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Considerations Before Buying A 12 Volt LED Strip Lighting

Whenever you need to buy a 12 volt LED strip lighting for any purpose whether it’s to light up the side of your car or, to hype up the swimming pool in your own backyard, there are things you must consider first because even though the LED technology consumes less electricity compared to the conventional bulbs, choosing the wrong LED bulbs is extremely dangerous and it can make any house vulnerable to fire.  Below are the considerations you must remember for your own safety and for the safety of your family and properties as well:

  • First thing that you will need to consider is the kind of LED strip that your house or office needs. Keep in mind that there are four kinds of LED strips you can choose from: the DC LED Flex strips which is the perfect choice if you specifically need the 12 volt LED strip lighting; the AC LED Flex strips which are flexible and you just need to plug them into the right power outlet and they are working; the LED Rope Light which is usually encased in the standard light rope packaging; and the High Power LED strips which have rigid strips with built-in drivers and circuitry. If you are not sure which of the LED strips will be perfect for you to use, it’s recommended that you consult someone who has enough knowledge when it comes to LED technology.
  • The next thing you will need to consider is the actual length of a LED strip that you will use for example, for your awesome display cabinet which holds your collection of action figures. The length of the strip must be able to fit the dimension of the cabinet to prevent overloading.
  • Keep in mind that not all LED strips can produce the same amount of brightness. Determine how bright the LED strips will be for your home. If you install LED strips that are too bright for your cabinet, this will cause physical damage to the ones inside the cabinet over the course of time. Also, you have to decide what colour the LED strips will produce when it’s lighted up.
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World’s Largest Burger Chain Setting The Stage For A Turnaround

It is probably safe to assume that most people are familiar with McDonald’s, the largest hamburger chain in the world. The hamburger chain was considering a real estate investment because of its potential tax advantages but it ceased to pursue spinning off its real estate assets.

In an investor’s meeting, Chief Administrative Officer Pete Bensen said that any possible value that will be created with real estate investment trust (REIT) is outweighed by significant financial and operational risks. Instead, McDonald’s is now planning to refranchise 4,000 restaurants instead of its previous target of 3,500 restaurants. This will put McDonald’s in a position to meet its new long term goal to be 95% franchised.

A number of changes are being made by McDonald’s in the US to set the stage for a turnaround. Tweaks have been made to food preparation like toasting buns longer and searing burgers to make them juicier. The company is also switching back to butter and regular English muffins instead of whole grain and muffins and margarine on its Egg McMcffins.

The company is also making efforts to simplify its menu, speed up service and improve order accuracy to increase its profits. An example is the new buttermilk chicken sandwich which is being positioned as a premium offering to boost consumer perception about food quality.

Looking ahead, McDonald’s is expecting increased sales at established locations worldwide for the final months of the year. In the third quarter, sales at established US locations have edged higher to end the streak of 2-year quarterly declines. McDonald’s is expecting sales growth from 3% to 5% next year with capital expenditures of about $2 billion.

In Europe, McDonald’s has announced that its packaging is now sustainably sourced. Packaging items like cartons, cups, bags, napkins and tray liners are made from 170,000 tonnes of wood fiber from recycled sources in the forests. This step represents a key milestone in McDonald’s Europe sustainable packaging strategy.

In the United States, Paper Mart is the largest one-stop source of packaging materials for all requirements. All types of packaging products are offered at the lowest possible prices without compromising quality.

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Real Estate In Today’s Digital World

According to the Federal Reserve of the United States, real estate is valued at an estimated $40 trillion which makes it the largest asset class in the country. Due to this, it is no longer surprising for TechCrunch to report that in the last quarter of 2014, venture funding and real estate tech firms reached almost $300 million.

Venture capital firms are companies that backup the likes of Uber, Instagram and Buzzfeed. They are actually pouring a lot of money into these rising tech startups while residential listing and brokerage app Compass has managed to lure talents from tech giants like Google and Twitter. Redfin has reinvented real estate brokerage through the combination of advanced technology with full service brokers to raise $71 million. However, in spite of significant progress there are still big gaps in several areas and problems that require solutions.

In spite of the growth of real estate at an immense pace, technology in multi-family real estate sector has been lagging. The sector was able to contribute more than $1.3 trillion to the US economy in the form of jobs, construction, management, operational expenditures and renter spent in smaller communities. Americans are also choosing rental housing because of the decrease in the number of married couples with children. Baby boomers have also begun to downsize and are now moving to apartments or condos. Millennials also choose to be rent for mobility, comfort and financial reasons.

By 2023, more than 4 million new renter households will be created but by 2030 at least ¾ of these households will be childless. It is expected that there will be a surge in new rental listings. However, if renting is new owning why are personal checks still being written in order to pay for rent in 2015? According to research about 78% of renters prefer paying their rents electronically but the industry is only able to collect about 30% of payments online. The real estate industry has not caught up to the increasing demands of these particular amenities.

However, it is pretty clear that the entire process of leasing and buying property will eventually take place online with documentation and payments including automated selection of house and agent.

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Why Australia’s Hot Real Estate Market Is Cooling Down

Australia is known as one of the hottest real estate markets in the world because of its unstoppable run of soaring valuations but recently house prices in major cities have begun to slide. Last November, house prices fell by 1.4% in Sydney which is Australia’s biggest and most expensive housing market. According to data from a global research firm Core Logic RP Data, prices in Melbourne also fell by 3.5%.

The sudden pullback of Australia’s major market exposed some sustainability questions on international urban real estate hot spots all over the world like Vancouver and Toronto. Five of Australia’s eight capital cities are experiencing a slump in housing prices with Hobart, Darwin and Canberra prices on the decline. Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth are showing slight price increases at 7%, 6% and 3% respectively.

According to the research, the housing market is moving through the peak of the cycle at a time when new large dwellings are being constructed. The housing slump is due to a tighter lending environment, less appetite for risks among investors and affordability constraints particularly in the major housing markets of Melbourne and Sydney where the average price of a home is Australian $810,000 ($790,000).

Because of the recent increase in house prices, international demand from mainland China was reduced and some real estate agents have reportedly convinced some sellers to drop their asking prices. On the other hand, Vancouver Canada is not experiencing a dip in local prices of homes and it is not lacking in international interest.

Australia and Canadian markets are both exposed to a huge slide in commodity prices and they have both experienced hot housing markets in recent years. Housing prices have also been boosted by the high demand from Mainland China. People are curious about the housing bubble but at the end of the day, real estate relies on supply and demand.

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