the most important room in the house which needs proper care and attention.

Despite this misconception, many households still believe the importance of a clean, comfortable, and presentable bathroom. Most of the materials used in a bathroom are white bathroom tiles because of their clean and fresh look. Many people prefer white bathroom tiles because they make the room wider and easy to clean as dirt can be easily seen in white colours. In real estate, the owners of houses that are for sale make it a point that the bathroom is in perfect condition to attract more clients.

Choosing the right bathroom tiles can be a bit challenging as there are numerous suppliers in the market today. To help you do the job, here are the most popular bathroom tiles you can choose from to make your bathroom the way you want it to be:

Types of Bathroom Tiles

  1. Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tiles last long which make them ideal to use in your bathroom. They are sturdy, water-resistant, and durable as well as not prone to stains and scratches. Porcelain creates beautiful effects as it has a wide range of colours to choose from.

  1. Marble Tiles

Marble tile is the best tiling material in terms of luxury. It’s beautiful and subtle that can add texture to the design of your bathroom.

  1. Ceramic Tiles

These are made from similar materials as porcelain, but they are not as finely ground asporcelain. This makes them slightly less water-resistant and durable. They need to be sealed properly, though.

  1. Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic is becoming fashionable and popular in bathrooms. Whether you choose them as the bathroom floor, to create an exceptional look, or highlight your walls, the mosaic is perfect to express your personality type.

  1. Limestone Tiles

Limestones are ideal for a natural-look design. However, they have to be well-sealed for bathroom use because its nature is porous.

  1. Slate Tiles

These tiles are ideal for a busy bathroom that needs a strong finish and long-lasting effect. They are among the toughest materials for tiles.

  1. Vinyl Tiles

Vinyl is highly practical, cost-efficient, and low in maintenance. Their appearance has greatly improved with numerous designs and colours.

Choosing the right bathroom tiles can make a great difference to your bathroom look that brings out a beautiful and relaxing space to reflect your personality.