• Few Bangkok Attractions For Nature Lovers

    Bangkok is a preferred tourist destination in south East Asia. Thousands of travellers visit the city for its popular night life, cheap shopping and delicious street food. The city is full of attractions for every traveller. No matter, whether you are travelling solo, with family, or friends, Bangkok has attractions for every traveller.

    Sukhumvit is the most happening locality in Bangkok. Sukhumvit road is one of the longest roads in the city with many small streets called Sois. It is the most preferred neighbourhood for tourists and expats in the city. Tourists prefer to stay at the Sukhumvit hotel near BTS and MRT stations because they offer ease of transportation.

    Some of the best things to do in Bangkok are

    Visit the Siam Ocean world

    Visit the Siam Ocean world to experience the breath-taking glimpses of deep sea. View the sea life and swim with the shark inside a protected glass ceiling. The ocean world is a must visit attraction for families travelling with children. The ocean world is located in the Siam Paragon complex and can be reached through mass transit system. Tourists can stay at a Sukhumvit hotel and visit the ocean world by using the mass transit to avoid the traffic jams.

    Samphran Elephant ground and Zoo

    Visit the nature park to get up close and personal with different animals. The park conducts exciting shows like the crocodile wrestling show and the elephant theme show to entertain the visitors. Watch the exhilarating action of the stuntmen directing animals to perform various activities. The park is located in the Samphran district.

    Safari park

    It is the popular leisure park in the city. The park has a number of interesting events like the sea lion show, cowboy stunt show and orang-utan boxing show. The park is located in Klongsamwa, Bangkok.

    Dusit Zoo

    The zoo is located near the Dusit Palace in the Old city. The zoo is home to nearly two thousand species of animals from around the world. Families with children should not miss visiting the beautiful Dusit zoo. The zoo organizes various shows and events throughout the day. Tourists staying at the Sukhumvit hotel can take BTS train to Victory monument and a taxi from there to the zoo.

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  • Some Facts About Colombian Women To Know Before Dating Them

    Colombian women are warm, caring, hot, cheerful, and confident and love to enjoy life. Men from western countries often dream of dating beautiful Colombian women and marrying them. The warm nature and the gorgeous looks of these women win the hearts of men from around the world.

    Colombia is a traditional country. Women in Columbia flirt with their eyes and will never make the first move. It is unlikely to meet Colombian women, who will approach the man directly. They follow the old school way of dating, with the man always taking the lead.  The girls love to maintain themselves and dress to the tee to make themselves desirable. The women appear to be selective with the choice of men in their life. They like to play the chasing game, with a lot of dates and flirting.

    When you meet Colombian women, remember chivalry is the most desired trait in this part of the world. The guy is expected to take the lead and propose to the women, pay for the date and drop the woman home.

    Colombian women are very attached to their families. They live with their large extended families and share every detail of the relationship with them. If your Colombian girl is serious with your relationship, she will take you to meet her family. Meeting the large family and impressing them is an important task to win the trust of your Colombian girlfriend. Colombian women celebrate a lot of festivals and events with their extended families and if you are invited to the gathering, consider you are a part of their family.

    Colombian women dress to impress their men. You will hardly meet Colombian women, who are not interested in dressing up. They are very artistic and always dress perfectly for any occasion. They take their own sweet time to dress up and leave no chance to impress the man.

    Colombian women love to party. They love to drink aguardiente, national drink of Colombia and dance to their hearts content. If you plan to meet Colombian women and impress them, learn some basic moves of salsa. Hold them tight and dance with them. Colombian women do not like dull men, who prefer to sit and drink the whole night. They like to dance and make merry and enjoy life to the fullest.

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  • How To Be Rich Like Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan

    To have wealth, almost everyone wants it. However, not many people are blessed with richness despite all efforts done to make it happen. When you want to get rich, you need a combination of luck, skill and patience. To get rich, you need to follow your path leading to a fulfilling career. You also need to handle your money wisely through investments, savings and minimizing your living expenses. Just like Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan, he became rich due to hard work and wise decision making.

    • Put Money in the Stock Market:

    Invest your money in bonds, stocks and other types of investments which should give you ROIsjust enough to finance your retirement. For example, you can invest your one million dollars and get a reliable 7% ROI, and that’s about $70,000 per year.

    However, you don’t need to invest in something that can give you a quick buck. If you buy and sell in stocks, you consider it a daily gambling. If you make bad trades, you can likely lose a lot of money, and it might not be a great way to become rich. Instead, choose to invest in something that can take you a long run. You can have your stocks sit and don’t do anything with it. If you invest wisely, you are assured to have more money in time.

    • Save Money for Retirement:

    Not many people are planning to save something for their retirement. Some people feel they will never be able to retire. You can take advantage with tax-deferred retirement plans like 401Ks and IRAs. The tax treatment can help you save faster for retirement.

    • Invest in Real Estate:

    Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan is a successful realtor in Venezuela and has offered many properties for sale or rent to developers and local buyers. If you do invest on these properties, it can possibly help you build your wealth. Many people are doing quite well with real estate, especially that their value can increase over time.

    • Spend Your Money Wisely:

    It’s hard enough to make a living. But it’s more painful and hard when you spend your hard-earned money on something that can devaluate or don’t need at all. Learn to choose things that are truly worth the time, money and effort. To be rich, you need to be wise on your expenses.

