• Seasons In Bangkok And Tips To Plan A Vacation To The City

    Bangkok is a happening city and is beautiful round the year. Each season in Bangkok gives it a different hue. The festivities during the different parts of the year, make visiting Bangkok interesting and fun. Bangkok has a tropical climate and is mostly warm and humid throughout the year.

    It is essential to know about the weather in Bangkok before planning a trip to the city. It helps to plan your itinerary accordingly. Visiting Bangkok during the off season has many advantages. Tourists who visit Bangkok during the non-tourist season can book cheap flights, stay at the best hotel in Sukhumvit at attractive promotional rates and enjoy visiting the attractions without heavy rush.

    Here are some travel tips to plan your upcoming Bangkok vacation

    • The best season to visit Bangkok is the cool season that extends from November to February. The temperatures are lower than thirty degrees centigrade and the humidity is less. Tourists can enjoy visiting the tourist attractions at the day time and enjoy the cool weather at night by relaxing in the rooftop bar of the best hotel in Sukhumvit that provides breath-taking views of the city’s skyline.
    • The hot season in Bangkok extends from March to June. The weather is super-hot and humid. If you are planning to visit the city during the summers, book your stay at the best hotel in Sukhumvit and enjoy relaxing days at the pool after hectic sightseeing. It is essential to pack cool cotton clothes that are comfortable during summers. Though the days are hot, Bangkok experiences occasional summer storms.
    • The wet season in Bangkok is from mid-May to October. The wettest month of Bangkok is September. But Bangkok does not experience continuous rainfall. The rainy season is a mix of rainy days with occasional sunny days in between. The sky is overcast and there will be sudden showers. Visiting Bangkok during rainy season has many perks to the travellers. They can get value for money as flights are cheaper and hotels charge less. They can visit the attractions during the sunny days and enjoy the in-house amenities of the best hotel in Sukhumvit during the rainy days. Sukhumvit also has some indoor attractions and huge shopping malls to visit on a rainy day.

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  • How To Compare Football Live With Buying Or Selling A Home

    If you’re searching to buy or sell a home for this year, it’s good to know what you’re up against. Home buyers need to have the perfect timing in the coming months, especially that sellers can have an easier time closing a thriving deal. Some may enjoy the amenities surrounding the property and even have the power to negotiate. You’ll be amazed at how you watch ดูบอลออนไลน์ while anticipating the results of the housing market in 2018.

    Buying and Selling

    Based on a recent survey done to more than a thousand adults, as advertised by a real estate information company, tight sellers’ markets can be leading in home buying  for the past few years, while many Americans are uncertain about their capacity to buy for a new home. As stated in the report, 25% of the respondents believe 2018 is a good year to buy a home than the previous year.

    Thisknowledge had been pervading for years and was starting to decline amidst the homebuyers’ enthusiasm. High rents prevent potential first-time buyers to save. Interest rates continue to rise as home prices explode in the midlevel housing all throughout the country. Just like how it feels when you’re watching ดูบอลออนไลน์, buyers can find it hard to save for down payment.

    However, reasonably priced homes can be found in suburbs with remote neighbourhoods. Previous generations spend their money on homebuyingrather than those millennials having slower income growth. It makes moving to an affordable neighbourhood more convenient. However, millennials find it difficult to consider the suburbs as they choose to live in the city proper and some of them aren’tconfident to buy new homes.

    For those who are selling the property, they have such enthusiasm. They are pleased to know that home prices have continued to increase in more recent years. As stipulated in the survey, 31% of respondents believe 2018 is a better year for them. However, it doesn’t translate if these buyers are eager to purchase new homes. Americans may feel gratified that their homes are sold, but only 6% of them are happy to do the selling in 2018. Therefore, it lacks an opportunity to have the properties offered for sale and sold. It should keep potential first-time buyers to consider home ownership due to tough competition. Just like watching ดูบอลออนไลน์, they can experience the thrills of having a new home.

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  • Should You Invest In Airbnb?

    In this day and age, before making any rash decision with regards to spending money and investments, it is recommended to find financial advisor that will help you along the way. This is important if you don’t want to get old with nothing to your name. Many people believe that real estate is a good investment and one of the most popular trend that has caught the attention of many especially travellers is the rise in Airbnb.

    Airbnb is an online marketplace that offers guests short-term rentals while they are on a vacation. These are not exclusive to hotels and accommodation industry but private homes and properties can also be listed by the owners. While this may sound like a lucrative business requiring very little work, experts have warned that it may not be what you are expecting in real life.

    According to a certified financial planner, location is very important in this type of business. There are places that will be booked all year round because of the good location while there are those that will only have seasonal increase in bookings. It is important for an investor to know the different market conditions in the area where they want to hold a rental property. Aside from this, a number of things have to be considered too.

    Unless you are well-verse with your local laws and rules with regards to short-term rental, it is best to inquire with your local office. The local laws are always changing therefore getting updated is important. In places where there is a short supply of affordable housing, local authorities mandate landlords that available properties should be listed on the market with long-term rental as a condition.

    Do not think for second that your property will survive with short-term rentals forever. This is why it is important to ask if it can be listed for long-term rentals or any other purpose. This will ensure that you will have a steady passive income even if the age of Airbnb has long gone. The demand will not stay the same thus if you find financial advisor it is best to discuss these things beforehand.

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  • How Grey Bathroom Tiles Enhance The Look Of Your Bathroom Floors

    In the 1920s, 30s and 40s, a marvellous bathroom floor was typically furnished with small white hexagonal tiles. In the 50’s, the look became desperately out of style. But in recent years, a growing demand for white ceramic hexagons have revived. You can even include grey bathroom tiles, to enhance a bathroom’s ambience.

