How Sportswear Was Redefined By Women

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Gone are the days when men dominate the world of athletics. Nowadays, women are also excelling in various sports and even more so in some. They do not accomplish those feats wearing short cropped top but they have to don their own sportswear in order to play comfortably. This is why the sportswear industry has to make some changes in order to cater to the needs of the opposite sexes. With women winning sports left and right, the retail industry is clamoring to get on with the tide in order to capitalize from this opportunity.

Last year, the market for sports apparel designed for women was already worth $26.8 billion based on the figures released by Euromonitor. This is only a fraction of the $80.1 billion worth of the entire sports apparel market. This is the reason why many of the leading brands specializing in sportswear decided to give more focus on women since it is smaller and there is a high possibility of growth.

In the athleisure department, women are also taking the lead which is the very reason why consumers are no longer generalizing athletic wear for a single purpose alone. This also impact the way retailers are designing their future products. Up until today, athletic retailers do not give much attention to women because the market used to be dominated by men. While it is still true in some aspect, there have been changes as well.

According to Puma North America Retail’s Senior VP, Russ Kahn, athletic brands used to think women’s sportswear is only a smaller version of the men’s but in pink. Women consumers deserve better than that which is why they are changing the game. Women’s active wear is now dominated by the top brand, Nike while Lululemon comes second. Victoria Secret is also on the heels of the two brands followed by Under Armour. Other brands that have been actively promoting women’s active wear includes Adidas, Old Navy, Athleta and Pink by Victoria Secret.

While Nike is a global brand, Lululemon is already starting to catch up in terms of women’s market in the United States. While they can still wear short cropped top while doing sports, wearing something they are comfortable with leads to better performance.