How Is Floor Sanding In Sydney Done And How Much?


If your timber flooring is getting duller each day, you can try floor sanding in Sydney to create a better look and improve its durability and longevity. The first question which pops up to one’s mind is to know how much the project will cost. In this article, we cover the basics to help you compute the real price for this project.

Types of Timber Flooring

Timber flooring can come in various types, which include:

  • Structural timber flooring, which is laid on joists and bearers. It’s what you find on older houses like Victorian terraces and workers cottages. It’s also known as tongue and groove flooring, which they interlock once laid. You actually nail down the timber flooring.
  • Floating timber floors, which are laid over an existing floor. It comprises layers of real timber using backing and foam acoustic underlay.
  • Parquetry is a patterned selection of timber dowels which are stuck to the floor and coated. It is laid in a variety of patterns like square-on-square, herringbone and basket weave.

How to Sand a Timber Floor?

The floor sanding in Sydney can apply the process to most solid timber floors. They are also sealed and polished depending on the care instruction, which can vary depending on the type of timber used. Bamboo, timber parquetry and floating timber floors can be sanded, depending on how they were manufactured.  But if you have vinyl, laminate and other photo realistic flooring, you can’t possibly sand or resurfaced the flooring.  So, check out with your service provider on what types of flooring you can sand.

How Much Does this Service Cost?

If you have timber floor sanding for your real estate property, it is usually pricedper square metre, which can vary between $30 to $60. The polyurethane and stain sealer are not included; hence you need to add another $8 to $15 with the cost. If the flooring is in poor condition, the price can get higher, especially that it will need more prep work before the floor sanding in Sydney is done. It applies for timber floors that have protruding nails and need to be punched.

So, get quotes from multiple providers and compare the prices and features to obtain the best price. Also understand how they are applied!