The SEO Impact Of Online Reviews

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With the vast majority of customers looking to online reviews for information to help them with their purchasing decisions, it’s no surprise that online reviews are used in a lot of things by marketers and businesses.

If you’re looking for some insight on the matter, here are some ways online reviews affect SEO.

Trust in customers

Google actually uses reviews as customers do; they use it to see if a brand or product is trustworthy.

Positive reviews tell Google that a company has not only interacted with real customers but that they also meet the demand of customers. Negative or mixed reviews, meanwhile, tell Google that your brand isn’t providing the best solution, meaning that it lowers your search engine ranking as a result.

Better traffic and conversion

Customers trust reviews, so any site that has good reviews gets more visitors, meaning better traffic.

Better traffic, in turn, tells Google that your site is valuable and worth putting high on their search engine rankings.

Another thing worth noting is that, as long as your site’s pages provide what potential clients look for, it’ll get better conversion rates, which is another factor that Google uses for SEO ranking.


The easier for a search engine to understand a site, as well as its offerings, the better the site ranks. That means that keywords, which search engines prioritize, are valuable.

This is where online reviews come in. When a site has a lot of king kong SEO reviews, it means that Google has a lot of content to crawl through regarding that topic, which comes packed with keywords that search engines can use to learn more about the site.

It’s free marketing.