• How Similan Island Liveaboard Can Make You Find Accommodations In Similan

    A Similan Island Liveaboard can take you to various islands near Similan Islands. Although hiring the liveaboard can be expensive, especially that it will cost you few thousand baht, but it’s the only way you are guided on what to explore the islands. You can dive underneath the seawater or go snorkelling on the water surface and view the marine life and corals underneath.

    However, from the Similan Island liveaboard, you can possibly sleep in the one of the islands. If you like to see what’s in store for this breath-taking island in the Andaman Sea, you can spend few nights here and enjoy two types of accommodation. You need to book in advance especially for bungalows, as it often fully booked. So here are accommodations to try in Similan Islands:

    • The Tents

    Similan Islands National Park will offer tourists tents to rent which is about two square-metre big and come with a thin mattress and pillows. For a day, it will cost 570 baht. Private tents are prohibited.

    • Similan Bungalows

    The Similan Islands have developed some properties here; where they can offer 20 bungalows for rent on island number 4. The rate per night is 2000 baht with air-conditioning. You may think that electricity is running here but the appliances are operatedusing generators. If you choose fan bungalows, you’ll only pay half the price per night.

    The island has also a small restaurant and some provisions for shower and toilet.

    The bungalows too are so basic, being owned and operated by the government. You can’t expect so much luxury as you see them as they are.  They don’t even have provisions for a bed. So, many tourists, who have travelled the islands through Similan Island liveaboard, choose to stay there for better accommodations.

    Staying in a Similan Island bungalow is an adventure if you want to enjoy a Thailand vacation. If you like to stay in their bungalows, you need to visit the government website and possibly make reservations for such accommodation. You also need to pay in advance to ensure reservation. However, it may be difficult to reach the national park office, so you need a lot of patience to get there.

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  • Catering As A Marketing Option For Real Estate Agents

    If you are a real estate agent who is planning to hold an open house, you will need caterers in Sydney to serve delicious and memorable food that will attract the attention of clients to your listing. Beverages must also be offered from coffee, tea or lemonade. By hiring caterers, you won’t worry about food, service and other essentials.

    Price growth expectations among New South Wales real estate professionals have sunk the lowest level on record because of the ongoing downturn in Sydney’s housing market. Based on the results of a survey undertaken by ANZ Property Council on the real estate industry, it was revealed that confidence in NSW properties has plunged over the past year.

    The most noticeable price drop in overall market confidence occurred in the industry during the last three months. The biggest change within the 3-month period was the industry’s confidence in capital growth. A portion of the respondents in the NSW survey reported that they have negative expectations for price movements that were the lowest on record and way below the national trend.

    Industry professionals have shifted NSW as the state with the highest levels of confidence to one with the weakest. According to Jane Fitzgerald, Property Council NSW director, changing sentiment has to be put into context. The property industry in NSW is now seeing a softening in confidence after a period marked with huge growth and investments. Another factor in the dropping confidence levels is tax increases.

    The property industry in New South Wales has experienced significant increase in the amount of levies and taxes that developers have to pay in the state. This has affected confidence in the industry. Ms. Fitzgerald also said that the latest state budget failed to include measures that will provide the industry with reassurance. To attract investments, policies must focus on NSW.

    It is no secret that successful real estate agents make use of different marketing gimmicks to attract potential buyers. An important strategy is to hire caterers in Sydney to serve food and drinks during an open house so that visitors will take a moment to look at the house’s unique aspects.

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  • Confirmed Expansion Of The Rayong Port

    The plot of land which was recently reclaimed by the government of Thailand spans 1,000 rai will be used for the expansion planned for Map Ta Phut port. The expansion will be for the third phase of the port in Rayong and the money invested for the project is 11 billion baht. This is a good sign in the growing economy of Rayong aside from it becoming more popular with tourists. There are many guests visiting the province because they prefer wedding venue in Rayong than any other part of Thailand.

    Map Ta Phut Industrial Estate is currently under the management of the IEAT or Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand. The agency decided that this month they are going to talk with interested private firms regarding the terms of the project. These firms are going to be a part of the expansion project which will fall in a partnership scheme between public and private firms.

    The agency is also hoping to be finalized and signs the contract before the year ends in order for the third phase to be available for operation when 2024 comes.

    An official from IEAT, VeerapongChaiperm, said that the current port was made to accommodate any future expansions as it has already been decided during the development of the EEC scheme by the government.

    He added that the industrial estate will be able to cater exports as well as imports much like the same as other industrial parks that are located within the provinces covered by the EEC such as Rayong, Chon Buri and Chachoengsao

    The government is also planning to perform a number of tasks related to the project including creating embankments, reclaiming lands and dredging all available watercourses.

    A separate project is intended to create two wharves that will handle all liquid goods while three wharves are going to be reserved for liquefied natural gas. For five wharves, a total land area of 400 rai will be given by the government while an additional 150 rai will be reserved for containers and service cargo.

    The development of the port is expected to further improve the province’s economy in addition to it being known for wedding venue in Rayong not just to locals but tourists as well.

