• Tax Loophole Costing The British Millions Of Pounds In Taxes

    Majority of real estate agents use the internet for their marketing campaigns; however, there are still agents that follow the traditional way of offering properties to potential customers. Occasionally, you will find a real estate agent riding a Suzuki motorcycle to get the job efficiently. They have driven long distances on the motorcycle they got from Suzuki motorcycle dealers to search for possible leads.

    In the United Kingdom, there is no ban on foreigners owning UK property and there are no suggestions that foreign companies are doing wrong. Most of the registered foreign ownershipscan be found in residential and commercial properties. However, a major ramification may occur when the foreign owner decides to sell the property.

    There a legal loophole which means that foreign companies will not pay corporation tax when they  make money during the sale of a commercial real estate property. UK individuals and companies are required to pay the corporation tax. It is estimated that at least one third of commercial properties all over the UK are owned by offshore companies which are basically tax havens. If the legal loophole is closed, it will generate between £5 billion and £8 billion taxes for the UK every year.

    Stella Creasy, Labour and Cooperative MP for Walthamstow, is leading a campaign for the closure of the legal loophole so that foreign companies will pay taxes for the profits generated from the sale of commercial properties in the UK. She says that is unfair for UK businesses to be paying taxes while offshore companies don’t.

    The figures are actually big and the tax loophole is costing the British taxpayer billion of pounds in taxes while foreign companies can get away with massive tax-free profits. Most countries tax foreign companies on the profits they make on the sale of commercial properties but the UK government refuses because it is too complicated to introduce.

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  • The Impact Of Recycled Tyres On Sport

    If you are a sports fan, you might think that recycled tyres are only utilized in sporting venues when there are synthetic athletic tracks available. This is true that recycled tyres are employed in making synthetic tracks but it is not the only application. If you see sand or grass on the venue, don’t assume right away that they are real. As much as there are campaigns in providing budget tyres on the Gold Coast, there are also efforts in making sure that old tyres are not dumped carelessly.

    If you look at a synthetic pitch made for soccer or hockey, you might be left in awe after a closer view reveals that rubber granules from recycled tyres are used in such a sophisticated manner. This is used because of its capacity to absorb shock, it is stable and when used as a base layer it can prove to be very durable.

    Annually, Australia gathers a total of 56 million old tyres used by passenger vehicles. It is a challenge for the government to handle such a huge amount of rubber waste but it is greatly aided by rising demand for recycled rubber to be utilized in sports surfaces. Aside from the benefit it has to the environment, synthetic surfaces have also benefited the players on the field. Players expressed their contentment because it has help in their traction, the impact injuries are lower and facilities can be used no matter the weather.

    Tyre Stewardship Australia is an industry cooperative program that is supported by both the federal government and the state. It has been approved by the ACCC and works in partnership with the Local Government Authorities in campaigning the importance of the sport surface as it has helped not the just the environment but the community as well. The cooperative is working to conduct research in order to improve their current products.

    Aside from the sport surfaces, rubber granules are also combined with coarse river sand to be used in arenas. Hopefully once the budget tyres on the Gold Coast are ready to be dispose, it can be used in useful projects such as this.

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  • What To Consider For Commercial Office Furniture And Space?

    Have you seen my commercial office furniture – it isprobably a space like what you have seen ten years ago. The current trends of office desk can be anywhere. You have wireless technology, new demands for amenities, and flexible workspaces ever modifying the ways companies handle office spaces. Contemporary companies prefer a friendlier, vivacious work community thatare featured in the best office design trends of 2017.

    Hot Desking

    You may be working for more than eight hours a day in your new office environment. Today’s workers require more convenient workspaces like having a coffee shop or café. You may want to add huge tablesfor co-working and cosy chairs for friendly discussions.

    Adaptable Office Furniture

    A workspace can entail a huge expense and companies don’t’ want to waste on it. Businesses have settled for nice commercial office furniture arrangements. Employees want to create a huge collaborative space than preferring to work alone. The trend will continue if you choose those that can be locked, are portable and can be used differently.

    New Office Convenience

    An employee’s disposition prefers a work environment with vigorous personality. Today, you hardly see them wearing coat and tie. Employee benefits can include retirement and health care for anexciting atmosphere. This could mean you can bring pets or do some fitness or workouts in the office.

    Environmental-Friendly Work Space

    An office space is now helping out to save the environment.Today, workers prefer a nice ambiance of indoor aquariums and orange groves. More spaces are now dedicated to utilizing living plants rather thanusing plastic for enhancements of indoor air quality. They also prefer natural light in the design space.

    Employee Well Being

    The current generation of employees have turned to be more conscious about their health and the dangers of working long hours in the office. It will continue to be trending if the workplace includes their wellness. Some offices utilize smart lighting, stability ball chairs, and standing desks.

    A beautiful workplace has been considered a tool to hiring and keeping top quality workers. When you choose a smart commercial office furniture design, you perk your employees to the amenity aside from providing other benefits.

