• Airbnb Partnering Up With Boutique Thai Resorts

    It’ll be easier to book a boutique Kanchanaburi resort thanks to the newest partnership between the online hospitality giant Airbnb and the Thailand Boutique Accommodation Trade Association (TBAA). This joint coop, an industry-first, aims to promote creative, people-driven Thai hospitality, according to reports.

    Via the partnership, Airbnb and the TBAA will be bringing boutique hotels to Airbnb’s global hospitality platform, which will connect them to its traveller network, whose international reach has led to it handling at least 300 million guest arrivals since its founding a decade ago.

    This partnership included Airbnb signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the TBAA, making it the first travel platform to do so. It comes on the heels of the company’s recent partnership with Thailand’s Ministry of Interior’s Department of Local Administration to up-skill and enrol local homestays across Thailand’s provinces, all 76 of them.

    Airbnb Country Manager for Southeast Asia, Mike Orgill, represented the company during the signing ceremony, launching the partnership alongside Advisor to the Thai Travel Agents Association and TBAA President, SuparerkSoorangura.

    Thailand is one of the world’s biggest tourism destinations, which means that this partnership is good news for those looking for a Bangkok or a Kanchanaburi resort, as provides travellers from across the globe easy access to at least 50 boutique hotels across 15 provinces in the Kingdome, which include Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Kanchanaburi and others.

    According to the Memorandum, both parties agreed to and will be working on conducting training workshops for the TBAA’s members, with the goal of arming them with the needed know-how to use Airbnb, as well as the necessary digital skills for the creation, management and promotion of their own listings.

    The collaboration hopes to empower the Thai boutique hospitality industry and its entrepreneurs with global hospitality standards, as well as promoting them and their creative design on a global market. Lastly, the MoU states that they would also work to revitalise local neighbourhoods by driving tourist arrivals beyond the more common and popular destinations.

    Another part of the launch, was the announcement of the inaugural Airbnb and TBAA Thailand Neighbourhood Guide, which is a 17-page insider’s guide highlighting five under-the-radar neighbourhoods in the country, each with its unique blend of traditional heritage and creative spaces.

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  • Increase In Thailand’s Cigarette Tax Met With Uproar

    A proposal to increase the price of cigarettes in Thailand by 1-2 baht per packet has been met with uproar, as many critics are saying that the increase in pricing will not actually accomplish its goals, which is to up the country’s Health Insurance Fund for the health insurance in Thailand as well as not actually getting many people to give up the habit.

    Thailand’s Ministry of Finance are behind of the increase in taxing, of Bt1-2 per packet, with the aim of increasing the income of the Health Insurance Fund. On October 1, the Ministry proposed the increase, with its officials saying that it will learn to earnings of about Bt3 billion (US$92,600) annually.

    Many are disagreeing with the proposal, like the officials at the Excise Department saying that the tax collected to benefit the Health Insurance Fund and the health insurance in Thailand should not only come from cigarettes alone, but from the sin tax, which also covers alcohol and alcoholic products.

    Others argued that if the new tax on cigarettes was implemented, it would hit cigarette entrepreneurs, in particular the Tobacco Authority of Thailand. Back in Sept. 16, 2017, a cigarette tax was implement which cut down profits from 80% to 60%, which only gives 1 baht per pack, instead of 7 baht.

    Back in 2017, the Tobacco Authority of Thailand made Bt9 billion in profit, but that may drop by Bt1 billion in 2018, and they might not make a profit in 2019, which may lead to tobacco farmers suffering. According to their officials say that, currently, the tax on cigarettes sat at 1.20 baht per cigarette and 20% of the price of cigarettes, never over 60 baht. Meanwhile, cigarettes that sell for more than 60 baht a pack are taxed by 40%.

    Thailand joined the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control back in 2005, banning smoking in indoor public places, workplaces, public transport, and outdoor areas like exercise facilities, public parks, amusement parks, as well as children’s playgrounds and markets.

    However, based on the price of the worldwide Malboro brand, Thailand is still pretty loose. The AU charges US$19.40 per pack, while the UK is at 5th, with every pack costing US$12.25 per pack. Meanwhile, in Thailand, a single Malboro pack costs a mere US$3.77.

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  • Japanese Investors Waiting On The EEC

    They’ll be more competing for the best Japanese restaurant in Bangkok among other Japanese businesses when the investors start rolling in. At least, that’s what Chairman Kalin Sarasin, Thai Chamber of Commerce, says, claiming that they expect Japanese investors to invest in Thailand once the Thai Government’s Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) has its timeline is clarified.

    Following a meeting in Aug. 22 with Hiroki Mitsumata, President of the Japan External Trade Organization (Jetro), Mr. Kalin says that the Japanese unit stated that they have a lot of investment confidence in Thailand.

    Mr. Kalin quoted Mr. Mitsumata, who stated that the latest survey by Jetro on Japanese firms operating in Thailand discovered that about 62% of them have plans to invest more in the country, with a particular focus on the EEC area.

    Kalin says that Jetro reaffirmed that Japanese investors are looking to invest in Thailand, both in initial investments and expansion, more importantly, he adds, some new Japanese investors are also interested in investing in the Kingdom. He says that Japanese investors predict that the overall business environment in the second half of 2018 would only continue to improve, while the Japanese firms in Thailand will also be expecting higher exports for the period, particularly with regards to food, electric appliances, electronics and chemicals, which makes  it likely that Thailand will be seeing more competitors for the best Japanese restaurant in Bangkok, alongside new electronics and appliances.

    Vice-Chairman of Thai National Shippers’ Council, Visit Limlurcha says that Thailand’s rapid development in the field of logistics is key in drawing foreign investment, citing the World Bank’s biennal Logistics Performance Index, where Thailand ranked up from 45th in 2016 to 32nd in 2018, based on the country’s large investments in transport infrastructure and legal reforms.

