• Canadian Dollar Nearing 3 Month High Supported By Many Positive Indicators

    The Canadian dollar is riding the Brexit wave and strengthening against the GBP.  The Loonie recorded the strongest high in 3 months due to the last minute Brexit deal and stronger economic data. Britain and EU carved out a better deal to facilitate smooth transition and avoid negative impact on the global economy due to Brexit.

    Many factors such as positive outlook, increased demand for Canadian Yield bonds, positive news from job markets and Bank of Canada deciding not to alter the interest rates played a significant role in the CAD rally. The news about the improved Brexit deal have further strengthened the CAD forecast.

    Canada being an economy that is largely based on commodities, any news that effects the global commodity outlook affects the CAD forecast. The Canadian manufacturing sales have increased by 0.8% in August and outperformed the forecast of 0.6%. This is mainly due to increased motor vehicle sales and sale of fabricated metal products. The Global weakness has not affected the Canadian economy, which remained resilient and contributed to the positive rally of CAD.

    Another factor that has contributed to the CAD rally is the fact that the Bank of Canada has retained the interest rate at 1.75% even as their peers all around the world have reduced the rates considerably to aid slowing economies.

    Canada also has recorded a positive growth in employment rates. The country has added 28,200 new jobs in September along with an increase in the wage rates. This has also contributed to the strengthening of the Canadian Dollar.

    The elections this time did not have any major impact on the price of the CAD. The striking similarities between the economic policies of both the leading political parties may be one of the reason for this phenomenon. Both the parties have promised similar tax-cuts and other economic policies, although there is difference in the climate policies of both the parties.

    The resolution of trade disputed between the USA and China is also aiding the CAD rally as it has a positive impact on the global trade scenario.

    To sum up different factors such as Brexit deal, resolution of US-china trade disputes, positive employment and wage growth, and interest rate policy of Bank of Canada have contributed to a positive growth in the CAD forecast.



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  • Philippines To Receive Its First Shelby Dealer

    Not every country gets the dealer for the cars that they want; it’s ultimately up to the manufacturer to decide if they think that the market is worth entering. Philippine’s auto enthusiasts finally have some good news from Shelby.

    The Ford aftermarket company recently appointed an exclusive distributor for the Philippines; Autohub Group of Companies. The company will be in charge of selling aftermarket auto parts, including kits, as well as Shelby-modified vehicles, acting as the US manufacturer’s official and exclusive supplier.

    Autohub Group of Companies President Willy Tee Ten says that they’ll be bringing in as many products from Shelby into the Philippine auto market as they can, acting as the exclusive distributor for the US company’s products, covering auto parts, accessories, as well as upgrades. They’ll also handle the installation of said parts, including kits and superchargers.

    Autohub has stated that they won’t be selling Shelby cars immediately, but they’ll be doing so in the future, via indent orders, for those in the Philippines who are interested in owning their very own Shelby. The company has yet to reveal which models they’ll be selling, but there are talks that say it’ll be, at least, the Shelby GT, GT-S, and, possibly Super Snake.

    As part of their deal, Autohub will be sending its technicians and mechanics to Shelby, in the US, for training. This will allow the distributor to properly install aftermarket upgrades, particularly the supercharger kits to the Mustang’s V8 iterations.

    As for the distribution of Shelby vehicles, Tee Ten announced that Allen Pascual will be in charge, to act as the head of Shelby Philippines in the future, on top of his leading of the Autohub Car Care Services (ACCS), which handle all aftermarket parts and accessories under the Autohub Group umbrella.

    Neither Shelby nor Autohub has revealed the date when Shelby Philippines will officially open, but Tee Ten reports that they’re just waiting for the finalization process to finish on the deal; with the final signature having yet to be filled out. He says that they’re expecting it around January; sometime in the earlier months of 2020.



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  • China Hitting Apple Over Map App

    Geopolitics affects all sorts of businesses; even a Cartography illustrator can find themselves watching sociopolitics to make sure they don’t get caught in something.

    Well, they might not be traditional cartographers, but Apple’s certainly taking heat over a map, well, a map app, as the Chinese Communist Party’s official newspaper, the People’s Daily, called foul towards Apple Inc. due to allowing an app on their store that tracks the movement of the Hong Kong Police Force, which is being used by protestors and demonstrators.

    The newspaper didn’t name the specific app, but called out Apple Inc. for what it saw as complicity in aiding the protestors and questioned Apple’s operations, saying that the US tech giant wasn’t thinking properly; not considering what they were doing.

    One map available on the Apple app store is the HKmap.live, which has become the talk of Twitter for talk, both criticizing it and support it, and the protests. The developer of the app didn’t immediately respond to requests for comments on the matter, but Apple, in a recent tweet, stated that they had a lot of business considerations to make, but they would make things right.

    Apple is only the latest company to take heat in regards to the democratic protests happening in Hong Kong, which has been going on since June 2019. While no Cartography illustrator business has taken heat, major companies like the National Basketball Association (NBA), and Vans, the sports brand, have been caught in the storm of controversy regarding the protests.

    The piece that was published on the People’s Daily stated that Apple didn’t have a sense of morality and was ignoring the truth. It also said that making the HKmap.live app available on the Apple app store during such a time was enabling violent protestors in the country.

    The paper even went so far as to say that letting the map app, and such ‘poisonous software’ on the Apple app store was a betrayal of the Chinese people.

    As for the tech giant, it has received several requests to make comments on the matter, but has refused to state anything.


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  • Sennder Taking On Freight-Forwarding With $70M Worth Of Funding

    Logistics is one of the older, less-understood parts of the commercial world. But with Amazon proving that logistics is worth the effort and investment, and many other companies proving how hard it hits to ignore logistics, many businesses across the world are looking to enter the logistics business.

