Starbucks To Expand In MRT And Hospitals

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There is nothing better after indulging in a luxury spa in Sukhumvit than to have a cup of coffee. Two decades ago, locals in Bangkok can only get decent coffee outside the house when they visit a hotel but this is no longer true nowadays. There are now many choices when it comes to coffee spots all over Thailand.

Consumer behaviour is changing and this is why Starbucks took the opportunity to strike. The coffee brand is now present in various shopping malls, hospitals, office buildings, subway, kiosks accessible through drive-through and collaboration with food businesses.

The coffee business of Starbuck in the country started 19 years ago and continues to remains strong, this is according to Starbucks Coffee Thailand’s managing director, Murray Darling. The company is going to celebrate their 20th year in the country in 2018 and they are planning to expand as well.

Recently, the company launched its very first store inside the MRT located in the Phetchaburi station and the second one is expected to launch at the station in Sukhumvit.

Mr. Darling said that their shops located in the subway are doing great thus, they are planning to expand in the same platform. He explained that the company’s aim is to improve the entire experience especially for people who are searching for the best coffee. They will get not just a special experience but the best baristas as well. They are not worried about the competition because the market is always open for expansion.

Aside from their plan of expanding at the mass transit system, the firm is also launching around 40 stores all over Bangkok as well as upcountry in 2018. The proposed locations are hospitals found within the country.

Mr. Darling said that they are breaking the stereotype that Starbucks is only present in office buildings and shopping malls but we are also planning to enter the healthcare sector through hospitals. As of November of this year, the company has a total of 314 shops in Thailand and 15 of them are located in hospitals. It is undeniable that Starbucks is slowly conquering the kingdom and people who frequent a luxury spa in Sukhumvit will surely be able to experience the best coffee through the various shops in the area.