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Optometrists Warn About Shopping For Glasses Online

Many consumers, according to an eye doctor in Sutherland, are buying their eyeglasses from online retailers. One consumer said that she has purchased new glasses a few times within months only because it is easily damaged yet she keeps from buying from the same online retailer because the price is much lower.

She admitted that she prefers to buy online when it comes to glasses for her kids because they are soon going to grow out of it and she views this method as cost-effective. There is an increasing number of parents that are buying more and more from online shops and even the general number of consumers purchasing online is increasing. The prices of eyeglasses from online shops are much cheaper compared to traditional boutiques and optometrists’ clinic where a pair of prescription glasses can cost hundreds of dollars.

Data revealed that the number of glasses purchased online only constitutes a small percentage, between 4 and 10 per cent, but the sales are increasing as more and more consumers are gaining awareness of this new purchasing method. Statistics showed that from 2007 until 2017, there is an increase of 600 per cent in the number of prescription glasses sold by shop online. The numbers are released by The Vision Council which is an eyewear group in the industry. This percentage resulted to sales worth $600 million in total.

In Chicago, there is an increased awareness after Zenni signed a deal with Chicago Bulls to have their logo printed on the jerseys of the players. The reason why online retailers are able to sell glasses with very low prices is because they are only selling their own brands.

Local optometrists said that they are not affected by online competition yet. For eye doctors, their total revenue comes from the eyewear sales which are between one-fourth and one-half of the total sales. They sent a warning though when it comes to consumers purchasing online because not everyone might be suitable for such glasses. For people suffering with severe eye problems, an eye doctor in Sutherland advised that they should purchase from an optometrist because they need accurate lenses to prevent damaging their eyesight even more.

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Why You Should Go For Similan Islands Diving

The Similan Islands are a wonderful archipelago located in the Andaman Sea, about 100-kilometres north from Phuket. These small islands are breathtaking that all you need is some snapshots to reminisce memories here. Most people come here on a day trip tour, but it’s highly suggested to try liveaboards as it’s cheaper. Spend around two to four days to experience Similan islands diving and you’ll enjoy it. The trip is faraway from Phuket, so travel at night and when you wake up, enjoy the daytime by diving.

To get to the Similan islands, you’ll need to book a tour that takes you first to a snorkelling experience. Then you’ll head to the main island where you can dine in a restaurant and be accommodated in hospitable hotels. Try not to deal with the cheapest speedboat unless you’re on a tight budget. You’ll be worried too much if you travel with limited space. If you’re a professional diver, there are many dive centres to check out and book for a day trip to Khao Lak. Or you’ll prefer the liveaboard cruise to have a great Similan islands diving experience.

What to Remember So You Won’t Get in Trouble

The Thai government takes care of the national parks found in the Similan islands. They inform people to preserve and handle it well. As a ruling, tourists and divers visiting Similan for diving are not allowed to feed the fishes, no matter how they swarm around and beg for food. They are also not allowed to pick any coral or sea life. And lastly, if they come across a coral, they need to swim above and not walk on it.

Staying over the Similan

You’ll find a hard time booking an accommodation here, especially that they are limited in this area. However, after the Similan islands diving, you can spend the night and rent a small tent or air-conditioned bungalow. The latter is more comfortable as you’re provided with your own bathroom with shower. You also get a sea view from the balcony and lots of fresh air. Be here between October till May as scuba diving is closed the rest of the year due to bad weather conditions.

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Four Common Foot Problems Treated By Podiatrists

Feet are the most neglected part of human body. Most of us do not give them the importance, they owe. Though feet are the vital organs that aid in our mobility, they are also the most neglected. Most of us do not even think of the feet and ankles until we experience pain or problem in mobility.

It is advisable to check the feet regularly and maintain good foot hygiene to provide a healthy base to our body. Consult an experienced podiatrist in Bankstown, if you notice any irritation, swelling or uncommon dryness on the feet.

Here is a list of some of the common foot problems which can be treated by podiatrist in Bankstown using medication and surgeries.

  1. Fungal infections – Fungal infections and bacterial infections are caused because of the damp and warm conditions. Blisters, redness of the skin and irritation are common signs of fungal and bacterial infections. These infections should be immediately treated by an experienced podiatrist in Bankstown, to prevent them from turning chronic. It is recommended to keep the foot dry and expose them to air regularly to keep fungal and bacterial infection at bay.
  2. Corns and callouses – They are caused due to the friction and pressure. It is advisable to consult a reputed podiatrist in Bankstown immediately, if you notice any corns and callouses on the feet. They are the best persons who can diagnose the cause of these conditions and prescribe proper medication to treat the issue. Do not treat corns and calluses with over the counter medication as it provides temporary relief but does not cure the problem.
  3. Warts – viruses cause warts on the feet. Warts are sometimes pain less while some are painful. Warts spread all over the feet when they are left untreated. Consult an experienced podiatrist to get proper treatment for the warts. These professionals can prescribe medicines to treat the warts or remove them through surgical procedures.
  4. In-grown toenails – This is the most common foot problem faced by most of us. A part of the nail grows inside the skin and causes severe pain. This mainly occurs due to improper trimming of toenails. A podiatrist in Bankstown, can treat in-grown toe nails by surgically removing the nail that is breaking the skin and causing pain.


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A Look At Some Of Japanese Restaurants In Bangkok

Alongside the tourism scene, the Japanese cuisine in Bangkok also grew, with the scene bigger than better than ever before. It won’t take much work to find a Japanese restaurant when you’re roaming through Silom or Sukhumvit Road, with even quite a fair amount of the hotels in the capital have fine  Japanese restaurants.

