• Optometrists Warn About Shopping For Glasses Online

    Many consumers, according to an eye doctor in Sutherland, are buying their eyeglasses from online retailers. One consumer said that she has purchased new glasses a few times within months only because it is easily damaged yet she keeps from buying from the same online retailer because the price is much lower.

    She admitted that she prefers to buy online when it comes to glasses for her kids because they are soon going to grow out of it and she views this method as cost-effective. There is an increasing number of parents that are buying more and more from online shops and even the general number of consumers purchasing online is increasing. The prices of eyeglasses from online shops are much cheaper compared to traditional boutiques and optometrists’ clinic where a pair of prescription glasses can cost hundreds of dollars.

    Data revealed that the number of glasses purchased online only constitutes a small percentage, between 4 and 10 per cent, but the sales are increasing as more and more consumers are gaining awareness of this new purchasing method. Statistics showed that from 2007 until 2017, there is an increase of 600 per cent in the number of prescription glasses sold by shop online. The numbers are released by The Vision Council which is an eyewear group in the industry. This percentage resulted to sales worth $600 million in total.

    In Chicago, there is an increased awareness after Zenni signed a deal with Chicago Bulls to have their logo printed on the jerseys of the players. The reason why online retailers are able to sell glasses with very low prices is because they are only selling their own brands.

    Local optometrists said that they are not affected by online competition yet. For eye doctors, their total revenue comes from the eyewear sales which are between one-fourth and one-half of the total sales. They sent a warning though when it comes to consumers purchasing online because not everyone might be suitable for such glasses. For people suffering with severe eye problems, an eye doctor in Sutherland advised that they should purchase from an optometrist because they need accurate lenses to prevent damaging their eyesight even more.

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  • Why You Should Go For Similan Islands Diving

    The Similan Islands are a wonderful archipelago located in the Andaman Sea, about 100-kilometres north from Phuket. These small islands are breathtaking that all you need is some snapshots to reminisce memories here. Most people come here on a day trip tour, but it’s highly suggested to try liveaboards as it’s cheaper. Spend around two to four days to experience Similan islands diving and you’ll enjoy it. The trip is faraway from Phuket, so travel at night and when you wake up, enjoy the daytime by diving.

    To get to the Similan islands, you’ll need to book a tour that takes you first to a snorkelling experience. Then you’ll head to the main island where you can dine in a restaurant and be accommodated in hospitable hotels. Try not to deal with the cheapest speedboat unless you’re on a tight budget. You’ll be worried too much if you travel with limited space. If you’re a professional diver, there are many dive centres to check out and book for a day trip to Khao Lak. Or you’ll prefer the liveaboard cruise to have a great Similan islands diving experience.

    What to Remember So You Won’t Get in Trouble

    The Thai government takes care of the national parks found in the Similan islands. They inform people to preserve and handle it well. As a ruling, tourists and divers visiting Similan for diving are not allowed to feed the fishes, no matter how they swarm around and beg for food. They are also not allowed to pick any coral or sea life. And lastly, if they come across a coral, they need to swim above and not walk on it.

    Staying over the Similan

    You’ll find a hard time booking an accommodation here, especially that they are limited in this area. However, after the Similan islands diving, you can spend the night and rent a small tent or air-conditioned bungalow. The latter is more comfortable as you’re provided with your own bathroom with shower. You also get a sea view from the balcony and lots of fresh air. Be here between October till May as scuba diving is closed the rest of the year due to bad weather conditions.

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  • Earthworks Commenced For Northampton Construction Training Centre

    Specialist contractor Mick George has now begun earthworks at the recommended site for the construction of a £4.75m training center, to be located at Northampton College. Work has begun on the behalf of Kier Construction, which is currently working on the Advanced Construction Engineering (ACE) Center, on the college’s Booth Lane Campus.

    The center, to be built at the recommended site chosen by the college’s staff, will be facilitating the training of the next generation of people in the construction industry; builders, decorators and plumbers, as well as studying and pioneering new techniques aimed at ensuring that the workforce of the future is equipped with the necessary and demanded skills. Alongside training that emphasizes craft skills, there will also be courses available at Level 3 for those that are aiming for supervisory, technician, or management careers in the construction sector.

    Reportedly, the aim of the ACE Centre is to provide a pipeline of ‘highly-skilled, work-ready’ staff, and it’s forecasted that the facility will have around 600-700 new learners annually by 2025/26.

    Mick George Contracting Director, Michael George, says that, as the employers of more than 1,100 employees, they recognize that the construction industry and its labor model is at a key point in its existence, one that decides its long-term sustainability.

    Addressing  the issues of skill shortages and ageing workforce has been recognized by leading construction companies as key issues, which is why they give credit to Northampton College for deciding to be proactive in dealing with the matter, providing solutions for the sector by delivering a high caliber of a new generation for the industry at large.

    Work on the facility started during a ceremony on the site, where Northampton College Principal Pat-Brennan Barrett, alongside representatives from Kier and the South East Midlands Local Enterprise Partnership who helped fund the project, struck the first spade into the work site.

