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High Demand For Industrial Real Estate In Metro Vancouver

In the real estate industry, there are days when a real estate agent has to show clients new properties, attend morning meeting at the office to follow up on contracts and be present at a luncheon date with a fellow agent. Yes, indeed, even real estate agents need proper time management strategies to ensure that their day is organized and productive.

According to Ryan Beedie, president of Beedie Development Corp the current industrial real estate market is so far the strongest that the veteran company has ever experienced. Only 2% of Metro Vancouver’s approximately 200 million square feet of industrial space is vacant. This is the tightest in Canada’s industrial market which is marked by soaring prices and the fast take-up of industrial developments.

The largest of the sevenindustrial projects in Delta is now underway with the first phase of Delta Link Business Park already 70% leased or sold. Beedie’s Delta Link Business Park has started last week with a 2-phase 533,765 square foot development in the Tilbury area. The development will cover more than 1 million square feet that will be occupied by 7 buildings.

At present, Delta dominates the Metro’s industrial landscape. Fraser Valley has 27.1 million square feet of industrial space with 3.4% vacancy rate. About 1.3 million square feet is now under construction. There is strong demand for industrial space from distribution and logistics space. One example is BC Liquor Distribution Branch that has leased 412,000 square feet at Delta Tilbury’s Industrial Park.

At the Delta Link Business Park, the newest tenants include Leon’s Furniture that leased 434,000 square feet of industrial space, Swiss Water Decaffeinated Coffee Co and North Delta Seafoods. However, when demand is high, prices of industrial space certainly go up. According to results of a study made by Vancouver Real Estate Forum in April price per acre of Metro Vancouver industrial real estate has accelerated to $1.4 million up from $1 million 2 years ago.

For a real estate agent, time is always a priority but it is also important to focus on being productive instead of being busy. There are time management strategies that will help a real estate agent to be organized and more efficient.

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Tips In Choosing Seaboard Properties

There are numerous properties that you can find at Seaboard Properties and other property sites. However, not all properties are suited for you. There are those that may be attractive but the costs may be too high or it may be affordable but it doesn’t have adequate facilities for you. However, if you research more and be more meticulous with your search, you just might find the right property for you. Here are some tips to help you find the right property.

Do you have the budget?

Even if the house seems too perfect for you, you just cannot have it because it is too expensive for you. To avoid getting disappointed, decide whether you are going to rent a house or buy it then set a budget for the property. There are numerous factors that determine the price of a property. Some of the major considerations are the location, accessibility, amenities and type of property. If your budget is lower than what is offered in the market, choose a property with basic amenities or one that is located outside the commercial district.

Where is it located?

The location of Seaboard Properties will also determine its property value. As much as possible, choose a property that is in close proximity to your office, your kids’ school, commercial centers, parks, hospitals and other important social amenities. Living in a property outside the city may be cheaper but if it the transportation costs would be higher than the difference of rental costs, then it would be wiser to opt for the property within the city. At the end of the day, you know what is best for you and where you can lower your overall expenses

Does it have the right facilities?

Seaboard Properties with more high-end facilities such as a swimming pool, car parks, a breathtaking mountain or sea view with a balcony or terrace are naturally more expensive than basic houses. If you are working on a budget, choose a property that is cheaper and with basic amenities so long as it is comfortable and accessible. Research on property sites to view more options.

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Sydney Suburbs Rise In Pricing

With the state of real estate being what it is in Australia, prices for home related services are rising. If you’re wondering why those Sydney roof repairs cost so much, it may be due to the fact that the price of housing itself is increasing.

According to data released by CoreLogic Inc, a financial services company based in Irvine, California, the median price of a Sydney home dwells at around an average of $850,000, with Melbourne’s median price of $640,000 trailing a distant second with a difference just over $200,000.

For those wondering, the median is a type of average commonly encountered in statistics. The three most common are:

  • This is the average generally referred to when the term is used in common parlance, it is derived by the division of the total values of all samples.
  • The value that sits precisely at the middle, if one were to order them in from smallest to largest.
  • The value with the highest frequency.

According to CoreLogic’s research head, Tim Lawless, Sydney prices were incrementing. In the first month of the year, the increase was valued at 1 percent, with a cumulative increase over the quarter measuring about 2.7 percent.

Mr. Lawless states that Sydney is notable due to the fact that it posted the highest increase in annual capital. According to him, the values of housing in Sydney increased by 16 percent over a time span of 12 months, which was the highest growth rate recorded since the 12-month period that ended in 2015, at September. Mr. Lawless has added that after the June of 2012, a growth cycle has been noted, and that since that year, dwelling values in Sydney have recorded a cumulative increase totalling to 70.5 percent.

CoreLogic has stated that, based on their data, they believe that the growth trend will continue, but will likely slow down a bit, with affordability becoming a more important concern in Sydney.

If the current pricing is any indication, the cost of those Sydney roof repairs are going to be the least of people’s worries.