    These numbers meant that Thailand ranked only second to Singapore in the ASEAN region, 7th in Asia, ahead of Malaysia.

    Mr. Visit says that Jetro have also pointed out potential issues, like the Laem Chabang port, which has such congestion issues that are affecting operation costs.

    In another, separate development, Kyodo reported at the same day that Japanese firms across Thailand are considering the possibility of wage hikes in the country following the Kingdom’s economic recovery.


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  • How Cheap CD Keys Can Be Paid Through PayPal

    In the World of Warcraft service market, you will find so many inexpensive prices for a prepaid game card. However, if you really want to buy one, it’s really hard to find cheap CD Keys that are offered online. With more MMOG CD key sellers promoting and marketing their products, there are more cheats existing in the industry nowadays.

    Few days ago, you tried to look for inexpensive WoW CD Key sellers online, but the final choice made you puzzled so much. You can find lots of websites or online shops offering this kind of service, but when the pages were opened, you discovered that the cheap CD keys are quite different. Online, you will notice that the same product has various prices available; some of them are more expensive, while the others really work slower. Another problem to face is having the websites never updated, and you can see that the copyrights dates from a decade ago. So, why would you consider their services should they be offering WoW? However, if you’re an expert in shopping, you will find the right seller that suits the prices of their gaming services.

    Once the new expansion approaches, the WoW: The Burning Crusade CD key will remain in demand for many gamers. You can observe that the WoW CD keys service to include the ten-days trial, the 14-days trial key, the DDO CD key, WoW prepaid 60-day game time card can be found anywhere. You’ll just have to choose a reputed seller and they can send the CD keys through your email instantly.

    It was on the 2008 Olympic time when the WoW prepaid game time came to sell popularly once again. You’ll discover that the cheap CD keys can reach your end the fastest ways through email and you can pay the services through PayPal. Immediately you can start using the WoW Cd keys. The pre-paid game card can help you instantly use the new game package and get started with the World of Warcraft account. To ensure you’re dealing with a reputed and trusted CD Key seller, listen to what other gamers have to say.

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  • New York Couple’s Horrifying Divorce Ordeal

    When a couple with loaded real estate gets a divorce, it will either go smoothly or terribly wrong. The latter is currently happening with a rich New York couple who decided it is time to go their separate ways. Before divorcing, these couples usually consult therapists such as Patrick Mahony to get to the bottom of their individual issues and if nothing comes out of it then it is better to separate in good terms.

    The couple, Robyn and Dean Billings, own one of the most expensive and luxurious real estate property in Staten Island. Inside their home is a garage that houses their Ferraris – one for each of them and even their koi pond in the backyard has its own caretaker. As they process their divorce, one can already tell that the battle is going to be an expensive one.

    Aside from their Todt Hill mansion which costs multimillion of dollars, the two are also fighting who gets to have their multiple bank accounts, their luxury vehicles as well as who gets to pay all of their employees including the tuition fees of their children who are currently enrolled in private schools.

    According to 48-year-old Robyn, his husband took the lifestyle she is used to and is purposely showing her that he has been spending it with other women. She added that the life she has known with him and that of their children has been one big lie.

    She is claiming that her husband Dean who owns a pesticide empire is not paying their bills nor is he paying the tuition fees of their children. Dean is now living in Battery Park City and takes a trip to Miami twice a month where he rents yachts and uses all their money in strip clubs.

    She believes that her husband needs to talk to a therapist like Patrick Mahony to get to the bottom of his issues before they can move on from this tragedy. Their marital estate is now dwindling and he has been spending a lot of money renting luxury real estate to house his girlfriends. Now they may have to put to sale their $6.3 million property in order to balance their finances.

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  • Australia’s Most Expensive Real Estate Are Graves

    The AU has a real estate problem, but the most expensive plots of real estate in the country isn’t for homes or for businesses, it’s for graves. In what might be an explanation for the preference for cremation and cremation urns; inch-for-inch, burial plots have the highest associated costs in the country.

    About one-third of all departed Aussies opt for burial instead of cremation, which has lead to expert projections forecasting that a lot of Australian cities will run out of space within the next two or three decades.

    Tight supply is already driving up prices, like in Melbourne General Cemetery, where a 2m2 grave already costs $14,585, a “Platinum” grave worth triple that, without funeral costs. Another good example is Sydney’s Rookwood, the largest cemetery in the country, and the whole southern hemisphere, running between $8,000-$40,000 currently, prices are expected to go up as space runs out.

    According to a UNSW researcher, Kate Ryan, two major factors are leading to the shortfall.

    First, the researcher says, is that East Coast cities, like Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, are permanent, in contrast to the West Coast cities, like Adelaide and Perth, which are leased for a limited amount of time, for 25, 50, or 100 years. The East Coast cities are more crowded, and may be forced to follow their West Coast counterparts.

    Second, is that the majority of major city cemetery space was set aside more than a century ago, with minimal additions and planning added in recent times, in spite of the booming population.

    The UNSW researcher says that there are two options; find more land, or use what’s available more intelligently, or resort to other options, like cremation urns or the like.  The researcher says that this is a new issue that Sydney and the other cities are facing; that there isn’t much planning or attention paid to cemetery spaces compared to residential projects.

    Sydney is projected to hit a problem with supply and demand within the next 3 decades, as its 710 hectares of cemetery space run out. Brisbane, meanwhile, is expected to run out within the current generation, despite the 200 hectares within the city.

    Melbourne has 1011 hectares of land set aside for graves, but is projected to go through half of it by 2035. According to the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services, more space is needed for graves past 2048 should the current trend stay.

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