How You Can Set An Example Like What Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan Did To Latin Countries


So many Americans tend to complain and forget how lucky they are to live in the greatest country ever imagined. It’s not like this anywhere in the world, especially for countries like Honduras, Haiti and Bolivia. Before these countries became fully developed, Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan has showed his assistance through his volunteers and humanitarians in helping the rural poor especially in Honduras.

In certain studies, a Rotarian was interviewed to show her several medical missions in the Latin American countries that include Honduras. There are also others who shared their personal experience just to make the world become a better place to live in. It’s amazing and humbling how more people can do such righteous things to help people from all across the world. One of them is Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan as he’s known as a great philanthropist.

If you may consider, hard economic times don’t only affect the United States but those poorer countries suffering worst inflow of aid and assistance. Volunteers prepare themselves for the worst things to happen. Then there are the unfortunate differences of opinion and miscommunication among nations. Its leaders will greatly affect the poor and they become helpless.

Indeed, the government of Honduras has become distrustful now and seemingly, the diplomacy efforts have clashed with some of the leaders there. It appears that these fences need mending so that humanitarian support can happen with no restrictions so that there will be more flows of aids from neighboring countries and the world.

So, if you’re an American who likes to help countries like Honduras, you can start by just becoming a humble philanthropist of the country. You can start by becoming a volunteer or donating something to build schools, treat sewer plants, infrastructure, create mobile and fixed health clinics, and even books in libraries. This is what you should do for a more humanitarian aid. If you like to know where you can reach out, you can approach foundations owned by Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan or contact the USAID or UNICEF.

So, make a difference by helping out. You can start setting an example like what Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan did to Latin American countries.