• Condos Out Of Former Classrooms

    Capitol Hill now has a condominium in the Buchanan School. The project transformed classrooms into bedrooms minus the lockers and blackboard. Gone are the school’s ceramic bathroom wash basins but the new look will make you want to live there.

    Ditto Residential is the developer responsible for transforming the Buchanan School into a condo. According to their chief executive, Martin Ditto, they do not offer anything low quality. They recognize the history of the school building thus they created a matching modern interior.

    Ditto’s childhood house was designed by architect A. Hay Town and therefore has a huge influence on him. He said that Town was the first architect to recycle materials and he also incorporated the breakfast area with the kitchen.

    The Buchanan school condos is located at 1324 E St. SE. it has 41 units between the two historic school establishments which both undergone restoration. The two buildings have a connection which is the main entrance going to the condos. Its doors and windows are made of glass and the buildings are made of red brick matched with black paint.

    The lobby inside has a brick wall with exposed style while the flooring is made of natural tumbled limestone which came from Italy. There are pocket doors in the lobby leading to the grand room covered with bookshelves. The grand room has a decorative fireplace and dedicated seating areas. French doors open up to the patio which is equipped with a grill.

    There is a semi-enclosure around the patio to ensure privacy but tall shrubs as well as steel panels are also giving it an open look.

    Ditto said that they wanted to have modern design while making use of older materials.

    One of their first buyers is Ivory Zorich who is also a resident of Capitol Hill. During the renovations of the school, she already thought that buyers will be lucky to live inside the beautiful buildings. She loved the fact that an old building is equipped with the latest features which is not common.

    She is happy with her huge windows, kitchen cabinets made of solid wood though she can only dream of having a ceramic bathroom wash basinsas well as an outdoor space but she is happy with her new unit as there is a clubroom and patio available for use.

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  • Guide In Looking For A Fitout Company For Your Commercial Needs

    There are a lot of companies to choose from when you are looking for a commercial fitouts in Sydney but the challenge lies in choosing one that you will hire for your commercial needs. Starting out a company requires a lot of investment and a big part of it will go to the new office. This is why investing in a fitout is also necessary to make sure everything is done professionally. Any mistakes can lead to further cost and unnecessary spending. Here are a few things you should consider when hiring a commercial fitouts.

    • For a fitout company to be considered experienced, they must be in the business for at least 10 years and with an excellent track record from previous projects. They must be able to show you a portfolio consisting of previous projects they have successfully undertaken. It is essential to choose a company with enough experience to ensure that the result will be a success.
    • Your chosen fitout company should have an insurance coverage to make sure that they will pay for liabilities and damages in cased something happened to your property or the people while doing the project.
    • A reputable company will be willing to provide proof of their accreditation to their clients. If they have nothing to show, it should be a red flag and you should find another company that will perform commercial fitouts.
    • Wellbeing and Safety. This should be your top priority as an owner of a company. Make sure that the fitout company has specific measures and standard operating procedures while doing their job ensure the safety and wellbeing of your workers.
    • Lastly, check their ideas before giving the go ahead. Quality service from a company that offers commercial fitoutsin Sydney should be expected along with innovation and creativity. These are important factors that should be incorporated as they plan to make a workplace that will promote comfort and productivity among the people working within it. Cost should never be a priority but this list should serve as a guide in choosing the best fitout company for your business.

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  • Why You Need Biometric Security For Your Property

    Real estate investors are now proposing that every property should be installed with a biometric security system aside from the commercial security CCTV and home security systems. Properties in questions are villas and apartments. The system is equipped with devices that will be able to detect unique characteristic of a person like the iris, voice or fingerprints.

    PragaKoticha, a Venetian Villas proprietor based in Naguru, Kampala, said that biometric security will make it harder for intruders to enter private properties.

    Koticha said that a biometric lock is more convenient because the homeowner does not have to carry around house keys which can be bulky at times. You will not only be carrying a single key if you have a number of rooms inside the apartment or villa. Keys can also be lost or stolen and people with bad intentions can easily make copies of them.

    He added that it is more convenient to remember a pass code in order to enter the house rather than to carry keys around. Codes are much like the ones inputted in mobile phones or emails.

    Koticha further explained that tenants will be given the access codes along with the passwords which they can change at will. Aside from the biometric system, there is also an option for an added house key if they so desire. The information regarding the biometric system will be stored in a secured system which will act as a backup in case it is needed in the future.

    Biometric security is one of the most commonly used nowadays. One of the biggest proof is the recent announcement made by Apple that there upcoming versions will be equipped with biometric system that operates through face recognition.

    Biometrics is currently being explored by Bank Of America though, along with other banks, they are unsure of the system since it will be inconvenient for consumers despite the added layer of security. This is a tough choice for them especially if they are handing large database of biometric data.

    For a simple apartment or villa with commercial security CCTV and a biometric system for lock, it may work out but we will have to see what the future will unfold.

