New Order Aims To Regulate Illegal Hotels


There are many legally operating hotels and serviced apartment in Bangkok but there are also those that continue to operate despite the lack of legal papers and authorization from the government. This is why the Prime Minister of Thailand, Prayut Chan-o-cha has decided to use the section 44 in order to exercise his power in terms of putting a stop to over 20,000 hotel establishments and accommodations that are operating illegally all over the country. This way, the state will have more control over them as they are regulated and this will ensure the safety of all the guests visiting the country.

Due to his authority as the National Council for Peace and Order chief, the Prime Minister was able to execute the order. The main goal of the execution is to legalize all accommodation services that have been noted to have violations when it comes to the laws of city planning, hotel business, land use and building control.

According to the order, many citizens are leasing their apartments, houses and buildings as if these were hotels when they do not have the permission or the appropriate management required by the law. The order revealed that thousands of these types of businesses are operating illegally all over the country and they are spread out in over 50 provinces of Thailand.

Owners of such businesses should go to their nearest local officials immediately if they know they are operating legally so they can be assisted to make their operations legal. The order highlights the importance of all hotel establishments following regulations in order to prevent fires from happening.

With this regard, a hotel must have a fire extinguisher installed with 200 square meters interval. Every floor must have a minimum of two fire extinguishers. These should be hand-held for ease of transport and use.

Once the Royal Gazette has published the announcement of the order, the hotel must follow within 90 days in order to avoid being reprimanded. Guests are more likely to book hotels and serviced apartment in Bangkok if they know the establishment is safe and legally operating.