• Checking For Credible Boiler Providers

    Are you finding out the overall cost of moving a boiler to a new location? It calls for no problem as you can easily know the expected cost of boiler relocation and how few things can affect their price. Before we begin, you may need to check possible engineers who can do the move while you visit them today at their office.

    How Much to Move a Boiler?

    Expect to pay around £350-750 for a boiler to be move to a different location. The move will include parts and labor. The fees to pay for a couple of feet is £350, for an average move is £500, and if it involves more pipework, it’s £750.

    What Affects the Cost of the Boiler Move

    • The Time Taken and Materials Used

    It is obvious to have a higher price when you move a boiler to a different location with more time spent and more materials used. The cheapest cost to ever make is moving the boiler for few feet. But more people insist that the boiler be moved upstairs, downstairs, into the loft, the garage, in another room or the extensions.

    • More Pipework Needed

    Boilers use copper for their pipework and therefore it isn’t really that cheap. If the gas fitter uses more copper, then the higher the cost will be for moving the boiler. You’re not only paying for the expenses of the copper but the gas fitter’s time as well.

    • Additional Flues and Extensions Required

    You will need a different flue if you want to move the boiler to the loft, even if there’s an existing flue on the side of the wall. What you’ll need is a vertical flue with one or two extensions to penetrate the roof. If you had to buy vertical flues, it will cost you £100 with extensions amounting to £45-55.

    • Moving an Older Boiler or Replacing with a New One

    If you were to spend £500 for moving a boiler, consider a replacement. If your boiler has been used for many years, you need to replace it and save costs on repairs. Just add extra pounds and consider a warranty when buying one. You definitely save money on bills especially if it’s subject to more repairs. Check for possible boiler providers and visit them today.


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  • Raimon Land Adding Two New Plots

    There’s more than just a new Sukhumvit 19 hotel set to go in development, as the SET-listed Raimon Land PLC (RML), has recently just acquired several land plots across the capital, with a total value exceeding Bt10 billion. These new plots will be used for the future development of luxury condos, following the board’s acquisition of two new plots on Sukhumvit Road from KPN Land Co.

    Four of the seven new plots are grouped within a four-kilometre stretch of Sukhumvit Road, located between Asok and Thong Lor.

    The key property in this string of deals is the 3.5-rai plot located on Sukhumvit Soi 38 that was acquired for Bt2 billion, which will then be developed with a Bt7.2 billion luxury condominium project, according to news from the property sector.

    They’ll be a new condo unit located near a Sukhumvit 19 hotel as KPN Land, the property arm owned by the Narongdej family, will also be handing off a single rai site in the area, alongside a two-rai plot on Sukhumvit Soi 28.

    According to Raimon Land, during their report to the Stock Exchange of Thailand on August 16, its board of directors had decided that it would acquire the two plots from KPN Land with a total cost of Bt1.57 billion.

    The payment will be made with both Bt500 million cash, and Bt597 million worth of newly issued ordinary shares at an equivalent value of one baht, which amounts to 14.31% of the company’s paid-up capital. The board also approved a cut in Raimon Land’s registered capital, reducing Bt4.58 billion by about Bt915 million after cutting off 914,840,957 unsold shares.

    According to a source, there are some objections to the Sukhumvit 28 plot from its neighbours, with calls regarding its environmental impact, but Raimon Land would go and acquire it all the same.

    In 2017, Raimon Land purchased a 797 wah2 plot on Sukhumvit Soi 26 for a cost of Bt1.7 billion, which will be the site of a Bt4.9 billion condo project within the second half of 2018 as part of a joint venture with Tokyo Tatemono, a Japanese real estate firm.

    RML shares closed on August 16 on the SET, valued at 1.46 baht per share, in trade worth of Bt148.1 million.


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  • How To Make Café Fitouts In Canberra Attract Your Customers

    We tried to search around Canberra to find many wonderful interior inspirations from some of the coolest café fitouts. These establishments have invested in services that provide café fitouts in Canberra and proved to be successful in their own fields. The feature walls to lighting designs can embellish your commercial spaces. Here are top ideas to furnish for your cool Canberra cafes.

    A Luxe Entrance

    To make a good impression on your new café, you can add luxe black marble brick floor tiles on your front side. It can show bit of elegance to your new store.


    Progressively, street art or murals are not only intended for lane ways but they’re making their way to residential and commercial settings too. If you really like these café fitouts in Canberra, why not add it to your physical store. You can even have a customised design to fit your individual and home design.

    White Tiles and Darker Grout

    A trend that interior decorators love to implement to their clients’ café, is white tiles with darker grout. The design can add and enhance a tasteful touch of industrial elegance. The style can also be fabulous with white hexagon tiles. These are café fitouts in Canberra that should entice more customers to come.

    Wall Hung Flower Boxes

    Do you need a small space for your backyard? It calls for no problem as designers can show how to magnify the outdoor space with flower boxes. You can plant ferns, succulents, herbs and other smaller plants, add life and interest to the outdoor space, regardless of size. You’ll certainly have a unique and distinctive style for your café fitouts.

    Group Pot Plants

    Improve the outdoors by adding a cluster of pot plants to create a nice style on your café. You can drape the pots with dripping greenery and combine that pots that look fabulous too. You’ll be enticing more customers to visit and enjoy what you serve in your café.