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  • Thailand Reporting Increased Tourism From India

    Thailand has seen a recent growth in tourist arrivals from India, having reported a 15% increase in Indian tourist arrival numbers for the first half of 2017, which is attributed to the greater number of direct flight options from various Indian locations.

    In terms of tourist arrivals in Thailand, India ranks in at 6th, with the South India region accounting for approximately one-third of all arrivals. Around 8 lakh/800,000 Indian tourists visited Thailand until the end of July in 2017, which is a marked increase of 2016’s numbers, by about 16%.

    The Tourism Authority of Thailand has stated that, based on these numbers, they are expecting an increase in revenue in 2017. According to their Deputy Executive Director, SripornBhekanandana, they are expecting an approximate increase of 14%.

    The TAT also say that they are aiming to make sure that the more unexplored venues such as the villas in Cha Am and Hua Hin are visited by tourists, alongside the more common destinations such as Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Trat, Krabi, and, of course, Pattaya, Phuket, as well as Bangkok.

    Director Bhekanandana says that the rise is primarily attributed to the launching of direct flights to and from Kochi, in India, back in 2016. She says that following that, tourism traffic from India to Thailand increased, and that the TAT is confident that the trend of growth will continue.

    Part of the TAT’s efforts to improve tourism is a delegation of 30 tourism related companies in India, aimed at advertising the country’s more unexplored destinations  such as villas in Cha Am, as well as new Thai products for the more modern travellers. Director Bhekanandana was part of this delegation.

    Additionally, the Director says that travel agents also need to be aware of destinations in Thailand beyond the obvious Bangkok and Pattaya, in order to offer and sell a wider range of products and experiences for their customers.

    She says that, in India, the Thai wedding tourism sector has been building steam, with around 250 weddings in the country being held by Indians hailing from Kolkata, Mumbai and New Delhi. The TAT, in response, has introduced several new offers and special promos for wedding travellers.

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  • How To Get Insurance Leads And Create Positive Impression With Prospects

    Being in the insurance industry means you would have to continually deliver and close deals in order for you to stay in the industry. You also need to consistently achieve your targets but you cannot do this if you do not know how to get insurance leads. The challenge starts from finding leads, talking with them and finally, it ends when you have finally closed a deal. You cannot get to the last part if you won’t establish trust with your prospects. Here are some ideas.

    Know your targets

    Before going to a scheduled appointment, gather as much information about your prospective client. Find out if the person is still single or married, the number of kids if any, the person’s paying capacities and other important details. This will help you design the right policy that suits the target’s needs.

    Be punctual

    After you have found out how to get insurance leads, the next step is to set up a meeting with your prospect. Make it a point to arrive on time to create a positive impression on your prospect. This only shows that you respect other people’s time and you have great business ethics.

    Listen to your prospects

    One of the biggest blunders that you could commit when meeting with your prospects is to dominate the conversation. It should be your prospects sharing their thought and financial apprehensions and issues with you. It is you guiding them towards finding solutions and not you dominating the conversation with all your presentations and insurance features. You just have to be ready to answer possible questions and it would be best to come prepared for you to sound confident and sure.

    Talk in a causal manner

    While it is good to sound confident, it would be best to avoid sounding condescending, especially too salesy as this would set your targets off. The work doesn’t stop after you have learned how to get insurance leads. You have to sustain your hold on your prospects until they finally sign up to a policy and you cannot do this if you have already made a negative impression on them.

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  • 3 Ways To Hire Reliable Funeral Directors In Sydney

    You never know when death would come knocking at your door and when it does, it is important that you know exactly what you are going to do or who you are going to contact at that unfortunate time. To lessen the pain and burden of losing a family member or loved one, plan everything ahead. You can find a lot of funeral directors in Sydney that you can contact to help make things easier for you when you need it the most. While you still do not need the service, look for a funeral director because when death comes along, you might not have the energy and time to choose the right service provider. To find a reliable funeral director in your community, take a look at these ideas.

    Conduct a good research

    To hire one of those well-known funeral directors in Sydney, consider checking the internet for information. You can also refer to the yellow pages for ideas or you can also ask a friend or your colleagues who may have recently lost a loved one for recommendations. Another option is to call the funeral homes in your area to find out if they can refer a reputable funeral director to you. Funeral parlours usually have in-house directors or they can refer one to you.

    Check the director’s professional background

    If you have a shortlist of viable funeral directors, it’s time to find out how they deliver their service and if their service is within your budget range.Read testimonials and customer feedback for some information. Find out if the previous customers were satisfied with the service. Check around the web such as from discussion boards for additional information about the funeral director.

    Interview the funeral director

    The last step in hiring one of those funeral directors in Sydney is to set a schedule where you can get all the information you want to get from the service provider. Find out how long the director has been working in the industry, the notable families or customers he may have assisted in the past and other relevant information about funeral services.

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