• Budget Friendly Family Hotel In Bangkok

    Bangkok is continuing to be one of the most visited places, a popular choice among tourists from all over the world. But one important thing that tourists consider in planning their trips is where to stay. It is a huge thing for a single traveller already, and so much more if they are traveling with the whole family.

    Fortunately, looking for a family hotel in Bangkok isn’t too hard. There are options to choose from, depending on your budget and expectations.

    Lub D

    For those traveling with a tighter budget, the Lub D could be a good option. There are two of these hostels in Bangkok, featuring industrial designs. One is located at Decho Road, while the other one is in Siam, right across from the National Stadium, and a short walk from Siam Square and Rajaprasong.

    The establishment offers cheap beer and free Wi-Fi for all their rooms. They have four-bed dorms for group of travellers, as well as economy twin rooms, and even a queen-sized bed suite with its very own bathroom and LCD TV.

    Mode Stahorn

    For those in the mirage, the Mode Sathorn is a good family hotel in Bangkok that combines affordability with fashion. With 201 rooms in the property the hotel also offers a presidential suite on its 36th floor, three restaurants, and three bars.

    The Theater Bar stands out because of its circular TV screen and areas for wine, beer, and cocktails. The hotel has its own rooftop bar with live DJs as well. Secret M is a much more intimate location for those who want a quiet place to drink and relax, which is just one floor down.

    Bangkok Treehouse

    The property has twelve suits inspired by Henry David Thoreau and his work Walden. Situated in Bang Krajao, the city’s green lungs, the place offers its guests an opportunity to be closer to nature, together with its floating pontoon and gourmet organic restaurant.

    Each suite has its own bedroom, living room, and roof deck—something that some other hotels do not have. It is a perfect way to enjoy the river, the coconut plantations, and the mangroves surrounding the area.

    Guests wouldn’t feel too isolated either, as the suits have all the usual features such as TV, DVD, air conditioning, and Wi-Fi. The hotel has its own shuttle boat to help guests cross Chao Phraya as well.

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  • Bangkok Welcomes New International Standard Primary School

    The inauguration of the city campus of Shrewsbury International School Bangkok was held last week with the attendance of Mr. Brian Davidson, the British ambassador, Sir David Lees who is Shrews bury International School Bangkok’s board of governors’ chairman and Shrews bury School UK’s governing body chairman, Mr. Tim Haynes. The location of the school is close to a modern hotel in Sukhumvit where it sandwiched with Rama IX Road. The total land area is 15 rai or equal to 2.4 hectare. For the first academic year of the school, there are a total of 168 students that are officially enrolled.

    The school is designed to handle kids between the age of 3 and 11 years old. A large amount of money was allocated for the investment of the school amounting to 2,600 million baht. It is the sister school of the well-known Riverside Campus, the Shrews bury International School. The main reason why the extension was built was because of the waiting list at the Riverside Campus and the management wishes to accommodate these students.

    Ms. Dennison used to be the head of the Riverside Campus’ Junior School of Shrewsbury. She said that it has been 15 years since the school has been established and they have managed to maintain a good reputation in terms of excellence. She is positive that the two campuses will be providing equal standard of learning. This plays a huge part in the decision making of the parents thus they have decided to enrol their kids at the City Campus.

    She added that parents have consented to send their children to school there because the curriculum is designed mainly for primary school students. The parents are also happy to know that their children’s teachers are all qualified individuals that were hired from Britain. Majority of the teachers in the City Campus were also previously assigned in the Riverside Campus.

    Once the students have completed their primary school learning there, they are guaranteed a spot at the Riverside Campus’ secondary level. Parents who wish to check out the campus but living far can book a modern hotel in Sukhumvit for close access while in the city.

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  • How The Courier Industry Is Changing

    Uber came into the scene over a decade ago and it had the biggest impact to the taxi industry. It has faced many issues and scandals over the years but the brand’s market cap is now estimated to surpass Ford Motor Company. Many believe that Uber started the gig economy and it also gave car owners the chance to earn while using their own vehicle. The courier delivery industry is expected to be shocked with the same intensity that Uber brought to the taxi scene. This is with the introduction of blockchain. It may change the basis for courier quote or overhaul the processes as a result.

    Just like blockchain, the new parcel delivery system will follow a decentralized system. This means that individuals will be able to earn money by delivering parcels to their recipients. The rule is very similar to that of Uber where drivers can pick up passengers through the app, drive and drop to their location and repeat the same process.

    With the growing number of population turning to online shopping, the number of parcels that are delivered has also increased rapidly. The shipments are done from business to consumers. With the positive, comes the negative and these are challenges faced by the parcel delivery industry. Shipping from business to business is more efficient because of the presence of a centralized hub but the same cannot be said when it comes to business to consumer since the recipients are located far and wide.

    Management are usually done properly except for the last leg where not every parcel can be tracked effectively. Therefore this part of the delivery process is what takes up the most time as well as resources. One of the main reasons is market fragmentation. There are many players in the market from the top companies to the small ones. In order to meet the demand of the consumers, these shipping companies should come together regardless of their size. While they may have a fierce competition in courier quote, it ensures that the needs of the general public are met with regards to quality parcel delivery services.

