Seasons In Bangkok And Tips To Plan A Vacation To The City


Bangkok is a happening city and is beautiful round the year. Each season in Bangkok gives it a different hue. The festivities during the different parts of the year, make visiting Bangkok interesting and fun. Bangkok has a tropical climate and is mostly warm and humid throughout the year.

It is essential to know about the weather in Bangkok before planning a trip to the city. It helps to plan your itinerary accordingly. Visiting Bangkok during the off season has many advantages. Tourists who visit Bangkok during the non-tourist season can book cheap flights, stay at the best hotel in Sukhumvit at attractive promotional rates and enjoy visiting the attractions without heavy rush.

Here are some travel tips to plan your upcoming Bangkok vacation

  • The best season to visit Bangkok is the cool season that extends from November to February. The temperatures are lower than thirty degrees centigrade and the humidity is less. Tourists can enjoy visiting the tourist attractions at the day time and enjoy the cool weather at night by relaxing in the rooftop bar of the best hotel in Sukhumvit that provides breath-taking views of the city’s skyline.
  • The hot season in Bangkok extends from March to June. The weather is super-hot and humid. If you are planning to visit the city during the summers, book your stay at the best hotel in Sukhumvit and enjoy relaxing days at the pool after hectic sightseeing. It is essential to pack cool cotton clothes that are comfortable during summers. Though the days are hot, Bangkok experiences occasional summer storms.
  • The wet season in Bangkok is from mid-May to October. The wettest month of Bangkok is September. But Bangkok does not experience continuous rainfall. The rainy season is a mix of rainy days with occasional sunny days in between. The sky is overcast and there will be sudden showers. Visiting Bangkok during rainy season has many perks to the travellers. They can get value for money as flights are cheaper and hotels charge less. They can visit the attractions during the sunny days and enjoy the in-house amenities of the best hotel in Sukhumvit during the rainy days. Sukhumvit also has some indoor attractions and huge shopping malls to visit on a rainy day.