Some Industrial Uses Of Magnets


Magnets are used by man from ancient times. Magnets are used in many ways starting from simple toys, clocks and household equipment to complex electronics and heavy industrial machinery.

Some of the industrial uses of magnets in Brisbane are

Mining industry

Magnets are widely used in mining industry. Magnetic technology helps the miners to separate the natural elements from other materials. Mining industry routinely uses powerful magnetic separators in coal mines. Magnets also help to remove contaminants from the minerals and valuable materials. Magnets helps to minimize the wastage and get more value from the mined elements.

Medicine and healthcare industry

MRI or the Magnetic Image Resonance Machine is the most commonly machine in hospitals and diagnostic centres. The machine uses magnetic technology to capture clear images of the internal organs of the body. Pharmaceutical companies use magnetic technology to remove the excess iron from their products.

Food processing industry

Magnets are widely used in food processing industry. Different types of magnets in Brisbane are used by the companies in food processing sector to remove excess iron and other metallic contaminants from the food products. The industry uses magnetic chutes, magnetic drums and magnetic grids to purify their products and remove contaminants.

Plastic and glass manufacturing industry

Magnets are commonly used in the manufacture of plastics and glass. These industries use a variety of magnets in Brisbane to purify the raw materials used in the production of plastic and glass products.


Magnets are used in the manufacture of industrial ceramics. The manufacturers of industrial ceramics use a variety of magnets in Brisbane to remove impurities that could potentially reduce the quality of the ceramics. Some of the commonly used magnetic appliances in ceramic manufacturing industry are plate separators, drum separators and suspended magnets. These different machines aid in removing the metallic impurities from the ceramic glazes and other raw materials used for the production of industrial ceramics.

Recycling industry

Magnets are commonly used in recycling industry. The cranes are fitted with high quality electromagnets in order to lift heavy items. The recycling industry also uses magnets in Brisbane to separate the metallic waste from other kinds of waste materials.