• The Ease of Starting a New Business in the ASEAN Region

    Thailand ranks third among the members of ASEAN on the ease of doing business in the past year. Thailand barely reached the World Bank’s top economies and fell three places from the banks 2014 survey to 49th out of the 189 economies that were surveyed.

    In the ASEAN region, Thailand ranks behind Singapore and Malaysia. Singapore has retained its place as the world’s top ranking for the 10th consecutive year. ASEAN region hosts four of the top five ranked economies of the world particularly due to the reform activities that were made last year. Among the top performers worldwide include Hong Kong SAR, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines.

    A large of number of reforms in the past year was associated to starting a business with Myanmar making the most improvements globally. Myanmar has eliminated the minimum capital requirements for local companies and it has streamlined the procedures of incorporation to ensure that businesses save valuable time and resources. Most of the reforms in ASEAN countries are for the improvement of the regulatory environment for small and medium sized businesses. In 2014, 52% of the region’s 25 economies have implemented 27 reforms to make it easier to do business.

    Registering a property transfer in the ASEAN region takes about 74 days on the average compared to the current global average of 48 days and 57 days in Thailand. In order to complete the formalities of building a warehouse, it usually takes 135 days on the average compared to the global average of 160 days.

    According to both local and international investors, Thailand is attractive place to do business. Thailand ranks

    • 87th worldwide in getting credit
    • 96th worldwide for the ease of starting a business
    • 70th worldwide in payment of taxes
    • 39th worldwide in dealing with construction permits
    • 57th worldwide in registering property and enforcing contracts
    • 56Th worldwide in trading across borders
    • 36th worldwide in protecting minority investors, and
    • 49th worldwide in resolving insolvency

    If you will set up a company in Bangkok, you can get legal support from legal advisers in Bangkok. Regardless of where you are located at the time of transaction, you can receive made-to-measure solutions.

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  • The Importance Of Boiler Servicing In Your Home

    UK – October 13, 2015 – A home’s plumbing and heating systems are probably one of the most important parts of the house. Unfortunately, even with their importance, majority of people still tend to pay less attention to them. Ignorance could often lead to problems for you and your household. When you are faced with numerous problems, it is only then that you will truly see the importance of paying attention to your home’s plumbing and heating.

    Your heating system is important because it provides you with warmth especially during cold seasons like winter and you have your boilers to thank for this. There could be nothing worse than having your boilers break down in the middle of a chilly night. Not only will you lose the warmth that you have been accustomed to, you will also be unable to get hot water. Talk about cold morning showers.

    It is recommended that you conduct frequent servicing on your boilers so that they remain in perfect working condition. Unfortunately, majority of people still think that boiler servicing is an unnecessary expense. In fact, in the UK alone, 1 in every 10 houses had never had their boilers serviced.

    What most people don’t know is that boiler servicing can provide a lot of benefits.

    The first one is the benefit of safety. Having a faulty boiler can give off toxic carbon monoxide fumes. Remember, carbon monoxide is a dangerous gas and the worst part of it all is that no one can see nor smell carbon monoxide so it can be quite hard to notice it.

    Next, when your boiler is serviced, your boiler will become more efficient. Take note that as time passes and your boilers are left unchecked, most parts will succumb to their age while others get clogged. Regular servicing can help prevent this and help your boilers function at their best.

    Lastly, boiler servicing can help your boiler become more reliable. Even during winter when you need your boilers the most, you will be guaranteed that they will not break down. It is important that the right people conduct boiler servicing. In the UK, only professional companies like M & S Plumbing & Heating Limited, that are Gas Safe Registered may conduct boiler services.

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  • A Profitable Business That You Should Try

    The main goal of clothing designers is to help people have the opportunity to become stylish, trendy, and fashionable. But, Anne Marie Blackman has a different purpose she has in mind. If you were to describe her creations, you will only need three words that include – tacky, garish, and gaudy. Even if you tell her this, you don’t have to worry of hurting her feelings. Blackman is an owner of a business the sells ugly sweaters for Christmas. Aside from that, she also sells dresses and cardigans.

    When it comes to design, there is no sweater that she cannot make strange and super ugly. People will see jingle bells and fringes on their sweaters. As a matter of fact, there is one ugly sweater that Anne doesn’t sell. It is a 1980 sweater with padded shoulders accentuated with children’s toys, giant Raggedy Ann, and a toy box. Anne finds it a scary clown and has thought of adding lights if she will wear it during a party.

    Blackman started a small business and then become a warehouse where people can find thousands of ugly sweaters that they can simply order from her website.

    How Did Her Business Started

    The idea popped into Anne’s mind when her children who were to graduate in high school were getting ready for college. She was searching for a way on how she can earn extra cash. Then she googled to get ideas. This is when she bumped into an Ugly Sweater Party for Christmas.

    Because it is her first time to encounter this kind of party, she believes that she can make sweaters uglier than what people can buy in the market. She started working and the offer her creations in eBay. To her surprise, her products sold quickly. From this moment, she continues in making Ugly Christmas Sweater that people can get from her one-stop-shop. Buying one from her creations might help you win prizes in a party.