    Feature Walls

    Look for interesting wall features that can inspire your potential customers to come to your café fitouts in Canberra. You’ll also find that there are many concepts to suit various cafes. Having timber panels and concrete rendered walls are now backing all the glories. You can check out a local café in Canberra where you’ll find various colours designed on bright turquoise walls.

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  • Vestigo Changing The Image Of Team Building

    One of the most common events for businesses and companies in Australia is the team building in Sydney which many thinks is worth skipping. This is the reason why a startup in Atlanta wants to make a difference and change the image of team building. They wanted to offer team building activities that focus on outdoor adventures and which they said are going to impact the lives of the participants.

    Vestigo creates team building activities that are more physically challenging. Their clients vary from local startups to big shots in the industry like Home Depot. These physically challenging activities are expected to highlight the core values of the particular company they are working with. According to Marshall Mosher, the CEO and one of the founders, Vestigo experiences are the new way of things which gives a new twist to events filled with games or happy hour alone, things that are done regardless just so they can get time outside of the office environment.

    He added that the main goal of Vestigo is to create a powerful company culture and to make workers engage with one another by experiencing the same things. Their first priority is to come up with activities that will ensure that the people involved will come out of their protective shell and face their most vulnerable nature which is the most effective way to bond with one another. One way to make these things possible is to organize outdoor activities such as caving, climbing, rappelling, visiting waterfalls, paddling, hiking, and yoga, boating and camping.

    Some of the activities can be physically demanding but Vestigo’s main goal is to meet the ability of each of the members by organizing several challenges with different level of difficulty. Regardless of the physical limitation of a team member, Vestigo makes sure that everyone will be able to participate.

    Mosher further added that companies that are organizing team building in Sydney should also follow the same principle in order to tackle not just the physical aspects of the individuals but also their mental capacities as well which in turn will make them better employees as the team building event comes to an end.

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  • How You Can Set An Example Like What Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan Did To Latin Countries

    So many Americans tend to complain and forget how lucky they are to live in the greatest country ever imagined. It’s not like this anywhere in the world, especially for countries like Honduras, Haiti and Bolivia. Before these countries became fully developed, Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan has showed his assistance through his volunteers and humanitarians in helping the rural poor especially in Honduras.

    In certain studies, a Rotarian was interviewed to show her several medical missions in the Latin American countries that include Honduras. There are also others who shared their personal experience just to make the world become a better place to live in. It’s amazing and humbling how more people can do such righteous things to help people from all across the world. One of them is Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan as he’s known as a great philanthropist.

    If you may consider, hard economic times don’t only affect the United States but those poorer countries suffering worst inflow of aid and assistance. Volunteers prepare themselves for the worst things to happen. Then there are the unfortunate differences of opinion and miscommunication among nations. Its leaders will greatly affect the poor and they become helpless.

    Indeed, the government of Honduras has become distrustful now and seemingly, the diplomacy efforts have clashed with some of the leaders there. It appears that these fences need mending so that humanitarian support can happen with no restrictions so that there will be more flows of aids from neighboring countries and the world.

    So, if you’re an American who likes to help countries like Honduras, you can start by just becoming a humble philanthropist of the country. You can start by becoming a volunteer or donating something to build schools, treat sewer plants, infrastructure, create mobile and fixed health clinics, and even books in libraries. This is what you should do for a more humanitarian aid. If you like to know where you can reach out, you can approach foundations owned by Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan or contact the USAID or UNICEF.

    So, make a difference by helping out. You can start setting an example like what Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan did to Latin American countries.



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  • How To Choose Meeting Venue

    Bangkok is the most preferred destination for organizing business events and meetings. The good connectivity and cheap airfares combined with the availability of world-class meeting venues are the reasons for the popularity of the city as a preferred meeting destination.

    Bangkok being a tourist city has many hotels and resorts. Most of the high-end luxury resorts and hotels in the city offer meeting room facilities and business centres. Choosing the right venue is important for the success of a business meeting. The organizers are spoilt for choice as there are many options like, hotels with meeting rooms in Sukhumvit to luxury resorts in beautiful settings.

    If you are planning to conduct a meeting in Bangkok and are searching for venues, here are some quick tips to find the perfect venue for your business meeting.

    • Location and accessibility

    Location and accessibility are two important parameters to consider before choosing a meeting venue. The venue should be located in an easily accessible part of the city. Organizing meetings in far away locations, make its compulsory tom arrange for transport options for the participants.  For example, if you are hosting a meeting in Bangkok, choosing hotel with meeting rooms in Sukhumvit is the best idea as it is located centrally and well connected to the business districts and important locations like airport. Participants can easily reach the meeting venue using the mass transit system.

    • Accommodation

    If you have participants who are coming from other cities and countries, it is important to search for accommodation options close to the venue. In such a scenario, it is beneficial to choose hotels with meeting rooms in Sukhumvit, as it saves a lot of time, if guests stay at the same hotel where the meeting is conducted.

    • Facilities and amenities

    Before choosing a venue, check the amenities available. Most of the reputed meeting venues in the city provide latest audio-visual equipment and other facilities for the meeting. The venue should have proper seating arrangements and other networking areas like business centres, restaurants, cafes etc.

    • Budget

    Budget is another important factor that influences your choice. Determine the budget for the event and search for venues that offer quality services at competitive prices. You can also get personalized quotes from hotel with meeting rooms in Sukhumvit, based on your requirements and preferences. Get quotes from two or three of your preferred venues and choose the venue which is easily accessible and provides all the required amenities.

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