• Where To Listen To Live Music When In Sydney

    Music is important to every human being from workers such as timber floor installers in Sydney to students who struggling with their daily lessons. This is why we often seek solace from music and we seek out the best place to listen to it live because this beats listening to the radio or digital records alone. If you are living or visiting Sydney, make sure to drop by these locations to get a dose of live music.

    Hordern Pavilion located in Moore Park. Live music can be heard from the grounds of what used to be the Sydney Showground. This site is quite famous in Sydney because of its architecture and social role in the community. It was constructed in 1924 and it is known to hold various events such as rock concerts, dance parties and even exhibitions.

    Enmore Theatre located in Newtown used to be an open air cinema built in 1910. The venue is known to host live music for the longest time in all of New South Wales. It can accommodate around 1,600 people. It is composed of a general admission pit along with a dress circle for seated viewers.

    Oxford Art Factory located in Darlinghurst is quite similar to the Studio 54 by Andy Warhol. This is a theatre focusing on art deco with a full bar. The music is served by local as well as international acts. It is also known for themed dance events like Queen versus ABBA.

    The Lansdowne located in Chippendale is the place to go if you are looking for live rock along with comedy. It is found in the midst of Newtown’s suburb and the city centre of Sydney. Guests can expect a sports diner and a few pinball machines. The location is not as big as the previous two thus it focuses on local acts that perform rock and indie music. During Reggae Mondays, the place can be heard playing Ska genre. Every Wednesday, they have the Daddy Trivia and they also cater to the Graveyard Shift which starts at 10:30 in the evening. This is perfect for timber floor installers in Sydney as they are often busy the whole day and wants to have fun late in the night.

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  • Accounting And Finance In The Digital Age

    Technology has come a long way that even an accountant in Thailand recognize that this is the age when digitization might dominate the world of finances. With tech, we can now access all our financial information in just a few clicks. Accounting and finance is moving into new territories as little by little the digital era is conquering the sector.

    There is the fear of the unknown for many in the working class because of the possibility that sooner or later machines will take over the jobs once required human intervention. In a way, accounting and finance is also put in the same spot as the Industrial Revolution 4.0 is coming

    The truth is that, if all redundant and time-consuming acts are done by machines, accountants and financial professionals have more time in their hands to focus on tasks that are of higher level. These are tasks that require advance analysis as well as counselling for clients. With the introduction of digital transformation, a number of opportunities are now available in the field of accounting and finance.

    Finance teams are now relying on digital technology such as machine learning, automation, adaptive intelligence and minibots to help them get the results at lightning speed. There are tasks that can be designated to AI and machine learning therefore the professional will become extra productive and their tasks are more proficiently done. They can cater to more clients compared to before and these clients get the value for their money.

    Machines are able to do the job with accuracy but only humans can deliver the emotional intelligence required by the job. With the help of machines, daily operations are more efficient and the costs of processes are reduced.

    There is no denying the truth that in the near future, automation will be introduced in every division of the financial industry therefore financial leaders who are accepting of this change will also gain more experience. The result is that an accountant in Thailand exposed to digital automation will be a valuable asset in businesses as they transform to digital processes.

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  • Types Of Vinyl Flooring In The International Market

    Many years ago, natural flooring options likes wood and concrete because a global hit. Recently, vinyl flooring such as กระเบื้องยางลายไม้ has increased in popularity because of its advantages compared to natural flooring options. Economically, vinyl flooring is better than hardwood and it has many benefits. In fact, vinyl flooring made such a big different in the field of architecture because of its advantages. Two of its most important qualities is that it is water resistant and very low maintenance. These two reasons alone make it a suitable option in different applications including bathroom flooring and for hotel rooms.

    For properties located in colder region, vinyl flooring does not absorb the cold outside therefore it is very comfortable even during winter season. it comes in various shapes and sizes and it has three forms available in the market – planks, sheets and tiles.

    Vinyl tile is commonly used in areas that require static-free flooring and easy to clean. This is why it is often seen in commercial establishments and large institutions. One of the most notable features of vinyl tires s that it can be changed easily therefore in case of damage, it can be replaced as a unit without disturbing the whole flooring. This is not possible when using vinyl sheets because it needs to be removed entirely. There are many designs available for vinyl tile flooring that can easily complement an entire room. It is easy to install, low maintenance and durable.

    Vinyl sheet flooring is larger in size, flexible and the design is continuous. The main advantages when using vinyl sheet is that it is cost-effective, durable, easy to install and is not easily permeated with water. It keeps moisture at bay and effective in reducing the floor’s seam. This is why it is commonly installed in rooms with moisture such as the bathroom and mudroom.

    Vinyl plank flooring, on the other hand, is completely water resistant therefore it is recommended to be used in bathrooms, kitchen and basement. There are vinyl plank like กระเบื้องยางลายไม้ which are also aesthetically pleasing therefore suitable to be used in areas where the guests are hosted such as the living room.

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  • Property Buyers See An Opportunity In Sydney’s Property Downturn

    It is no secret that successful real estate agents use different tricks to be ahead of the competition. It is typical for a real estate agent to hire wedding caterers in Sydney to provide delicious food and beverage for open houses to attract the attention of potential buyers. Wedding caterers do not only provide food for weddings; they also specialize in other events.