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  • Beware Of Companies Offering Fraud Household Cleaning Services

    Homeowners can never escape the fact that while there are good businesses out there, there are also those who are up to no good. These companies offer household cleaning services to homeowners but ends up scamming them. Even the best carpet cleaning in Perth admitted that there are still a number of businesses in the cleaning industry that are scamming their clients such as not delivering their promised results or cutting corners in order to save costs. This is why it is important for homeowners to know how to determine the good from the bad ones.

    One of the most common frauds that are prevalent in the carpet cleaning industry is referred to as bait and switch. This happens when the company posted an advertisement for very cheap service and they show up in time complete with equipment but once they are already in the client’s home they increase the charges. To avoid this, it is recommended that homeowners should have their home assessed to know the exact amount the company will be charging. Makes sure the amount is written and agreed by both parties in order to avoid being scammed by paying more than what is originally agreed upon.

    Another scam from carpet cleaners is known as wet carpet. This is often heard from companies that are not able to remove the stain from a carpet. Cleaners will tell the homeowners that the stain will be removed once the carpet dries up when in fact it will stay the same even after drying. Payment should be made when the carpet is dry to make sure the result matches your expectation and the company’s promise.

    Many people are becoming more aware of the harmful effects of chemicals in cleaning products to the environment. This is why homeowners tend to hire a carpet cleaning in Perth if they advertise to use only cleaning products that are chemical-free and eco-friendly. The truth is that green products tend to be more expensive therefore there are companies that will try to save costs by using synthetic products without the customer knowing. Do not hesitate to ask you cleaner about the products they are using and do your own research.

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  • Original 1926 Illustrated Map Of Hundred-Acre Woods Sold In London City

    The original illustrated map of Winnie-the-Pooh created in 1926 was auctioned at a record-breaking price of £430,000 in London City.


    Hundred-Acre Woods

    The hand-drawn map by E.H. Shephard was sold at Sotheby’s in London City features famous characters such as Christopher Robin and Winnie-the-Pooh himself, as well as popular landmarks like Eeyore’s Gloomy Place and Bee Tree.


    Shephard’sillustrations helped popularized the book by English author A.A. Mine.


    It Started With A Book

    A.A. Mines first published Winnie-the-Pooh in 1926, a collection of short stories about the anthropomorphicteddy bear also known as Pooh Bear. The House at Pooh Corner then followed it in 1928. In 1924, the author released a poem about Winnie-the-Pooh in the children’s book called When We Were Young, and more works in Now We Are Six in 1927. The same person who made the record breaking  London City illustrated map—E.H. Shephard, created all the illustrations.



    Winnie-the-Pooh was inspired by the author’s son’s teddy bear. The son himself, Christopher Robin Mine, was the inspiration for Christopher Robin. The other well-loved characters such as Eeyore, Tigger, Kanga, Roo, and Piglet were based on his toys as well.


    The name Winnie came from the Canadian black bear that they used to see at the London Zoo. Winnie was named as such after Lieutenant Harry Colebourn adopted him. He was named after the man’s hometown, Winnipeg, Manitoba. Pooh was the name of the swan that they met when they were on a holiday.


    The Bear In The Red Shirt

    Winnie-the-Pooh and his friends first appeared in color in 1932 thanks to Stephen Slesinger. He bought the television, merchandising, recording, and trade rights to Winnie-the-Pooh two years prior for $1000 in advance and 66% of his income. In 1940, Agnes Bush made the first plush Winnie-the-Pooh toy featuring his red shirt.


    Worldwide Popularity

    Due to its popularity, the books and its characters were widely accepted throughout the world and have been translated into many different languages. One notable translation was Winnie ille Pu by Alexander Lenard in 1958. Two years later, it became the only Latin book that was featured on The New York Times Best Seller.


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  • Importance Of Investing In A B2B Website

    Cloud Cartel has designed many websites for its clients especially those that are in the B2B industry and one thing they can attest is that a website is one of the most important investment. It is like the lobby of an office building – it is the first thing visitors will see upon arrival and the platform provided for first interaction.

    If you have an existing B2B website, take a look at it and determine whether it looks polish and professional. Focus on elements such as the layout and the images used. These should be presented in a way that speaks for the brand of the company. If there are blurry or pixilated images, it speaks volume of the type of company that is behind the website. This should be rectified immediately to avoid sending the wrong message to future clients.

    The latest B2B websites have modern features such as a mobile responsive design. If your website was launched five years ago and has not been updated since, the users will be able to tell at first glance. There are many changes in website trend for the past five years that it is possible to tell an updated website from the ones that are not. Aside from updating the website’s design, the services and products listed on the site must always be in sync with what the company is offering.

    Your brand should be reflected on the kind of website your company has. Take for example a giant tech company with a website that came from the retro era which is opposite of the technology they are offering. The same goes with B2B branding that wants to offer top of the line customer service and navigation with ease. The user should be able to locate the information they want to know and customer service buttons should be easy to recognize.

    You might want to hire Cloud Cartel for website design but the content of the website is still determined by the company. Therefore, the essential information should be conveyed without putting too many texts or without cluttering the website as a whole.

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