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New Avenue Booming With EGP 1.71 Billion Worth Of Deals

New Avenue Real Estate is a real estate marketing firm located in Egypt. It has recently closed an exclusive deal in the real estate market regarding Alstom Egypt’s need for a new administrative headquarters. Alstom Egypt is known to be a big company that specializes in projects regarding the transport of energy.

Their new administrative headquarters is located within the Cairo Festival City with a land area of 3,500 square meters. It is in Fifth Settlement and the rental costs is said to be at EGP 55 million in a five year contract.

According to the chairperson of New Avenue, Ahmed El-Dessouky, transactions such as the one they recently made is a proof that the demand real estate services catered for big international firms is rising once more. This is true especially in the case of administrative buildings. The decline in demand was due to the state of politics and security in last few years leading to companies’ reluctance in leasing headquarters or office buildings under the Egyptian real estate market.

El-Dessouky also said that the firm was able to make a lease deal for Alstom Egypt and they now have a new administrative headquarter which is under a five-year contract worth 1 million every year in Egypt pound.

In the last year, investors together with company owners were more flexible in terms of decreasing the price of the lease based on every square meter for administrative properties. This is to help in the recession and to encourage more investments.

He also shared that in terms of continuing the said policies, the demand for real estate used by offices will returns to its previous rates in 2010. This is in an attempt to help in the recovery of the real estate market.

The company of El-Dessouky has a goal of expanding business as well as contracts with some of the biggest names in real estate development in order to market for their projects which will come out in the next phase. Their company is expecting to have around 100 companies to be marketed such as Palm Hills, Sodic, Emaar, Mountain View and many others. If you are looking for a reliable real estate developer in Australia, send a message to

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Government Schemes To Boost First Home Buyers

First home buyers in New Zealand recently gained a boost from the government itself through the KiwiSaver scheme. Buyers who are looking for a first home will be allowed to search for a property within a more realistic price range through KiwiSaver. The scheme’s goal is to help first home buyers to put together their resources for a deposit with a grant of $10,000 for an existing home and $20,000 for a new home. For a couple who wants to use KiwiSaver, income caps will increase from $100,000 to $120,000 while for singles the income caps will increase to $85,000 from the previous $80,000.

The adjustments in income and home price caps through KiwiSaver will help the middle income earners in realizing their dream of owning a modest home. The same adjustments will apply to Welcome Home loan schemes that allow first home buyers to purchase a home with 10% deposit with exemptions from loan-to-value ratio limits from the Reserve Bank. Couples with a average income of $60,000 will be able to withdraw $45,000 from their KiwiSaver accounts and obtain a HomeStart grant of $20,000 to buy a new build after 5 years in KiwiSaver. With a $65,000 deposit, the couple will be eligible for the Welcome Home Loan that requires a 10% deposit and obtain a new home with a value of up to $650,000.

Because of the recent developments, first home buyers are favored over investors in the housing market. The two government programs will ensure that first home buyers will be given cash grants for their deposits. On the other hand, the loan-to-value ratio changes of the Reserve Bank will make things more difficult for low equity housing investors. The crack down on speculators will mean more affordable homes for first home buyers.

Through first homeowners centre, first home buyers will gain a different experience with their first home. A huge range of home designs are available through the centre so that clients can make a choice for the home of their dreams. The centre is also very transparent with information so that the first home buyer will gain the best value from the money invested.

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The Benefits Of Home Automation Systems

It’s inspiring how some of the things that people deemed impossible before are now possible today. People have always had an imaginative concept of the future. From hover boards, to jetpacks and even space travel, but while those things are still beyond human reach, home automation however, is now possible. Maybe it is true what Napoleon Hill had said, that “whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”

Before, the ability to control the functions of the house was just a concept of the human mind but now, it is not only achievable but already happening in this age. You may not even realize it but you probably already have some components of home automation systems at home. If you still don’t know what home automation is, you should know that it would allow you to access and even control the functions of your house such as its systems and even your appliances with just a mere remote, or a tap on a screen. Home automation has many different components such as home HVAC automation, automated alarm system and more.

Home automation systems can provide you with numerous benefits.

  1. The best thing about home automation is that it grants you control and access over your house with being even be there. You’ll be able to arm or disarm your alarm system with just a click of a button or even mediocre commands such as turning the lights on and off.
  2. Home automation and connected devices and systems are energy efficient and would thus cut down on energy use.
  3. The security capabilities of home automation are wide and extensive. You can choose from a number of components such as Wi-Fi enabled cameras, smoke alarms, motion sensors and more.
  4. There are smart detectors that would be able to detect carbon monoxide, water leaks, motion and even heat which can prevent serious accidents or unfortunate circumstances.
  5. Senior Friendly. Even the elderly won’t have a problem with home automation systems as it also includes voice-activated features that would grant senior citizens independence. Also, children and the elderly can be monitored using two-way communication and cameras which can be installed inside the house.
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