    Meanwhile, property buyers feel that there is an opportunity in Sydney’s property downturn. New figures reveal that suburbs in Harbour City are in demand. According to data from realestate.com.au, the Adelaide market is strong but it is being affected by the negative national narrative and by the cashing in on interstate investors who are chasing value.

    According to the real estate website listing, the most in demand suburbs in Australia based on views are located in the South Australian capital. Adelaide has started to enter the list last year and the trendis expected to continue. The demand is partly driven by property investors who are coming out of Melbourne and Sydney. There is a lot of search activity that are coming from these locations.

    The demand is Adelaide is higher than what has been seen previously because the economy is doing well. Premium suburbs in Sydney are also attracting a lot of attention because pricing has returned and people feel that they are becoming more accessible. The only suburb in the Top Ten that is outside Southern Australia and New South Wales is Middle Park in Melbourne which is currently the most in demand in Australia.

    According to NeridaConisbee, chief economist of realestate.com.au, properties in major cities used to be inaccessible to all types of buyers but the weakening in the market has presented opportunities. Ms Conisbee has also rebuked claims that Australia is right in the middle of the worst downturn in the last few decades.

    It does not matter if you are real estate agent or a couple with plans of tying the knot because wedding caterers in Sydney specialize in different events and catering styles. The caterer will ensure that food, beverage and service will work in harmony so that guests can experience a superior and seamless event.

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  • Welcoming Digital Age With Soft Skills

    Majority of us have spend many years going to school such as international school in Bangkok and then we proceed to university before we can move on to further our education. All of this is because of one single goal – to have deeper knowledge of the field we are in. Our pursuit for formal education has led us to learn various subjects and courses that were intended to hone our skills.

    Even at a young age, we are already learning to adapt skills, either hard or soft. Hard skills are the ones that can be learned and measured to see how much we have absorbed. Soft skills, however, is a different matter as it cannot be measured and it depends on the person’s personality.

    Our education though focuses more on adapting hard skills because this is what employers are looking for when they post ads for job vacancies. These hard skills can only be learned when we go through formal education. This is not to say that one will be guaranteed to have success with hard skills alone.

    In fact, many schools and universities are already realizing that in order for their graduates to be well-rounded individuals, they must learn soft skills aside from the hard skills already instilled on them. This is why subjects and courses that tackle soft skills have been offered such as innovation, leadership, negotiation and presentation among many others.

    There is no denying that hard skills are on the verge of being replaced because of the technological advancements we now have from artificial intelligence to machine learning. These are the innovations that could replace human hard skills later on. There is no need to hire someone to do data analysis or data entry because it is now possible with automation.

    The thing is that, while these machines are already advanced, they cannot replace humans when it comes to soft skills. These machines are not capable of showing emotions nor is it able to respond to it accordingly. This is why international school in Bangkok and various educational institutions are placing importance on soft skills to highlight that these skills can never be replaced by even the most intelligent robot.

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  • Japanese Hotel Brands Upping Thai Investment

    There’s many a family hotel in Bangkok, and the Japanese see the appeal in them. Japanese hotel operators are increasing their investment in Thailand, competing for market shares in major tourism names like Marriott, and Accor, and hoping to be the people who can claim their stake on the country’s tourism industry, which has a lot of demand for high-end accommodation, which has only gone up recently.

    There were several major investments, from several Japanese businesses.

    Okura Nikko Hotel Management Co. was one of the major investors, revealing their plan to set up another hotel in Thailand. This would their third property in the country, and is set to open around 2021, and will follow the opening of the Hotel Nikko Bangkok in January. This new property, like its cousin, will have amenities including, but are not limited to, bathrooms sporting shower toilets, a luxury Japanese restaurant, and an outdoor swimming pool.

    Hotel Nikko Bangkok, which has the minimum rate sitting at Bt4,500/night, stated that they’re expecting that most of their guests will be Japanese; about 55%. The company that operates the Nikko is also the same company, based in Tokyo, which runs the Okura Prestige Bangkok.

    Another major investment was from Kuretakeso Co., which invested ¥1.3 billion, or about Bt370 million. The money will go to the construction of a hotel in Sriracha, southeast of the capital, which will sport 107 rooms, which include six tatami-mat rooms.

    The Kuretakeso hotel is catered primarily to business travellers, and will sport meeting rooms, a fitness centre, a spa, and restaurant, even a comic book-reading space. Rooms range from Bt2,100 to 2,400.

    Fukuoka’s Kyushu Railway Co. has also partnered up with Hoosiers Asia Pacific PTE, a Singapore subsidiary of Tokyo’s Hoosiers Holdings, and Thailand’s All Inspire Development PLC, for the construction of the company’s first overseas condo complex, to be built in the Thai capital.

    There’s clearly appeal in Thai tourism, whether to a family hotel in Bangkok or to the islands around Phuket, as the UN World Tourism Organisation’s data show that foreign arrivals to Thailand managed to hit 35.38 million back in 2017, which makes the kingdom the world’s 10th most popular destination, and the 2nd in the Asia region, behind only China, which welcomed 60.74 million travellers.

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