• Is Cremation The Answer To The Rising Costs Of Cemetery Plots?

    Over the last three years, an increasing number of Pasifika are sending their deceased to the Cook Island and Samoa for burial. The number rose by 36% or from 185 to 282 because the high cost of a cemetery plot in Auckland.

    According to funeral director, FaapoLigaliga, every year the cemetery costs are rising in Auckland with the average price per burial plot at about $5,500 making it cheaper to send the deceased’s body to the islands for burial. Even if there are added costs like freight and the travel expenses for the family that wishes to accompany the funeral, it is still more affordable to hold the burial in an island.

    However, for the Pasifika, the reason is not always about cost but the connection with the land and the family that still stays in the islands.

    In the last 3 years, there were at least 98 repatriations to Rarotonga increasing by 19%. According to Robert Muriwai from South Auckland Funeral Services, he was approached by the Cooks Island government that had serious concerns regarding the growing numbers.

    A huge amount of land is being taken up by the people who want their deceased loved ones to be buried in the island. Cook Islands want a cremation service as an alternative to the traditional burial in the cemetery plot. According to Muriwai, a joint venture is being considered but it will likely require an investment of $200,000. When he returns to Rarotonga, he will hold a meeting with the government to discuss the proposal in detail.

    Cremation is now outpacing traditional burial because of the cost. Cremation is a lot cheaper than burial that requires a casket, embalmment and a cemetery plot. Cremation has become a more practical and sensible choice for families.

    When the deceased is cremated, you have the option to use an urn for the ashes or cremation jewellery. There is wide range of cremation jewellery in Perth to choose from. You can opt for a stunning ruby made from ashes or jewellerycross that allows you keep the deceased close to your heart for always.

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  • Ways To Attract More Visitors For Websites

    Web developers, both amateur and professional ones, are continuously striving to achieve one thing: to gain larger volume of visitors who will visit their website for more information on let’s say, about the various products an online store is selling. To begin with, why would you want to inform your visitors about the contents of your website? Let’s put it this way: without any useful information or any useful content for that matter, nobody would even waste their precious time and effort in even typing your website’s address in their search bar. Now, if you want your website to gain heavier volume of visitors on a consistent rate, you should attract them and not wait on them to come. In fact, it should be your responsibility as a web developer, regardless if you’re a newbie in the industry or a professional, to make sure that the website you are developing will look attractive to the visitors.

    Every web developers want to gain more and more clients who will visit their website for more information. But the question is, how are you going to do it? How are you going attract new clients into your website? To answer those nagging questions, below are some of the commonly used ways to attract more visitors for your website:

    • When you have a website, it’s recommended that you also have a blog. Now, when you are into blogging, make sure you dedicate an entire blog post to a single idea to make it easier for readers to keep up and understand. Also, the headline of a post is everything. Make sure that the headline will instantly catch the attention of the readers.
    • Free is sometimes good. The best way to attract new visitors into visiting your website on a consistent basis is to give away freebies such as free copies of your novel that you are working on.
    • Make sure that whatever you are posting on your website, they are circulating around. You can do this by connecting your website to your social media account such as Facebook. Also, do make use of your unique #hashtag.

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  • Considerations Before Buying A 12 Volt LED Strip Lighting

    Whenever you need to buy a 12 volt LED strip lighting for any purpose whether it’s to light up the side of your car or, to hype up the swimming pool in your own backyard, there are things you must consider first because even though the LED technology consumes less electricity compared to the conventional bulbs, choosing the wrong LED bulbs is extremely dangerous and it can make any house vulnerable to fire.  Below are the considerations you must remember for your own safety and for the safety of your family and properties as well:

    • First thing that you will need to consider is the kind of LED strip that your house or office needs. Keep in mind that there are four kinds of LED strips you can choose from: the DC LED Flex strips which is the perfect choice if you specifically need the 12 volt LED strip lighting; the AC LED Flex strips which are flexible and you just need to plug them into the right power outlet and they are working; the LED Rope Light which is usually encased in the standard light rope packaging; and the High Power LED strips which have rigid strips with built-in drivers and circuitry. If you are not sure which of the LED strips will be perfect for you to use, it’s recommended that you consult someone who has enough knowledge when it comes to LED technology.
    • The next thing you will need to consider is the actual length of a LED strip that you will use for example, for your awesome display cabinet which holds your collection of action figures. The length of the strip must be able to fit the dimension of the cabinet to prevent overloading.
    • Keep in mind that not all LED strips can produce the same amount of brightness. Determine how bright the LED strips will be for your home. If you install LED strips that are too bright for your cabinet, this will cause physical damage to the ones inside the cabinet over the course of time. Also, you have to decide what colour the LED strips will produce when it’s lighted up.
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  • Importance And Benefits Of Business Writing Course

    Everyone can write anything whether it’s an essay about how their day was or a reaction paper about an awesome movie they recently saw. Writing is an essential part of our life because for some, writing is their unique way of sharing their emotions, their thoughts on different aspects of life, and the point of view about, let’s say U.S. President Donald Trump. For some, writing is their major weapon especially when they are writers in a newspaper or are content writers working for a SEO company. Now, when you write because it’s your work, you have to be professional in every piece that you work on not because you are paid to do so but your reputation as a writer is always at stake, not to mention, the company you are working for. When your writing is your entire life, your business investment, taking a proper business writing course is important because it will improve your capability to properly write and gain new knowledge in terms of new trends in writing.