    Berlin-based Sennder, recently announced a round of funding, which they report will be for the digitization and modernization of the antiquated logistics market with a digital platform. Reports surrounding the FTL Dedicated Truckload Freight company’s Series C funding round say that they brought in approximately $70mn.

    The funding was led by Lakestar, with several other firms like Accel, H14, Next46, HV Holtzbrinck Ventures, Project A, and even Scania Growth Capital, investing in the startup. Notably, it’s the second round of funding that Sennder ran in 2019, with a Series B financial round earlier in Spring. This investing shows the interest of investors in logistics, which is currently estimated to sit at a value of $400bn in Europe.

    Other major funding rounds in the trucking industry include other companies that handle FTL Dedicated Truckload Freight, competing with Sennder in their niche, like US’s Flexport receiving an investment of $3.2bn, the UK’s Zencargo raising $20mn, among others.

    This shows how crowded the market really is, and where corporate specializations come into play. For Sennder, they specialize in the FTL Dedicated Truckload Freight market, aimed at the organization, logging and optimization of cargo, with a particular focus on smaller and mid-sized companies.

    In Europe alone, that particular sector is estimated to be worth around $120bn. As with other startups, Sennder hopes to bring cloud-based communication and improved tracking and record keeping, as well as better logistical organization to the trucking industry, which has been operating mostly with faxed or shipped invoices, among other archaic methods.

    Sennder co-founder David Nothacker states that they’ve pooled together the knowledge that he and the other co-founders acquired, with the goal of improving operations in the trucking industry. He adds that they believe that sennder is leading the way in digitization, and reliability. Nothacker co-founded Sennder alongside Nicolaus Schefenacker and Julius Koehler.


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  • Dentist Healthtech Tips

    Everything You Need To Know About Dental Implants

    Dental implants are metal screws that are used to replace the roots of your teeth. They are used to replace broken or missing teeth for aesthetic and functional purposes. Dental implants are modern alternative to dentures and bridges.

    Dental implants are safer than dentures and bridges. They are made of titanium which fuses with the jaw bone providing a solid base for the artificial tooth. Dentists suggest using dental implants in Reading under the following conditions.

    • There are missing or broken teeth that need to be replaced with artificial teeth.
    • You have a fully developed jaw bone that can support the implants.
    • You do not suffer from any health conditions that hamper the process of bone healing.
    • You have healthy oral tissues.
    • You do not want to opt for dentures or bridges or the condition of your teeth does not support dentures or bridgework.
    • You do not smoke tobacco.
    • You are aware of the fact that bone healing can take several months.

    Dental implants are fixed inside the jaw bone through a surgery. As is the case with other surgeries, dental implants surgery too has some health risks. Some risks of dental implant surgery are

    • Some patients may suffer from infection at the site of dental implants.
    • The surgery may damage the roots of the surrounding teeth.
    • There is a risk of nerve damage during the surgery, which can cause tingling and numbness in other healthy teeth.
    • Dental implant surgery can cause sinus problems, if the implants are not properly placed and protrude into the sinus cavities.

    The process of installing dental implants is lengthy and time taking. Your condition is evaluated by a team of specialists comprising of maxillofacial surgeon, periodontist, prosthodontist and ENT specialist. The process of preparation for dental implants in Reading involves

    • Exhaustive dental examination that comprises of dental x-rays and 3D imaging.
    • Comprehensive review of your medical records to know about any heart diseases and other implants.
    • Formulation of a customized treatment plan depending on the number of dental implants required.

    Dental implants are screw like structures made of Titanium. They are fixed in the jaw bone to offer support to the artificial tooth. Dental implants are suggested when there are one or more missing teeth that cannot be replaced by dentures or bridgework. The process of installing dental implants in Reading takes a couple of months. It is advisable to consult a reputed dental clinic in Reading, for getting dental implants.

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  • How Sportswear Was Redefined By Women

    Gone are the days when men dominate the world of athletics. Nowadays, women are also excelling in various sports and even more so in some. They do not accomplish those feats wearing short cropped top but they have to don their own sportswear in order to play comfortably. This is why the sportswear industry has to make some changes in order to cater to the needs of the opposite sexes. With women winning sports left and right, the retail industry is clamoring to get on with the tide in order to capitalize from this opportunity.

    Last year, the market for sports apparel designed for women was already worth $26.8 billion based on the figures released by Euromonitor. This is only a fraction of the $80.1 billion worth of the entire sports apparel market. This is the reason why many of the leading brands specializing in sportswear decided to give more focus on women since it is smaller and there is a high possibility of growth.

    In the athleisure department, women are also taking the lead which is the very reason why consumers are no longer generalizing athletic wear for a single purpose alone. This also impact the way retailers are designing their future products. Up until today, athletic retailers do not give much attention to women because the market used to be dominated by men. While it is still true in some aspect, there have been changes as well.

    According to Puma North America Retail’s Senior VP, Russ Kahn, athletic brands used to think women’s sportswear is only a smaller version of the men’s but in pink. Women consumers deserve better than that which is why they are changing the game. Women’s active wear is now dominated by the top brand, Nike while Lululemon comes second. Victoria Secret is also on the heels of the two brands followed by Under Armour. Other brands that have been actively promoting women’s active wear includes Adidas, Old Navy, Athleta and Pink by Victoria Secret.

    While Nike is a global brand, Lululemon is already starting to catch up in terms of women’s market in the United States. While they can still wear short cropped top while doing sports, wearing something they are comfortable with leads to better performance.

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