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  • Interiors Of Tesla Cars Might Shift To Vegan Leather

    There are many manufacturers of leather in the country. This is the same leather used by CalTrend in creating their popular custom seat covers for vehicles. Only recently, Tesla which is the talk of the town every time it comes out with some announcement said that they are going to add one more reason why people should patronize their electric cars.

    The company just concluded their shareholder meeting which is held every year and Elon Musk, the CEO of the company, said that their team is already busy developing interiors that are vegan. He added that the next model which is to be called Model Y will have leather interiors and there is a possibility that it might no longer need a steering wheel.

    The talks about the interior fabrics used by Tesla were initiated by Dr. Katherine van Ekert who is working for PETA. She reportedly asked Elon Musk about Tesla and its utilization of the leather material during the production of the vehicles. During their talk, she might have hinted that PETA is happy that the company offers cars with seats using materials that are non-leather. The nonprofit organization added that it would be best if Tesla can release a vegan model of the vehicle which means even the steering wheel has no leather material as a cover.

    According to Musk, their models including S, X and 3 are still using leather especially in their steering wheel. He made a promised to the audience that the company is already seeking an alternative that is not only suitable but one that shies away from animal cruelty.

    Furthermore, he explained that there might be delays in introducing the new material because they wanted to make sure that the alternative will be as good, if not better, compared to the current material utilized in their cars’ interiors. There was a mention regarding customers who wanted to order cars that are fully vegansimilar to the one Leilani Munter ordered because the car driver is a confessed vegan who wanted to support the custom-made car. Drivers who wish to continue using leather can contact reputable companies like CalTrend that offers custom made leather seat coves for vehicles.

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  • Team Building’s Impact On Businesses

    You spend a lot of time building your business and as a startup company, it is essential to surround yourself with the right kind of people. The business’ growth depends greatly on the people working around it therefore the ones with the right entrepreneurial vibe should be chosen. Therefore it is important to remember that team building activities are not just done because it is a part of the recruitment process but it plays a greater role outside of the Human Resource office.

    It is important to use the right tools in order to gather the best teams that will help you reach the success for the business you worked hard for. The first thing to remember is that recruiting should not be a monotonous task that is completed just for the sake of profit. Nowadays, team building should be treated as a form of art because the creative methods are employed in order to get to know the passion of an individual. The business should not only represent the dreams of the founder but it should also speak to the passion of the team members. When this fails to happen, it is best to evaluate your dreams before building a team.

    If you think you are in sync with an individual who can be a part of your team, do not let the opportunity slide but let the law of attraction take charge instead. Communication by using your passion in an entrepreneurial level will help you connect. You can test out the waters by giving them problems which you encounter in your business and let them provide a solution as a way to prove their passion in what you do.

    Instead of using your convincing power, it is best to communicate when trying to recruit a team member. Communication should be detailed even to the smallest details in order for the relationship to be effective. They should join your team voluntarily and you should be open to criticism as well as questions when asked. Make sure to remember to organize team building activities in order to foster a good working relationship and to motivate your members to work even harder.

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  • Three Lesser Known Attractions In Kanchanaburi That Are Worth Visiting

    Kanchanaburi is a sleepy town around 120 kilometres away to the East of Bangkok. The beautiful town is endowed with natural beauty and tops the backpackers’ wish list. The city is also associated with the memories of world war ll and has a number of historical monuments and museums. Kanchanaburi has a number of beautiful national parks and sanctuaries that offer an escape away from the chaotic city life and fills your senses with the beauty of nature.

    Visitors to the town prefer to stay at the Kanchanaburi River Resort, located on the banks of River kwai. The resort offers the best amenities on par with the 5 star designer hotels in Bangkok. The views of sunset and sunrise over the river Kwai, visible from the rooms are breath-taking.

    Apart from the popular sites like the Death Railway, Hellfire pass and Museum, Jeath war museum, bridge over river kwai, Don Rak cemetery and Erawan national Park, there are a number of other attractions that are worth visiting.

    Tourists can book their stay at the Kanchanaburi River Resort and enjoy these off-the tourist circuit activities to get in touch with the rich cultural history of Thailand and Kanchanaburi.

    1. PrasatMuang Singh Historical park

    The historical park is a cultural highlight close to Kanchanaburi. The historical site contains ruins of a 13th century Khmer-style temple and an ancient burial site. Visitors can walk on foot or hire bicycles to explore the historical park.

    1. Sai Yok National Park

    The national park is located at the end of the Death Railway track. The park is famous for its scenic beauty and has a number of sites like the Sai Yok Waterfall, Lava Cave, Daowadueng Cave, Kaew Cave and hellfire pass memorial.

    1. Wat ThamKhaoNoi

    The temple is a revered place of worship for Mahayana Buddhists. It was built in 1883 by a Chinese abbot. The temple is located on a scenic hilltop and is constructed in Chinese style with a towering pagoda which has seven tiers. The views from the temple are marvellous.

    Tourists can stay at the Kanchanaburi River Resort and hire a bike or taxi to visit all these places. They are located close to the town and can be reached easily.

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