If you’re looking to enjoy good Japanese cuisine in Bangkok, here’s a few recommendations.

Ginza Sushi Ichi
Tue – Sat : 12-2.30pm, 6-11pm; Sun : 12-2.30pm, 6-10pm
LG/F, Erawan Bangkok 494 Phloenchit Road

A recent entry into the scene of Japanese cuisine in Bangkok, the Ginza Sushi-Ichi opened at Grand Hyatt Erawan only opened in 2017, but already has a reputation as one of the of the best sushi places in the capital. Affiliated with its namesake, the original Michelin Star restaurant in Ginza, Tokyo. You’ll need to book in advance and break out your credit card, with the chef sets starting at Bt4,000, made from fresh products from Tokyo’s Tsukiji Market.

Daily: 11.00-14.30; 17.30-22
Sukhumvit 31

One would not think that a nondescript shop house on Sukhumvit 31, one among many, would hold one of the more popular Japanese restaurants in Bangkok. Located just a short walk from Phrom Phong BTS, this place is usually packed, thanks in no small part to their signatures, like the ‘Volcano’ dish, which is baked scallop in cream sauce served in its shell, designed like an overflowing volcano, among others.

Maru Kaiseki
Daily: 17-24
95/5-6 Thonglor Soi 3

For those looking for sashimi in the most authentic Japanese settings, this restaurant, located on Soi 3, offers fresh sashimi flown in from Tokyo’s Tsukiji Fish Market. This restaurant offers melt-in-your-mouth goodness for a cost, popular with Japanese businessmen, enjoying freshwater unagi eel and otoro tuna, though there are relatively wallet-friendly set meals available from 17-19.

Daily Lunch: 12-15, Daily Dinner: 18-23
G/F, 159 Ratchadamri Road

Located within the St. Regis Hotel on Langsuan, though counted as a separate property, Zuma has remained as one of the most discussed and popular Japanese restaurant in Bangkok ever since it opened its doors. There’s a sushi counter,  as well as dishes like robata yaki for meat lovers. Located in an exclusive location, with flamboyant service, this place isn’t the cheapest, being a strictly fine-dining eatery.


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New York Couple’s Horrifying Divorce Ordeal

When a couple with loaded real estate gets a divorce, it will either go smoothly or terribly wrong. The latter is currently happening with a rich New York couple who decided it is time to go their separate ways. Before divorcing, these couples usually consult therapists such as Patrick Mahony to get to the bottom of their individual issues and if nothing comes out of it then it is better to separate in good terms.

The couple, Robyn and Dean Billings, own one of the most expensive and luxurious real estate property in Staten Island. Inside their home is a garage that houses their Ferraris – one for each of them and even their koi pond in the backyard has its own caretaker. As they process their divorce, one can already tell that the battle is going to be an expensive one.

Aside from their Todt Hill mansion which costs multimillion of dollars, the two are also fighting who gets to have their multiple bank accounts, their luxury vehicles as well as who gets to pay all of their employees including the tuition fees of their children who are currently enrolled in private schools.

According to 48-year-old Robyn, his husband took the lifestyle she is used to and is purposely showing her that he has been spending it with other women. She added that the life she has known with him and that of their children has been one big lie.

She is claiming that her husband Dean who owns a pesticide empire is not paying their bills nor is he paying the tuition fees of their children. Dean is now living in Battery Park City and takes a trip to Miami twice a month where he rents yachts and uses all their money in strip clubs.

She believes that her husband needs to talk to a therapist like Patrick Mahony to get to the bottom of his issues before they can move on from this tragedy. Their marital estate is now dwindling and he has been spending a lot of money renting luxury real estate to house his girlfriends. Now they may have to put to sale their $6.3 million property in order to balance their finances.

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Checking For Credible Boiler Providers

Are you finding out the overall cost of moving a boiler to a new location? It calls for no problem as you can easily know the expected cost of boiler relocation and how few things can affect their price. Before we begin, you may need to check possible engineers who can do the move while you visit them today at their office.

How Much to Move a Boiler?

Expect to pay around £350-750 for a boiler to be move to a different location. The move will include parts and labor. The fees to pay for a couple of feet is £350, for an average move is £500, and if it involves more pipework, it’s £750.

What Affects the Cost of the Boiler Move

  • The Time Taken and Materials Used

It is obvious to have a higher price when you move a boiler to a different location with more time spent and more materials used. The cheapest cost to ever make is moving the boiler for few feet. But more people insist that the boiler be moved upstairs, downstairs, into the loft, the garage, in another room or the extensions.

  • More Pipework Needed

Boilers use copper for their pipework and therefore it isn’t really that cheap. If the gas fitter uses more copper, then the higher the cost will be for moving the boiler. You’re not only paying for the expenses of the copper but the gas fitter’s time as well.

  • Additional Flues and Extensions Required

You will need a different flue if you want to move the boiler to the loft, even if there’s an existing flue on the side of the wall. What you’ll need is a vertical flue with one or two extensions to penetrate the roof. If you had to buy vertical flues, it will cost you £100 with extensions amounting to £45-55.

  • Moving an Older Boiler or Replacing with a New One

If you were to spend £500 for moving a boiler, consider a replacement. If your boiler has been used for many years, you need to replace it and save costs on repairs. Just add extra pounds and consider a warranty when buying one. You definitely save money on bills especially if it’s subject to more repairs. Check for possible boiler providers and visit them today.


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