Japanese Hotel Brands Upping Thai Investment


There’s many a family hotel in Bangkok, and the Japanese see the appeal in them. Japanese hotel operators are increasing their investment in Thailand, competing for market shares in major tourism names like Marriott, and Accor, and hoping to be the people who can claim their stake on the country’s tourism industry, which has a lot of demand for high-end accommodation, which has only gone up recently.

There were several major investments, from several Japanese businesses.

Okura Nikko Hotel Management Co. was one of the major investors, revealing their plan to set up another hotel in Thailand. This would their third property in the country, and is set to open around 2021, and will follow the opening of the Hotel Nikko Bangkok in January. This new property, like its cousin, will have amenities including, but are not limited to, bathrooms sporting shower toilets, a luxury Japanese restaurant, and an outdoor swimming pool.

Hotel Nikko Bangkok, which has the minimum rate sitting at Bt4,500/night, stated that they’re expecting that most of their guests will be Japanese; about 55%. The company that operates the Nikko is also the same company, based in Tokyo, which runs the Okura Prestige Bangkok.

Another major investment was from Kuretakeso Co., which invested ¥1.3 billion, or about Bt370 million. The money will go to the construction of a hotel in Sriracha, southeast of the capital, which will sport 107 rooms, which include six tatami-mat rooms.

The Kuretakeso hotel is catered primarily to business travellers, and will sport meeting rooms, a fitness centre, a spa, and restaurant, even a comic book-reading space. Rooms range from Bt2,100 to 2,400.

Fukuoka’s Kyushu Railway Co. has also partnered up with Hoosiers Asia Pacific PTE, a Singapore subsidiary of Tokyo’s Hoosiers Holdings, and Thailand’s All Inspire Development PLC, for the construction of the company’s first overseas condo complex, to be built in the Thai capital.

There’s clearly appeal in Thai tourism, whether to a family hotel in Bangkok or to the islands around Phuket, as the UN World Tourism Organisation’s data show that foreign arrivals to Thailand managed to hit 35.38 million back in 2017, which makes the kingdom the world’s 10th most popular destination, and the 2nd in the Asia region, behind only China, which welcomed 60.74 million travellers.