• Some Kids Don’t Fit School Chairs For Kids Due To Obesity

    According to a survey of 750 schools, it unveiled that young children have grown too big for their school chairs for kids, which should need immediate attention from school administrators and teachers.

    Some teachers say the desk and chair sizes have grown to be inappropriate. What this means is having kids uncomfortable while seated in their chairs.

    It is understood that the New South Wales Education Department have been doing something for custom-sized chairs. They are finding the right suppliers that can give them the right sizes of chairs most suited for overweight kids.

    Susie Burrell, a Pediatric dietician said kids who are overweight looked older than their age. This means that they look mature than what most of their classmates are at school.

    However, these kids can be more prone to weight problems or illnesses such as fatty liver and diabetes.

    She encourages parents to do regular monitoring of their kids’ waist measurement at the belly button if it is less their height. This should determine if their kids need help to overcome the overweight problems, especially that they don’t fit school chairs for kids at school.

    It can also create a problem when they have to wear wardrobes two sizes larger than their age group. This is not normal as they can be at health risks.

    A Teachers federation spokesman also said that students in Year 5 and 6 can learn using Year 3 classrooms with small chairs. So with that, the Education Department are running healthy eating programs for these kids. This should also be a sample for parents to feed their kids with the right diet; thus overcoming obesity in kids.

    “The education department is considering this issue of childhood obesity and is working with more agencies just to address the issue,” said the spokesman. “We want these kids to stay healthy and free from possible illnesses. Also, we want them to fit the school chairs for kids we provide.”

    “We have conductive more initiatives to support this community and to promote healthy eating among kids. We want them to be healthy all the time.”

    They also encourage parents to heed the message for healthy eating and lifestyle done at their very own home.

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  • 7% Expected Growth For Bangkok’s Residential Property Market

    If you are looking for a new home, why don’t you consider Luxury House in Sathorn that allows you to express your individual style? One of the best advantages that can be gained from luxury homes is space that will allow you to create different designs that will match with your requirements. You can also include several amenities which is not possible on an average home.

    In Thailand, the government has proposed expansion of investments for infrastructure projects. This will improve Bangkok’s residential property market to realize the expected growth of up to 7% in 2018. Growth in Bangkok’s residential property market corresponds to the major views of project developers who continue to view the market as one with the best growth opportunities.

    Products and offerings of the real estate market are expected to remain the same without any major changes in unit sizes and room layouts. Instead, project developers will be enhancing facilities to differentiate their products from the competition and help boost sales. In general, expect new luxury projects to include automated parking for businesses to add 20 to 30% capacity.

    Development of home projects will focus on areas that are easily accessible from the train network particularly the Orange Line, Blue Line and the extension of the Green Line that is currently in progress. The property market is expected to expand to the outskirts of Bangkok where the train passes because it makes it more convenient for people to travel to the city.

    However, the single home market and townhouse market located in the outskirts of the city with traffic issues will experience less expansion and low growth. Distance from train lines will hamper growth because there are few plans to build new roads that will accommodate cars and ease traffic. The condominium market that is located near the train lines has a definite advantage because it does not require lots of land for development.

    The first and foremost consideration of home buyers is location and the ability to travel easily from point to another. Requirements of home buyers are easily addressed by Luxury House in Sathorn that has modern features and energy efficient technologies.

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  • Starbucks To Expand In MRT And Hospitals

    There is nothing better after indulging in a luxury spa in Sukhumvit than to have a cup of coffee. Two decades ago, locals in Bangkok can only get decent coffee outside the house when they visit a hotel but this is no longer true nowadays. There are now many choices when it comes to coffee spots all over Thailand.

    Consumer behaviour is changing and this is why Starbucks took the opportunity to strike. The coffee brand is now present in various shopping malls, hospitals, office buildings, subway, kiosks accessible through drive-through and collaboration with food businesses.

    The coffee business of Starbuck in the country started 19 years ago and continues to remains strong, this is according to Starbucks Coffee Thailand’s managing director, Murray Darling. The company is going to celebrate their 20th year in the country in 2018 and they are planning to expand as well.

    Recently, the company launched its very first store inside the MRT located in the Phetchaburi station and the second one is expected to launch at the station in Sukhumvit.

    Mr. Darling said that their shops located in the subway are doing great thus, they are planning to expand in the same platform. He explained that the company’s aim is to improve the entire experience especially for people who are searching for the best coffee. They will get not just a special experience but the best baristas as well. They are not worried about the competition because the market is always open for expansion.

    Aside from their plan of expanding at the mass transit system, the firm is also launching around 40 stores all over Bangkok as well as upcountry in 2018. The proposed locations are hospitals found within the country.

    Mr. Darling said that they are breaking the stereotype that Starbucks is only present in office buildings and shopping malls but we are also planning to enter the healthcare sector through hospitals. As of November of this year, the company has a total of 314 shops in Thailand and 15 of them are located in hospitals. It is undeniable that Starbucks is slowly conquering the kingdom and people who frequent a luxury spa in Sukhumvit will surely be able to experience the best coffee through the various shops in the area.