    She says that the Centre is a commitment to providing the best educational facilities and opportunities to the youth, and is an investment, not only for the future of the construction industry, but also in the next generation of workers and business leaders.

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  • Transportation Services For Different Types Of Business

    A country’s growth and development are greatly defined by a good system of transportation services that are used in the operations of different business institutions. First world countries have the most amazing transport infrastructures that play a big role for its rapid growth.

    For real estate business, transportation services are a must. Doing client calls and ocular inspections in marketing a property need a reliable system of transportation. A Real Estate Agent needs to have a car to go to his or her prospective clients. A speedy action on a client’s needs is crucial to close the business deal. One cannot be complacent in attending to the requests of the client because this may lead to losing the sale which we don’t want to happen. You must be always be ready and available once your client calls you and needs to meet up with you.

    Logistics in real estate need reliable transportation services. Moving in to the newly bought or rented property is a challenge without a good system of transportation. Different kinds of trucks and vans are needed to bring all the things of the client to his or her new residence. Thus, a ready conveyance is necessary.

    Transportation services boost the movements of goods and services of a nation, thus, improving the Gross Domestic Product that enhances economic growth. Transportation services bring connectivity of goods in the city and countryside, thus, inhabitants can enjoy the different produce that they need as well as the services.

    Medical concerns need a good transport system to cater to the various medical needs of the people especially those in far-flung areas where medicines and medical services are not available. Civic organization groups often organize medical missions in a certain place as their beneficiary to help the residents of the area. With good transport system, medicines and medical practitioners can easily go their beneficiary place.

    For some third world countries, means of transportation are still laid back causing their slow growth and development. Thus, donations and sponsorships from other foreign countries for the improvement of the transport system are usually negotiated by both governments. A good transport service system is a must for the development of a nation which provides convenience and comfort to its citizenry.




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  • Guidelines To Setup A Motorcycle Dealership

    Like any other business, starting a motorcycle dealership and achieve a good reputation requires time, efforts and patience. Setting up a motorcycle dealership involves some planning and huge investment. Here are some guidelines to help you setup a dealership.

    1. The first step to start a motorcycle dealership that sells Aprilia motorbikes and other different brands of motorbikes is to determine the structure of the company. There are different kinds of business structures like sole proprietorship, LLC, partnership etc. each business structure has its own advantages and disadvantages. Select a suitable business structure for the business depending on the needs and goals.
    2. Obtaining the required permits and licenses is the next step. You have to contact a reputed attorney or check with the city clerk’s office to know about the different requirements to set up a motorcycle dealership in your city or country.
    3. The next step is to determine the products and services, you wish to offer at the dealership. Do you want to open a dealership that sells only new Aprilia motorbikes and other brands of motorbikes or do you want to sell used bikes too? Do you want to include other services like bike repairs, riding training and maintenance of motorcycles, along with the sales of new or used bikes? Once you determine the services and products, hire the required personnel to help you carryout different tasks. A motorcycle dealership will require different personnel like sales and marketing professionals, mechanics, finance and accounts personnel etc.
    4. The motorcycle dealership will require a suitable space to display all the motorbikes for sale. Research your city and select a suitable location for your dealership. The location should be easily accessible to the buyers. Choose a central location and buy or rent a premises for your dealership. Depending on the services offered at the dealership, it might require a huge space to display bikes, setup workshop for bike repair, have office for finance and accounts department and so on.
    5. Get registered with different manufacturers and get the inventory. Most of the manufacturers supply inventory on credit basis. Negotiate with the manufactures and chalk out a good deal. If the dealership also deals with used Aprilia motorbikes and other motorcycles, you can attend auctions, junkyard sales, etc. to search for used bikes that are maintained well.


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  • South Australia Takes A Long Time To Process Wills

    According to bereaved families in Southern Australia, they have to wait four months at most in order to have access to the estate of their loved ones who passed away. This news came as a shock to probate lawyers in Melbourne because the process should not take that long to begin with.

    Apparently, there is a justified reason for the delay which is that the courts are trying to digitize their probate applications. Processing of the wills is therefore halted for the meantime as they arrange the new online system which will be used to manage the applications for probate. The Supreme Court Chief Justice said that it will be worth it since after the online system has been established the processing of the services will be faster than before. For the meantime, grieving families are asked to be more patient.

    An announcement has already been released by the probate registry starting the middle of September because their applications will just be included in the delay. This means that estate management for people who passes away since August will have to wait until next year.

    Not all of the estates are required to have probate grant coming from the Supreme Court but there are institutions such as land titles office, nursing homes and banks that need these documents before they can release the assets that are entitles to the person who passed away.

    Joan Sedsman, the chairman of the Succession Law Committee of Law Society, said that this process is quite unfair and it adds burden to those who are already grieving. It makes it harder for everyone involved while those who are not financially capable might struggle in the process.

    Ms. Sedsman voiced the distress it has caused to her widowed client who is hoping to move to a new place before the holiday comes but since the freeze was put in place there is nothing they could do. She is not alone in defending her client’s rights because probate lawyers in Melbourne are also faced with having to face a few weeks when the process should be done in a matter of days to help grieving families move on with their lives faster.

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