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  • Eight Spa Etiquette Tips For First Time Visitors

    Taking a spa treatment is one of the best things to do in Saigon. However, visiting a spa can be an anxious experience for the first time visitors. Here are some basic spa etiquette to help you have a relaxing and rejuvenating spa experience.

    • Before booking a treatment in a spa in in Saigon, do a bit of research. Visit the website of spa or ask for references to know about the different amenities and services provided at the spa. Different spas offer variety of treatments, book a spa only when the services offered at the spa match with your expectations.
    • If you are planning to book an in-house spa in in Saigon at your vacation hotel, consider making the bookings early. The hotel spas fill up quickly especially during the peak tourist season. It is advisable to make early bookings to avoid last minute disappointment.
    • Make your preferences about male and female aesthetician known at the time of booking appointment. This will enable the spa to assign your preferred aesthetician or masseur for your treatment. Last minute demands for aestheticians and masseurs are not encouraged by most of the spas.
    • Do not have a heavy meal before visiting a spa. Also remember not to consume too much caffeine before visiting a spa, as the excess caffeine makes it difficult to relax during the spa treatment.
    • Arrive at least fifteen to twenty minutes prior to the appointment. This gives sufficient time to get accustomed to the spa environment and get ready for the treatment. You can also enjoy the other amenities provided at the spa in in Saigon, if you reach early.
    • Provide all the details about any medical conditions and allergies before starting the treatment. Let the spa know if you have any food allergies or have any skin conditions that prohibit the use of some products.
    • Speak to the masseur or aesthetician about the specific areas in the body, you want to target. This helps them to customize the spa treatments according to your requirements.
    • Do not talk too loudly or behave in an inappropriate manner with the staff at the spa in in Saigon as it may lead to cancellation of the appointment.

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  • Useful Tips When Buying A New Bike

    People have different reasons why they want to buy a motorcycle. For some, it is a means of cost effective transport from the home to work. For others, it is the freedom of being able to enjoy a unique outdoor experience. If you are planning to travel far and fast, there is a new Moto Guzzi at the nearest dealer.

    A sense of confusion is expected when choosing your first motorcycle. There are lots of choices from different designs and engineering styles. Sometimes, the choice is just a matter of what interests you most. However, one of the factors that should guide you in your choice is whether you are an experienced or inexperienced rider.

    It will be very difficult for an inexperienced rider to handle a powerful bike that requires expert manoeuvring. On the other hand, the experienced rider has had years of riding experience to improve his skills that also result into a disrespect of the machine.

    If you are new to motorcycles, your best option is the entry-level sports bikes (125 – 150cc) that can be handled easily by a beginner. Once you have gained a few years of experience, you can upgrade to the 200-250cc or the 500/600cc. If you feel adventurous you can go for the 1000cc or above to bring out the rider in you.

    There are motorcycles that are designed primarily for rough roads and uneven terrains. They are unsuitable for riding within your area of residence with paved streets. This means that the superbike built for the rugged trails and dirt terrains is not a good choice if you are going to use it only as transport to work.

    For daily commute, your best option is a motorcycle that will not require frequent maintenance checks. Sometimes, the bigger the bike, the more that it will burn a hole in your pocket because of periodic maintenance and higher fuel usage.

    You can find the new Moto Guzzi at authorized dealers in the UK if you appreciate motorcycle ergonomics that fits your lifestyle properly. Aside from the road bike range, there are also a variety of demonstrator bikes available to suit your requirements.

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  • Why You’ll Love Thailand And Choose A 4 Star Hotel In Pattaya As Accommodation

    Thailand is one of the best countries in the world to visit. You can be in Bangkok several times and choose to stay here. If you’re in your homeland, you’ll probably miss some pieces that you’ll love to get back here at once. People may ask why you want to go back to the places you’ve already visited. And you’ll be telling them you have an attachment that makes you feel at home when you’re here. So, if you really want to know why one loves Thailand, here are four reasons why you should return here. You’ll even choose to be booked in a       4 star hotel in Pattaya for your accommodation.

    • The Scrumptious Food

    If you haven’t been to Thailand, it’s wrong to say you like Thai food. If you came here and tried the food, you’ll say that it’s one of the best in the world. The food comes in a variety with more flavours,which it can fill your hungry stomachs. If you have low tolerance for spicy food, choose ‘mai pet’ or ‘not spicy’, as Thai food can make you kick with hotness. Choose outdoor stalls too as they serve the cheapest and the best Thai meals.

    • The Warm Weather

    Especially if your booked in a 4 star hotel in Pattaya, you can enjoy the sun and the beach. Thailand is a tropical country to enjoy great weather, especially between March to June, where April and May are the hottest.The country also has monsoon seasons between July to October. However, you’ll love the heat especially that it’s hot and humid here.

    • The Friendly Locals

    The most friendly and hospitable people you’ve ever met are the Thai people. They’reoften happy, smiling, polite and very helpful. They will help you in times of trouble and can translate if you don’t understand Thai. They’ll treat you well especially if you return here. If you’re in Thailand, you’ll feel very safe here.

    • The International Environment

    In Thailand, you can be a local or a foreigner as you like. As many expats and tourists reside here, the country can be very international and cosmopolitan. There are international restaurants and stores, global food chains, Starbucks and even Hollywood movies. You’ll surely find various friends of different nationalities here. You’ll even want to explore what a 4 star hotel in Pattaya can offer travellers like you.

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