Some Facts About Colombian Women To Know Before Dating Them


Colombian women are warm, caring, hot, cheerful, and confident and love to enjoy life. Men from western countries often dream of dating beautiful Colombian women and marrying them. The warm nature and the gorgeous looks of these women win the hearts of men from around the world.

Colombia is a traditional country. Women in Columbia flirt with their eyes and will never make the first move. It is unlikely to meet Colombian women, who will approach the man directly. They follow the old school way of dating, with the man always taking the lead.  The girls love to maintain themselves and dress to the tee to make themselves desirable. The women appear to be selective with the choice of men in their life. They like to play the chasing game, with a lot of dates and flirting.

When you meet Colombian women, remember chivalry is the most desired trait in this part of the world. The guy is expected to take the lead and propose to the women, pay for the date and drop the woman home.

Colombian women are very attached to their families. They live with their large extended families and share every detail of the relationship with them. If your Colombian girl is serious with your relationship, she will take you to meet her family. Meeting the large family and impressing them is an important task to win the trust of your Colombian girlfriend. Colombian women celebrate a lot of festivals and events with their extended families and if you are invited to the gathering, consider you are a part of their family.

Colombian women dress to impress their men. You will hardly meet Colombian women, who are not interested in dressing up. They are very artistic and always dress perfectly for any occasion. They take their own sweet time to dress up and leave no chance to impress the man.

Colombian women love to party. They love to drink aguardiente, national drink of Colombia and dance to their hearts content. If you plan to meet Colombian women and impress them, learn some basic moves of salsa. Hold them tight and dance with them. Colombian women do not like dull men, who prefer to sit and drink the whole night. They like to dance and make merry and enjoy life to the fullest.