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  • Where To Go In South America

    Seasoned travellers know that the most desirable holiday this year is South America tours because there are a lot to see with a land area that covers 18 million square kilometres. A week will not be enough to cover everything thus a package tour and a good itinerary is necessary. Here are the places worth visiting when in South America.

    • Machu Picchu’s Inca trail located in Peru. The trail spans 27 miles and it is surrounded of about 40,000 trails. The trails were a gift from the Incas who created them to connect their entire kingdom. The trek alone will take four days passing the Sacred Valley with an altitude as high as 13,828 feet. The best part is when tourists reach the town of Machu Picchu.
    • Ecuador’s Galapagos Islands is composed of a number of volcanic islands which is situated in the centre of the Pacific Ocean. Every island features different landscapes that are Instagram worthy.
    • Chile’s Torres del Paine located in Patagonia. This is a dream trekking destination for many because it is one of the World Heritage Site according to UNESCO. It was also nominated as one of the Eight Wonders of the World. The most common trek in the area is the W Circuit. The best view is at the foot of the Paine towers with a volcanic lake across it.
    • When it comes to food, Peru is considered as the food paradise of South America. There are influences from different cultures including Europe, Latin America, Afro-Caribbean, Japan and China. When in Peru, tourists should try the tacu-tacu, grilled alpaca meat, chaufa, ceviche and pisco sour cocktails.
    • Argentina’s Perito Moreno Glacier is the best glacier to go on hiking. In fact, not many have hiked on a glacier before. This should be done as soon as you are done in Patagonia. The glacier is 22 miles in length and 590 feet in depth.
    • Lastly, when checking South America tours, ask if they have itinerary going to Iguazu Falls which was included as Seven Natural Wonders of the World back in 2011. It is located in the border of Brazil and Argentina.
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  • Rat Problem Looming Over A Neighborhood In Sydney

    A neighbourhood in Sydney is currently plagued with big rats. The residents are asking for the government’s help in hiring a pest control in Sydney in order to solve the current vermin problem. Some of the residents believe that the problem started after the houses were demolished due to the flood that occurred on Thanksgiving Day in the previous year.

    John Sullivan, a resident who is living at Cabot Street’s upper side, said that he has already eliminated 23 rats and he even killed one rat that is almost as heavy as two kilograms. He said that the size of the rat is more like a cat to him. His green compost bin now has a hole created by the rats.

    Two doors from the Sullivan’s home iswhere Chantelle Anderson is living. She said that she is no longer going down to her basement because she is afraid that she might encounter the rats.

    She said that she can hear the rodents scratching the walls of her home, running around the basement and the perimeter of her property.

    This is when she decided to hire a pest control in Sydney and they were able to trap over a dozen rats in just a few days. The pest control company explained to her that the species of rats present in her house is aggressive and they are not afraid of humans.

    She expressed her fear of the rats because of their toxic nature and how they can damage a property.

    Sullivan said that it has been a year since the problem started and it is still not under control. He is afraid for her kids and neighbours as well as the people that are passing by her property. He thinks that there are two sources where the rats are coming from. The first one is an abandoned property at the back of his home while the other one are the barns close to her property that are housing horses.

    Other residents think that it started when houses were demolished due to flooding last year. They are now in dire need of pest control in Sydney and help from the government to eliminate the source of the problem.

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  • Giant Glass Rubik Cube ‘Tasting Room’ Built In Australia

    Australia has a bit of a reputation for being a strange place, with some articles about the country talking about wine-tasting koalas, and the fact that winter in most countries is summer for the land down under, among other things. A glass company, not unlike Economy Glass, has recently revealed a new eclectic project.

    Now, a giant glass Rubick’s Cube has shown up and opened its doors to the country, after having spent 14 years as a mere concept waiting for the technology and innovation from architects and glass companies, like Economy Glass, in order to become a reality. The d’Arenburg Cube opened recently in the 13th of December in Australia (14 in the rest of the world), owned by Chester Osborn, a winemaker and the mind behind this glass edifice, says that this unique architectural challenge is an acknowledgement of the similar level of complexity in making fine wine.

    The five-story building is situated around the vinery of McClaren Vale. The glass outside the building is double-tempered reinforced with aluminum, giving in and the inside a very Willy Wonka-like vibe. The Cube is not only a tasting room for fine wine, but also holds a dining restaurant, with a lot of vantage points for the proper view over the surrounding Mourvédre hills. Osborn says that he conceived the Cube as a sort of a museum focusing alternate reality museum, featuring strange and eclectic 3D art which details the steps of the winemaking process.

    For example, a one-to-one scale statue of a cow in the museum stands to represent a winery’s biodynamic practices. Meanwhile a skeleton in the museum representing if someone falls into a fermentation vat, with other statues in the building representing the wine-making process.

    According to Osborn, the art pieces are designed to be viewed from different perspectives, a representation of how people could drink the same wine, and have different ideas on how it is. He says that the building is a new reality, very specific to each wine, and very specific to the d’Arenberg brand.

    The Cube can be entered with a fee of AU$8, with the South Australia government investing over AU$2M during its development in order to draw tourists into the area and the region.

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