    Despite the fact that not everyone is comfortable of being the center of attraction, participating in such kind of party will give people the reason to do their best just to stand out. People can also consider these ugly sweaters as a perfect gift. Anne considers her products a treasure from using trash.

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  • Real Estate In Today’s Digital World

    According to the Federal Reserve of the United States, real estate is valued at an estimated $40 trillion which makes it the largest asset class in the country. Due to this, it is no longer surprising for TechCrunch to report that in the last quarter of 2014, venture funding and real estate tech firms reached almost $300 million.

    Venture capital firms are companies that backup the likes of Uber, Instagram and Buzzfeed. They are actually pouring a lot of money into these rising tech startups while residential listing and brokerage app Compass has managed to lure talents from tech giants like Google and Twitter. Redfin has reinvented real estate brokerage through the combination of advanced technology with full service brokers to raise $71 million. However, in spite of significant progress there are still big gaps in several areas and problems that require solutions.

    In spite of the growth of real estate at an immense pace, technology in multi-family real estate sector has been lagging. The sector was able to contribute more than $1.3 trillion to the US economy in the form of jobs, construction, management, operational expenditures and renter spent in smaller communities. Americans are also choosing rental housing because of the decrease in the number of married couples with children. Baby boomers have also begun to downsize and are now moving to apartments or condos. Millennials also choose to be rent for mobility, comfort and financial reasons.

    By 2023, more than 4 million new renter households will be created but by 2030 at least ¾ of these households will be childless. It is expected that there will be a surge in new rental listings. However, if renting is new owning why are personal checks still being written in order to pay for rent in 2015? According to research about 78% of renters prefer paying their rents electronically but the industry is only able to collect about 30% of payments online. The real estate industry has not caught up to the increasing demands of these particular amenities.

    However, it is pretty clear that the entire process of leasing and buying property will eventually take place online with documentation and payments including automated selection of house and agent.

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  • Is There Trouble In San Francisco’s Real Estate Market?

    Is San Francisco’s hot real estate market showing signs of trouble? According to a note to its clients, analysts at Morgan Stanley through their leader Vance Edelson said that the tech IPO slowdown has started some concerns that one of the hottest real estate markets might be ready for a pause.Edelson and his team looked at commercial real estate market wherein rents have risen by about 70% since 2009.Demand has consistently been robust as proven by only 6.5% vacancies in the cities’ office space.

    Edelson and his team wrote that robust demand since the Great Recession has been in question because the pickup in subleasing earlier this year including the weaknesses in the AlphaWise survey that was done earlier in the week and tech IPO slowdown is now in the spotlight. Office absorption tracks the IPO market overtime but there are strong mitigating factors that include strong pre-leasing of new space, constraints in future development and vacancy that is still considered to be very close to historic lows.

    Edelson and his team have also charted the number of tech IPO’s against commercial net absorption rates to be able to measure the difference between office spaces that have been just vacated and office space that has just been occupied. Based on the chart, the pace for new tech IPO’s have slowed down most particularly with tech space where over half of the companies that are filing for SEC are said to have disclosed material weakness.

    Disclosing material weakness usually means problems with a company’s financials although it is not a sign that the company is in a bad state. They are just being realistic about their condition although this is not a positive sign for the market. According to the report, sub-leasing increased to 1.4 million square feet of office space or 1.5% of available stock which means that companies occupying large amounts of space are sub-leasing to smaller tenants in order to supplement their leases.

    It is expected though that the market will remain fairly balanced although it is clear that the market is slowing down. The market is facing some problems finding enough tenants to occupy 7% of current available space.

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  • Why Australia’s Hot Real Estate Market Is Cooling Down

    Australia is known as one of the hottest real estate markets in the world because of its unstoppable run of soaring valuations but recently house prices in major cities have begun to slide. Last November, house prices fell by 1.4% in Sydney which is Australia’s biggest and most expensive housing market. According to data from a global research firm Core Logic RP Data, prices in Melbourne also fell by 3.5%.

    The sudden pullback of Australia’s major market exposed some sustainability questions on international urban real estate hot spots all over the world like Vancouver and Toronto. Five of Australia’s eight capital cities are experiencing a slump in housing prices with Hobart, Darwin and Canberra prices on the decline. Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth are showing slight price increases at 7%, 6% and 3% respectively.

    According to the research, the housing market is moving through the peak of the cycle at a time when new large dwellings are being constructed. The housing slump is due to a tighter lending environment, less appetite for risks among investors and affordability constraints particularly in the major housing markets of Melbourne and Sydney where the average price of a home is Australian $810,000 ($790,000).

    Because of the recent increase in house prices, international demand from mainland China was reduced and some real estate agents have reportedly convinced some sellers to drop their asking prices. On the other hand, Vancouver Canada is not experiencing a dip in local prices of homes and it is not lacking in international interest.

    Australia and Canadian markets are both exposed to a huge slide in commodity prices and they have both experienced hot housing markets in recent years. Housing prices have also been boosted by the high demand from Mainland China. People are curious about the housing bubble but at the end of the day, real estate relies on supply and demand.

    If you are constructing a residential or commercial establishment, you have an option in the person of commercial electricians Perth who are committed to providing exceptional workmanship and professional in the performance of their jobs. They also deliver the best services for the most cost effective prices.

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