• Commercial Real Estate Sector Unscathed By Republican Tax Rewrite

    The EIN Number also called Tax ID is an employer identification number required for businesses. For those who find it daunting to apply for Tax ID through the IRS website has the option of online resources that provides unique features and services. It can take time to locate the Tax ID application from the IRS website but Zoom Filings is prepared to assist to get the job done faster and more efficiently.

    The commercial real estate sector has emerged unscathed from the Republican tax rewrite. For months, the industry of commercial real estate development has been seriously concerned with the tax plan that is in the works. There are fears that the tax plan may make it more difficult or expensive to take out huge bank loans. There is also the possibility for the tax plan to damage demand in the property market.

    However, if the tax plan that was unveiled this week by the House Republicans was to be the basis, the industry has little to worry about. According to Thomas Bisacquino, president of NAIOP, a commercial real estate development group, the industry was left as a whole and the old provisions will still work.

    Real estate developers were rather fearful of the special tax treatment of “carried interest” fees that are taxed as capital gains instead of income. If there will be an amendment the developers may no longer be able to deduct any interest expenses from their taxable profits. There were also certain concerns that exchanges of commercial property that currently enjoys tax deferral could face immediate taxation.

    Developers are thankful because the bill did not include changes to the industry. Taxes have a big effect on the industry. In 1991, a tax overhaul was responsible for sinking prices of commercial real estate. It also ushered in an economic downturn.

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  • Wall Art That Lives Now Being Offered By Famous Retailers In Maui

    Studies recently conducted on people living in close proximity to green vegetation shows that people who can spend at least four hours a day with plants in the room will be able to be more productive and stress free. These are scientific studies done on the amount of oxygen required by human beings to sustain happy and stress-free lives. The most apparent ways to increase the presence around plants is to place these plants in close proximity like in rooms or in nearby open courtyards. But now a Maui based company, Green Wall designs is taking this to the next level by advocating and selling “works of living art” that can be “hung up” on walls.

    This company was founded by three entrepreneurs from Maui itself and are the certified exclusive distributors for the Mobilane green wall systems. These systems have been patented in the Hawaii area. What’s special about these Mobilane systems is that the plants are grown in the wall itself, and give the appearance of wall art.

    These Mobilane systems actually originate in the Netherlands and have been perfected for nearly 20 years before making their way to the Hawaii islands. It is a patented system that allows people to create vertical gardens similar the vertical jungle that is going to take centre stage soon in one of China’s crowded cities. These vertical gardens can be placed within the walls of a house or business as wall art and are generally built in such a way that they are easy to install and maintain. The key features of these systems is that they have irrigation systems that allow them to water the plants for about four weeks before having the reservoirs changed or refilled with water.

    The systems that are placed indoors have another benefit, and that is they do not need to be hooked up to a wall socket to facilitate the irrigation process. They are completely self-sustaining. In this new age where climate awareness is becoming real and more people are accepting the fact that humans are ruining their world, this is a brilliant way to show that one cares about the environment and is willing to take steps to protect it.

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  • Is Australia’s Record Housing Boom Finally Over?

    Real estate accounting can be rather complex if you are managing properties for a client because you are dealing with large amounts of money on a regular basis. Well managed accounting system can make all the difference. Mistakes or erroneous entries could cost the client a lot of money. For an accountant working in the real estate industry, chartered accountant insurance is very important to cover professional risks.

    According to a global investment bank, Australia’s world record housing boom is officially over. Home prices in Sydney have fallen for the second month in a row. UBS economists informed their clients that a persistent and sharp slowdown is unfolding to end 55 years of unprecedented growth that resulted into home values soaring by as much as 6500%.

    In capital cities, home prices have continued to slow down on a quarterly basis. Everything is being weighed down by lending requirements that have tightened for property investors and banks raising home loan rates. Based on figures from property data group Carelogic, in Sydney, home prices fell by 0.6% over the quarter and down by 0.5% over the month.

    In Melbourne, market prices have remained resilient with home prices up by 0.5% for the month but for Darwin and Perth, home prices were down by 4.4% and 0.7% respectively over the last quarter. Home prices have remained flat nationally over the month but edged up by 0.4% over the last 3 months to October 31.

    UBS was previously cautious of the property market and has made the forecast that Australia’s annual home price growth will moderate from the solid double digits to 7% by January 2017. UBS also predicted that prices will fall further by 0.3% in 2018. The cooling is happening more quickly than expected with the recent weakness in auction clearance rates and the anaemic growth over the last 5 months.

    One of the important aspects in risk management is chartered accountant insurance to provide protection against professional risks. Even with the minimum required insurance for accounting professionals, there are other unique risks that be encountered which require additional coverage that best suits the needs.

