• Vietnam As The New Hotspot For Luxury Real Estate Property

    International investors are competing with the locals in buying Vietnam’s real estate. Rich local Vietnamese particularly the entrepreneurs are looking for worthwhile investments. Aside from luxury condominiums there is 5 star hotel in Saigon that offers ultra-luxury living at a very low price point. These are obvious signs of Vietnam’s economic growth.

    The latest hotspot for luxury real estate is Vietnam, not New York or Hong Kong. According to Bloomberg, the surge in luxury real estate developments is due to the booming economy and legislation that makes it easy for foreigners to buy real estate properties or obtain long term leases. Even if the prices of luxury condos in Ho Chi Minh have increased by 17% in 2018, they are still a good bet for long term investment.

    A luxury apartment in the centre of Ho Chi Minh City can cost more than $5,000 per square meter ($465 per square foot) which compared to other cities can be considered as good bargain. In Hong Kong, a similar property could cost more than 4 times that of Vietnam’s. According to Mansion Global Report, average values of prime property in Hong Kong is $4,660 per square foot while in Manhattan, the average real estate costs $1,773 per square foot.

    A luxury condominium in Ho Chi Minh City offers ultra-luxurious amenities that include swimming pools with hot spring Jacuzzi and water slide, outdoor movie theatre, treetop adventure walking bridge, fitness centre, sky garden, library, playground, tennis courts and parking. Investors have a choice from the garden villas, duplex penthouses and sky mansions.

    Condos are currently priced between $232 and $290 per square foot or $400,000 to $500,000 of a 1,722 square foot 4-bedroom unit. In New York City, a tiny penthouse can cost about $2,143 per square foot or asking price of $10 million and more. In Hong Kong, a modest house can cost a staggering $446 million.

    Foreign buyers who are negotiating for a property can opt for accommodations at 5 star hotel in Saigon that is fairly priced in spite of its luxurious facilities. Guests will enjoy the romance of the bygone era while luxuriating in the comforts of the 20th century.

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  • What You Must Know About Apartments In Myanmar

    The estate market is still striving in Yangon compared with the other countries and cities in Asia. There is an oversupply of properties on the demand from foreign clients. The number of rental market properties that conform to internationals standards has a limited supply. This situation is expected to change, however, there is a need to improve the quality of construction standards and enhance the awareness of local owners to adhere to the international standards to address the challenge of finding suitable accommodation.

    Commissions – Any person can act as a broker for apartments in Myanmar because the real estate market is not regulated yet. Brokers charge one-month commission on the property being rented which is the market practice regarding real estate commissions. But there are also agents that offer other commission schemes which make the market competitive.

    Contract periods – The common and longest contract period recognized by law for foreigners is one year. Renewal of the contract can be negotiated.

    Payments of rent – It is a standard practice for rent of apartments in Myanmar to pay the owner in advance of the entire rental for the period. The risk after paying the entire rent is the possibility for the landlords to be unresponsive to the issues that may arise in the future.

    Corporate payments are quite challenging because most often, the landlords will only accept cash payments in American dollars, but they rarely have a bank account to accept payments in US dollars by bank transfers. However, there is already a change in landscape as more owners already accept more adaptable payment terms using its own exchange.

    Cancellations and deposits – The usual practice is the payment of a one-month deposit to reserve the property. A pre-lease contract is also signed. Early termination of the contract is generally not acceptable, and the rent paid for the remaining months of the contract is forfeited.

    Furnishings and appliances – Most properties already have furnishings, however, for those not furnished, negotiations may be made to have the property furnished.

    Appliances depend on the level of rental you choose. Negotiations can be made with the landlords on this matter.

    Utilities and other conditions – These are not included as practiced except for Serviced Apartment. Other conditions in the contract can be negotiated with the property owner.

    It is important to know the different practices in renting an apartment in Myanmar. A contract of lease is essential to support all the agreements on the lease.

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  • How To Develop Tecrep24 Computer Repair Services

    Business owners always desire to grow their businesses fast to generate returns on the investment they made. Some businesses take a longer time to get back their investments while others have quick returns. This depends on the type of business you want to pursue. Proper planning and good business strategies are crucial to develop your business.

    To grow the business of Tecrep24 computer repair services, it is important to create a SWOT analysis of the project. This strategy will identify the business’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. The business owner of Tecrep24 computer repair services must have adequate knowledge of the SWOT of the business to allow the management to develop the necessary actions in improving and addressing the areas that require more attention as well as capitalizing on its strengths. The business owner must take advantage of the opportunities and minimize the threats by instituting more controls.

    SWOT Analysis


    Advances in computer technology have become ubiquitous every year in most places of the world thereby increasing the demand for computer repair shops to address the needs of the clients that need their services. More businesses are into cost-cutting their expenses to improve net income. This includes maximizing the usability of equipment including computers by installing repairs and maintenance program. Companies nowadays practice frugality on dealing with expenses. With this context, the computer repair services business has the potential to grow while technology is evolving.


    It might seem difficult for computer repair shops to serve clients in a larger area than a locality. Automation is another issue that is quite impossible for a computer repair company to achieve. This keeps labor costs high because of the manual performance of services. Because of this, it is difficult for computer repair services to achieve a good cost-production relationship.


    Advances in technology provide more opportunities for computer repair shops to flourish because of the increase in demand for the business.