    When you’re a business writer, you should be extra professional because you are dealing with clients who mean serious business. Taking a good business writing course will give you significant improvements in your proficiency in the use of written English language. This will mean that readers who are reading your piece will get a pure, crisp and effective message from whatever you are writing about. Most business writers, both professional and amateur ones, spend most of the time working on emails, memorandums, business letters and others so if you wish to be a good business writer and be hired by high-paying businesses, you have to be more than perfect when being a writer. In case you are wondering what the benefits of participating in a proper business writing course are, below are some of them:

    • Learn to professionally write a business letter. You have to remember that writing a business letter isn’t the same thing when writing your love letter for your special one.
    • Develop the skills needed to write a good business letter.
    • Gain knowledge to be able to produce a clear business correspondence.
    • Understand the difference when writing for the purpose of business.
    • Improve your communication skills when dealing with business.
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  • New Zealand As A Safe Haven For The Ultra-High Net Worth Individuals

    According to a new report, New Zealand will expect a 70% increase in ultra-wealthy inhabitants over the next decade. Knight Frank, an international property consultant said that the super-rich are attracted to New Zealand’s and Australia’s interesting lifestyles and healthy economies. New Zealand is also listed as among the most favourable locations for second homes for the ultra-high net worth individuals.

    Additional factors that draw wealthy people to New Zealand and Australia include robust real estate returns, resilient stock markets and recovery in commodity markets. According to Andrew Amoils, head of Research at New World Wealth that specializes in the research of wealthy people, migration of the wealthy to the region in the future will be due to good economic fundamentals and safe haven status.

    According to Layne Harwood, country head of Knight Frank New Zealand, investments made by the ultra-rich in New Zealand has become significantly strong; however, interest levels have also increased substantially in recent years.

    High profile investors like Peter Thiel is supportive of New Zealand as an investment and lifestyle destination. Investors are not actually investing in commercial property because they prefer the rural lifestyle and working stations in areas like Queenstown. Other investment favours business and Auckland residential properties.

    At the moment, Auckland has 880 multi-millionaires with net worth exceeding $10 million. There are 310 ultra-wealthy residents with net worth of $30 million and more. It is predicted that the figures will increase to 527 by 2026. Hardwood says that ultra-high net worth individuals like New Zealand’s isolation, stable government and the above average long term economic growth.

    For the super-rich who own yachts’, New Zealand is their travel destination to gain yachting expertise. The interest of Hollywood has also been stimulated by the works of New Zealand-based directors, Sir Peter Jackson and James Cameron.

    When there is a need to ship parcels internationally, the best option is courier services in NZ because of the speed with which your parcels will be delivered. Through express courier services, international parcel deliveries occur within 1 to 5 days with fully estimated time of transit provided when you get the freight quote.

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  • Tesla Battery In Gold Coast: The Advantages

    The future of the motoring industry. Nope, we don’t have flying cars jut yet but we are almost there. The use of greener and renewable energy as alternative source of electricity is being pushed by world leaders due to the undeniable fact that climate change is already happening. The day will come when gasoline stations around the world will no longer be needed as cars will now be powered by electricity. You see, the use of fuels in cars cause cars to emit gasses that are extremely harmful to our atmosphere. And you all know that the atmosphere, that thinning line which protect us from enduring excessive rays from the sun, is already enduring damage more than we can think of. Australia for one, is already paying the consequences of irresponsible use of our planet’s natural resources and is already making the push for a complete switch to electric power usage. In fact, Tesla battery in Gold Coast is already gaining grounds because of the benefits it offers both to car owners and to the environment.

    To begin with, Tesla is first and foremost, an American company that manufactures vehicles that are powered by electricity. Although they also manufacture compact powerwall which is used to collect and store solar energy from solar panels, the primary clients of the company are car owners. Now, let’s say you’re thinking about getting yourself new car. You can get a car that is powered by a Tesla battery in Gold Coast. You see, the use of Tesla battery not just for cars but also for home usage. Now, if you are wondering about the advantages of using a Tesla battery in Gold Coast for your car, below are some of them:

    • When you have an electric car, it saves you paying expensive for fuels. Since fuel rates are up most of the time, driving an electrically-powered vehicle will give you additional money for other essentials of life.
    • Electric cars release no dangerous gas that can be harmful not just to the atmosphere but to humanity as well. These cars are proved to be environment-friendly.
    • Cars that are powered by Tesla battery are proved to be safer than those powered by fuels. This is because electric cars are programmed that whenever an accident happens, the power will be immediately cut off to prevent more serious to life and property.


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