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  • Condos Out Of Former Classrooms

    Capitol Hill now has a condominium in the Buchanan School. The project transformed classrooms into bedrooms minus the lockers and blackboard. Gone are the school’s ceramic bathroom wash basins but the new look will make you want to live there.

    Ditto Residential is the developer responsible for transforming the Buchanan School into a condo. According to their chief executive, Martin Ditto, they do not offer anything low quality. They recognize the history of the school building thus they created a matching modern interior.

    Ditto’s childhood house was designed by architect A. Hay Town and therefore has a huge influence on him. He said that Town was the first architect to recycle materials and he also incorporated the breakfast area with the kitchen.

    The Buchanan school condos is located at 1324 E St. SE. it has 41 units between the two historic school establishments which both undergone restoration. The two buildings have a connection which is the main entrance going to the condos. Its doors and windows are made of glass and the buildings are made of red brick matched with black paint.

    The lobby inside has a brick wall with exposed style while the flooring is made of natural tumbled limestone which came from Italy. There are pocket doors in the lobby leading to the grand room covered with bookshelves. The grand room has a decorative fireplace and dedicated seating areas. French doors open up to the patio which is equipped with a grill.

    There is a semi-enclosure around the patio to ensure privacy but tall shrubs as well as steel panels are also giving it an open look.

    Ditto said that they wanted to have modern design while making use of older materials.

    One of their first buyers is Ivory Zorich who is also a resident of Capitol Hill. During the renovations of the school, she already thought that buyers will be lucky to live inside the beautiful buildings. She loved the fact that an old building is equipped with the latest features which is not common.

    She is happy with her huge windows, kitchen cabinets made of solid wood though she can only dream of having a ceramic bathroom wash basinsas well as an outdoor space but she is happy with her new unit as there is a clubroom and patio available for use.

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  • Guide In Looking For A Fitout Company For Your Commercial Needs

    There are a lot of companies to choose from when you are looking for a commercial fitouts in Sydney but the challenge lies in choosing one that you will hire for your commercial needs. Starting out a company requires a lot of investment and a big part of it will go to the new office. This is why investing in a fitout is also necessary to make sure everything is done professionally. Any mistakes can lead to further cost and unnecessary spending. Here are a few things you should consider when hiring a commercial fitouts.

    • For a fitout company to be considered experienced, they must be in the business for at least 10 years and with an excellent track record from previous projects. They must be able to show you a portfolio consisting of previous projects they have successfully undertaken. It is essential to choose a company with enough experience to ensure that the result will be a success.
    • Your chosen fitout company should have an insurance coverage to make sure that they will pay for liabilities and damages in cased something happened to your property or the people while doing the project.
    • A reputable company will be willing to provide proof of their accreditation to their clients. If they have nothing to show, it should be a red flag and you should find another company that will perform commercial fitouts.
    • Wellbeing and Safety. This should be your top priority as an owner of a company. Make sure that the fitout company has specific measures and standard operating procedures while doing their job ensure the safety and wellbeing of your workers.
    • Lastly, check their ideas before giving the go ahead. Quality service from a company that offers commercial fitoutsin Sydney should be expected along with innovation and creativity. These are important factors that should be incorporated as they plan to make a workplace that will promote comfort and productivity among the people working within it. Cost should never be a priority but this list should serve as a guide in choosing the best fitout company for your business.

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  • Why You Need Biometric Security For Your Property

    Real estate investors are now proposing that every property should be installed with a biometric security system aside from the commercial security CCTV and home security systems. Properties in questions are villas and apartments. The system is equipped with devices that will be able to detect unique characteristic of a person like the iris, voice or fingerprints.

    PragaKoticha, a Venetian Villas proprietor based in Naguru, Kampala, said that biometric security will make it harder for intruders to enter private properties.

    Koticha said that a biometric lock is more convenient because the homeowner does not have to carry around house keys which can be bulky at times. You will not only be carrying a single key if you have a number of rooms inside the apartment or villa. Keys can also be lost or stolen and people with bad intentions can easily make copies of them.

    He added that it is more convenient to remember a pass code in order to enter the house rather than to carry keys around. Codes are much like the ones inputted in mobile phones or emails.

    Koticha further explained that tenants will be given the access codes along with the passwords which they can change at will. Aside from the biometric system, there is also an option for an added house key if they so desire. The information regarding the biometric system will be stored in a secured system which will act as a backup in case it is needed in the future.

    Biometric security is one of the most commonly used nowadays. One of the biggest proof is the recent announcement made by Apple that there upcoming versions will be equipped with biometric system that operates through face recognition.

    Biometrics is currently being explored by Bank Of America though, along with other banks, they are unsure of the system since it will be inconvenient for consumers despite the added layer of security. This is a tough choice for them especially if they are handing large database of biometric data.

    For a simple apartment or villa with commercial security CCTV and a biometric system for lock, it may work out but we will have to see what the future will unfold.

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