    As technology continues to grow and develop, more reliable machines and programs are being developed making technology strong with fewer chances of failing as well as less susceptibility to threats. With this scenario, the computer repair industry might be less visible in the market because of more advanced technology.

    The SWOT analysis is crucial to determine if your business is doing well. It will give you an idea of creating business strategies to make your business stronger and more profitable.


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  • No Clear Solution In The Government’s Climate Change Objectives

    Most households in the UK use gas boilers. When there is a problem, they call boiler repairs in Bradford to fix the issue and ensure that the boiler is running efficiently. When modern boilers are regularly maintained, fuel is burned efficiently and reduces the risks of gas leaks. A home with an efficient boiler is also more attractive to property investors.

    However, the government has recently announced that future home standards will put an end to fossil fuelled heating systems in new properties. New homes must use low carbon heating systems that will meet the world’s leading levels of efficiency 6 years from now. This is in line with the advice of the Committee on Climate Change that no new homes should be connected to the gas grid by 2025 and beyond.

    A spokesperson from the Home Builders Federation said that there must be an assurance that alternative heat sources will be suitably attractive, available and efficient before the existing options are withdrawn. De-carbonizing UK’s domestic heating systems is a big challenge and if the government wants to release its climate change objectives, it must provide a clear solution.

    A solution that is being considered is to fit new homes with heat pumps that will absorb heat from outside air or extract heat from the ground. However, the heat pumps will require electricity to run. Another option is local heat networks that will provide hot water from a central renewable source. Other options are considering hydrogen as a replacement to natural gas.

    Biomethane which is derived from waste can be injected into the gas grid and the government will consult later this year how to increase the proportion. Other potential options to de-carbonize the grid include the use of low carbon hydrogen. Biomethane producers on the other hand said the government needs a favorable policy environment to increase the levels of “green gas” in the grid.

    Every household has the obligation to call boiler repairs in Bradford when they notice signs of a potential breakdown. It is not only for the sake of energy efficiency for boiler repairs to be carried outimmediately because gas leaks can compromise life and property.

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  • Top DIY Projects Regretted By Homeowners

    Do-It-Yourself projects are the rage nowadays from installing kitchen tiles to painting an entire room with a colour. While the intention is good, there are many cases wherein homeowners regret that they tried to do what is supposed to be done by a skilled professional. Based on a recent study conducted by Improve Net, around 2,000 homeowners participated and shared their experience when it comes to DIY projects at home.

    Of the total number of participants, 63 per cent admitted that they regret their DIY project while 33 per cent revealed that they contacted a professional to remedy their project. Below are the top DIY projects that made people regret.

    • Refinishing cabinetry should not be taken lightly. Many make the mistake of handling this project because they think painting the cabinet will be enough. What they do not realize is that they need more than just a paintbrush to complete the job successfully. For this project, a few weeks are required to be completed and the workspace must have enough ventilation.
    • Unfinished basement can be tempting for many thinking they will need to do everything from scratch therefore easier. This is wrong in many levels because finishing a basement will require more than just a single weekend. There are things to be done from laying the carpet, wiring electrical fixtures, plumbing, installing drywall and many more. It is wise to contact a professional as soon as possible.
    • Refinishing hardwood flooring is one of the top regrets as 40 per cent said that they have DIYed the project before and regretted it right after.
    • Installing hardwood flooring is a harder DIY project to tackle. Many homeowners shared that the end result of their DIY does not look as good as they have expected. This is the reason why people with zero experience should leave things like this to professionals.
    • On top of the list of regrets is installing floor tiles. Homeowners who tried to change their kitchen tiles or install new ones in a new property have felt the disappointment resulting from this project. For those who are intent on installing, floating floors are easier to handle, cheaper and can be completed in a single weekend.

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  • High Crime Rates And Widespread Poverty Can Affect Property Prices

    If you are facing several years of jail time due to a crime you have committed, your best option is a criminal lawyer in Toronto that can offer you advise on whether to plead guilty, fight for your innocence or accept a deal. Criminal lawyers can negotiate the best terms so that you will receive minimal punishment.

    There is no perfect city in the United States. New York is a booming employment market but property prices are some of the most expensive in the country. It is less expensive to live in Houston but you are very likely to be a victim of violent crime. In some cities, socio economic conditions are very frustrating.

    According to the 24/7 Wall Street index of more than two dozen measures, the worst cities to live in have high crime rates, widespread poverty, no entertainment options and cultural attractions and minimal job opportunities.

    These conditions are very typical in areas where people have low educational attainments. Only a few adults have a 4-year bachelor degree. One example is Beverly Hills which is the poorest area in Florida. A typical household only earns $26,525 annually which is less than one half of the $57,652 that typical American households earn. Low income is reflected in the real estate values of the city. There are hardly any bars, restaurants, theaters and museums.

    Bridgeport is the only city in Connecticut that is listed as one of the US cities where it is worst to live. It is relatively a poor city where more than one in five residents lives below the poverty line. It is further strained by the high cost of living. Goods and services are more expensive than the average nationwide. The city also has a weak job market with an average of 9.3% of unemployed persons in the last 5 years.

    You have better chances of having the charges reduced through a criminal lawyer in Toronto who understands the laws relating to charges that you are being accused of. Most lawyers have assistants who can do research relating to past verdicts in favor of the defendant. If you are innocent, the criminal lawyer will prove your innocence.



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