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  • Commercial Real Estate Sector Unscathed By Republican Tax Rewrite

    The EIN Number also called Tax ID is an employer identification number required for businesses. For those who find it daunting to apply for Tax ID through the IRS website has the option of online resources that provides unique features and services. It can take time to locate the Tax ID application from the IRS website but Zoom Filings is prepared to assist to get the job done faster and more efficiently.

    The commercial real estate sector has emerged unscathed from the Republican tax rewrite. For months, the industry of commercial real estate development has been seriously concerned with the tax plan that is in the works. There are fears that the tax plan may make it more difficult or expensive to take out huge bank loans. There is also the possibility for the tax plan to damage demand in the property market.

    However, if the tax plan that was unveiled this week by the House Republicans was to be the basis, the industry has little to worry about. According to Thomas Bisacquino, president of NAIOP, a commercial real estate development group, the industry was left as a whole and the old provisions will still work.

    Real estate developers were rather fearful of the special tax treatment of “carried interest” fees that are taxed as capital gains instead of income. If there will be an amendment the developers may no longer be able to deduct any interest expenses from their taxable profits. There were also certain concerns that exchanges of commercial property that currently enjoys tax deferral could face immediate taxation.

    Developers are thankful because the bill did not include changes to the industry. Taxes have a big effect on the industry. In 1991, a tax overhaul was responsible for sinking prices of commercial real estate. It also ushered in an economic downturn.

    Even real estate developers are required to obtain Tax ID before they can proceed with business activities. For a more simplified and efficient process, a better option is Zoom Filings that provides an easy one-page form which will allow a business to apply for Tax ID within a few minutes without any hassle.

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  • Wall Art That Lives Now Being Offered By Famous Retailers In Maui

    Studies recently conducted on people living in close proximity to green vegetation shows that people who can spend at least four hours a day with plants in the room will be able to be more productive and stress free. These are scientific studies done on the amount of oxygen required by human beings to sustain happy and stress-free lives. The most apparent ways to increase the presence around plants is to place these plants in close proximity like in rooms or in nearby open courtyards. But now a Maui based company, Green Wall designs is taking this to the next level by advocating and selling “works of living art” that can be “hung up” on walls.

    This company was founded by three entrepreneurs from Maui itself and are the certified exclusive distributors for the Mobilane green wall systems. These systems have been patented in the Hawaii area. What’s special about these Mobilane systems is that the plants are grown in the wall itself, and give the appearance of wall art.

    These Mobilane systems actually originate in the Netherlands and have been perfected for nearly 20 years before making their way to the Hawaii islands. It is a patented system that allows people to create vertical gardens similar the vertical jungle that is going to take centre stage soon in one of China’s crowded cities. These vertical gardens can be placed within the walls of a house or business as wall art and are generally built in such a way that they are easy to install and maintain. The key features of these systems is that they have irrigation systems that allow them to water the plants for about four weeks before having the reservoirs changed or refilled with water.

    The systems that are placed indoors have another benefit, and that is they do not need to be hooked up to a wall socket to facilitate the irrigation process. They are completely self-sustaining. In this new age where climate awareness is becoming real and more people are accepting the fact that humans are ruining their world, this is a brilliant way to show that one cares about the environment and is willing to take steps to protect it.

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  • Is Australia’s Record Housing Boom Finally Over?

    Real estate accounting can be rather complex if you are managing properties for a client because you are dealing with large amounts of money on a regular basis. Well managed accounting system can make all the difference. Mistakes or erroneous entries could cost the client a lot of money. For an accountant working in the real estate industry, chartered accountant insurance is very important to cover professional risks.

    According to a global investment bank, Australia’s world record housing boom is officially over. Home prices in Sydney have fallen for the second month in a row. UBS economists informed their clients that a persistent and sharp slowdown is unfolding to end 55 years of unprecedented growth that resulted into home values soaring by as much as 6500%.

    In capital cities, home prices have continued to slow down on a quarterly basis. Everything is being weighed down by lending requirements that have tightened for property investors and banks raising home loan rates. Based on figures from property data group Carelogic, in Sydney, home prices fell by 0.6% over the quarter and down by 0.5% over the month.

    In Melbourne, market prices have remained resilient with home prices up by 0.5% for the month but for Darwin and Perth, home prices were down by 4.4% and 0.7% respectively over the last quarter. Home prices have remained flat nationally over the month but edged up by 0.4% over the last 3 months to October 31.

    UBS was previously cautious of the property market and has made the forecast that Australia’s annual home price growth will moderate from the solid double digits to 7% by January 2017. UBS also predicted that prices will fall further by 0.3% in 2018. The cooling is happening more quickly than expected with the recent weakness in auction clearance rates and the anaemic growth over the last 5 months.

    One of the important aspects in risk management is chartered accountant insurance to provide protection against professional risks. Even with the minimum required insurance for accounting professionals, there are other unique risks that be encountered which require additional coverage that best suits the needs.

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