Optometrists Warn About Shopping For Glasses Online

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Many consumers, according to an eye doctor in Sutherland, are buying their eyeglasses from online retailers. One consumer said that she has purchased new glasses a few times within months only because it is easily damaged yet she keeps from buying from the same online retailer because the price is much lower.

She admitted that she prefers to buy online when it comes to glasses for her kids because they are soon going to grow out of it and she views this method as cost-effective. There is an increasing number of parents that are buying more and more from online shops and even the general number of consumers purchasing online is increasing. The prices of eyeglasses from online shops are much cheaper compared to traditional boutiques and optometrists’ clinic where a pair of prescription glasses can cost hundreds of dollars.

Data revealed that the number of glasses purchased online only constitutes a small percentage, between 4 and 10 per cent, but the sales are increasing as more and more consumers are gaining awareness of this new purchasing method. Statistics showed that from 2007 until 2017, there is an increase of 600 per cent in the number of prescription glasses sold by shop online. The numbers are released by The Vision Council which is an eyewear group in the industry. This percentage resulted to sales worth $600 million in total.

In Chicago, there is an increased awareness after Zenni signed a deal with Chicago Bulls to have their logo printed on the jerseys of the players. The reason why online retailers are able to sell glasses with very low prices is because they are only selling their own brands.

Local optometrists said that they are not affected by online competition yet. For eye doctors, their total revenue comes from the eyewear sales which are between one-fourth and one-half of the total sales. They sent a warning though when it comes to consumers purchasing online because not everyone might be suitable for such glasses. For people suffering with severe eye problems, an eye doctor in Sutherland advised that they should purchase from an optometrist because they need accurate lenses to prevent damaging their eyesight even more.