    Floors that use six sided tiles normally went well with walls lined with glazed white tiles. On a smaller scale, there have been people interested in the brick like tiles. Some people even prefer to have their bathroom look old-fashioned. In the 1950s, white hexagonal tile floors were used to cover the bathrooms. Once the newer floors are removed, the original white tile floor can be reutilised.

    The hexagons can last for several years. Modern tiles are usually created from well -glazed red clay; that when the glaze wears out, the red colour starts to show up. However, hexagons are typically white all throughout and can handle deterioration. Why not combine them with grey bathroom tiles for an enhanced look.

    However, age and prolonged usage can turn the whitest tiles into contrasts with newer and replacement tiles. Consider using grey bathroom tiles as options for the wear and tear.

    If you check out few repair companies for bathroom tiles, their services usually include the materials used. In Australia, there are many companies thatprovide estimates and will accept jobs for Sydney and around the country. They can also create detailed mosaic and marble floors and walls, and even install and repair ceramic tiles.

    For them, these are mud jobs where you need to even old surfacesand layer a cement to create a level base. If you choose the right provider for bathroom tiles, there will be something in store for you wherever you are in Australia.

    Though white hexagonal tile floors often look like complicated mosaics, they are so easy to install and repair. To install the tiles, you need to put them on the floor, where you fill the corners with loose tiles. Repairs can also be accomplished using individual tiles. Or you may want to use grey bathroom tiles for nicer and brighter effects.

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  • Thailand Considering Making Travel Insurance Compulsory

    Thailand’s been getting a lot of extra press coverage recently, and not always for its Koh Tao villas or its Bangkok nightlife; not the reasons the Kingdom’s hoping for.

    Following the trapping and the heroic rescue of a football club, comprised of 12 young Thai boys and their coach, earlier in July from Chiang Rai’s RhamLuang cave, Thailand has been caught in a series of tragedies and accidents, one after the other.

    One notable example is the tragic boating accident in the south, when the Phoenix sank off the coast of Phuket, resulting in the death of 47 people, all Chinese nationals. Said incident led to thousands upon thousands of hotel bookings getting cancelled across the country, as well as causing a precipitous drop in the number of Chinese tourist arrivals into the Kingdom.

    But Thailand’s National Legislative Assembly committee on religion, culture and tourism, are refusing to let the recent issues stop tourists from travelling for Koh Tao villas and beach vacations. Currently, Thailand holds the reputation as one of the best, if not the best, destination for Chinese tourists travelling internationally.

    To that end, they held a special seminar late in July in the capital. There, proposals were discussed on how to entice Chinese tourists back into the Kingdom, as well as improving safety and security measures to ensure their well-being and peace of mind.

    One particular initiative took the interest of WeerasakKowsurat, the Tourism and Sports Minister, which was to make travel insurance compulsory for any foreign visitor coming into the country.  Notably, this isn’t the first time the Kingdom has looked into the idea after the foreign tourists racked up a total of TBH3 billion (US$9.2 million) in unpaid hospital bills.

    The seminar and its attendees were made aware of the fact that the boating accident cost Thailand THB64 million (US$1.9 million) in compensation paid to the families of the deceased. Said payout led to the country’s tourist protection fund being one major accident away from being completely drained.

    The travel insurance hasn’t been enforced yet, but local news channels say that the Office of the Insurance Commission will be working on establishing distribution channels, like insurance vending machines at the international airports in the country.

    Weerasak has admitted that there’s been too many major incidents in Thailand, despite the fact that absolutely no one wants them. He believes that, if the country becomes known as being unwilling to compromise on safety, it’ll be another point they can use to attract tourists.

    Thailand’s been named as one of the world’s riskiest places, based on the number of insurance claims made from the country, emphasizing how crucial it is for the country to have travel insurance. On the financial side, the cost of travel insurance is minimal compared to the cost of having to handle compensating, on top of reducing the burden on the country’s healthcare system.

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  • What Does The Future Hold For Event Industry?

    There are many companies that are offering conference management services but with the advancement in technology these services can often be found online through applications and software. This is the very goal of Cvent when it was established in order to become the leader in the marketplace when it comes to event and conference management solutions. The company has already developed an online platform that will make it more efficient to setup meetings.

    It may sound like a big achievement but the company is still facing a lot of pressure coming from companies in the industry that wanted them to create the next generation tools that will improve the current event experiences. In a recent event organized by Cvent, they have introduced products that will make it possible for event organizers to be more prepared in the future.

    There is the belief that there will come a time when parts of traditional events and conferences are going to be replaced with modern ones because of the introduction of digital tools. This is expected to create a big impact on the sector.

    Reggie Aggarwal, the CEO of Cvent, said that even if there are new technologies coming out, nothing is going to beat the ability to have discussions while facing one another. In the coming years, virtual meeting is not seen as a threat because of the unequalled value of having face-to-face meetings.

    He believes that his team’s continued innovation is because of the large ecosystem they have to deal with. Their platform currently caters to more than 225,000 users. The number of feedbacks increased therefore they had to hire addition workers for the client service division and it ballooned to an additional 60 per cent in just two years. The client base of the company is also very diverse because they are catering to businesses whether it is small, medium or a top corporation.

    According to Aggarwal, there are many technologies to look forward to in conference management services and one of them is the so-called Fourth Industrial Revolution. With the rate that technological innovation is going, it could only be a few years to a decade before something as big disrupts the event management industry.

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