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Starbucks CEO Retiring, Looking To Philanthropy And Public Service

Starbucks Executive Chairman Howard Schultz will soon be retiring from his position at the coffee company he helped turn into a global mainstay brand, and has said that he’s considering going the way of Denis Obrien as a philanthropist, or following in Mitt Romney’s footsteps as a public servant.

The 64-year-old said that he is considering a lot of possibilities as to what he might do in the future, admitting that he’s a long way away from figuring out what he’ll be doing in the years to come, whether or not he’ll take to philanthropy like Denis Obrien, in a letter addressed to company employees.

Back in 2016, Schultz showed his support and endorsed Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. Back then, he had already been receiving inquiries as to whether or not he would run for office. He has deflected such inquiries in the past, but has stated in an interview that, for quite a while now, he has been concerned about the state of the US, specifically, the division plaguing the country and its standing in the world.

Schultz’ retirement comes not long after he passed on the day-to-day duties of Starbucks CEO back in 2016, in order to focus on corporate social responsibility, innovating and social-impact endeavors in his position as Executive Chairman.

According to Starbuck, Schultz will officially step down and take the position of Chairman Emeritus on the 26th of June. Additionally, the company says that he’s working on a book discussing its CSR efforts and the work its done to change how people see a public company, stating that Starbucks has not only changed how people drink coffee, but also changed people’s lives across the world for the better.

Schultz has built up a reputation of being socially aware, thanks to bringing his and the company’s intentions with social issues like race and jobs for underprivileged youth, even if they didn’t exactly pan out. Additionally, Starbucks has worked to project an image of social responsibility, one that has been recently called in question thanks to the incident that involved the arrest of two black people in Philadelphia.

Schultz responded that he didn’t want people demeaned by being refused bathroom access, leading to him opting to close all of its US branches for several hours late in May for bias awareness training for employees, among other measures to prevent such an incident from happening again.

Starbucks says that Myron E. Ullman will take over the role of Chairman of the Board, once Schultz steps down.

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Increase In Demand Expected Along Taopoon-Bang Sue District

An increasing number of families opt to send their children to Bangkok international school because Thailand is rapidly becoming a hub for international education. The choice of school is an important decision for parents because the school will develop their children’s motivation and interests towards a certain field of study. Educators have a better understanding of children’s skills and abilities.

Many infrastructure projects are now gaining traction in Bangkok but the most impactful will be Bang Sue Grand Central Station that will most likely be the largest railway station is Southeast Asia. The project that will replace the current transport hub at Hua Lamphong will redevelop the existing Bang Sue Junction Railway Station while integrating the MRT at Bang Sue.

The project which is under construction is expected to be completed in 2020. This will trigger an inrush of transit-oriented developments in the adjacent areas particularly in Bangkok’s formerly sleepy Taopoon district.

After the completion of Bang Sue Grand Central Station, and the railway systems, there will be an increase in demand for real estate as consumers migrate to the Taopoon-Bang Sue area. The land that is surrounding the station has been divided into zones to attract new businesses and opportunities for future growth.

It is expected that Taopoon district will experience more traffic from residential and commercial usage. Land prices have been steadily growing in the district because of the potential for growth that can be achieved upon the completion of the central station.

At the Taopoon-Bang Sue area, about 30,200 condominium units have been added from 2009 to the fourth quarter of 2017. The homes have recorded an accumulated take-up rate of 90%. The Bang Sue Grand Central Station is also being developed into a Smart City that will be equipped with digital and energy-related infrastructures that will improve the life of Bangkok residents.

As more and more projects are undertaken by the government, you can also expect an increase in the number of international schools. It is very likely for children of expatriates to be enrolled in Bangkok international school because the medium of instruction is in English with a curriculum that is almost similar to their mother countries.

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7% Expected Growth For Bangkok’s Residential Property Market

If you are looking for a new home, why don’t you consider Luxury House in Sathorn that allows you to express your individual style? One of the best advantages that can be gained from luxury homes is space that will allow you to create different designs that will match with your requirements. You can also include several amenities which is not possible on an average home.

In Thailand, the government has proposed expansion of investments for infrastructure projects. This will improve Bangkok’s residential property market to realize the expected growth of up to 7% in 2018. Growth in Bangkok’s residential property market corresponds to the major views of project developers who continue to view the market as one with the best growth opportunities.

Products and offerings of the real estate market are expected to remain the same without any major changes in unit sizes and room layouts. Instead, project developers will be enhancing facilities to differentiate their products from the competition and help boost sales. In general, expect new luxury projects to include automated parking for businesses to add 20 to 30% capacity.

Development of home projects will focus on areas that are easily accessible from the train network particularly the Orange Line, Blue Line and the extension of the Green Line that is currently in progress. The property market is expected to expand to the outskirts of Bangkok where the train passes because it makes it more convenient for people to travel to the city.

However, the single home market and townhouse market located in the outskirts of the city with traffic issues will experience less expansion and low growth. Distance from train lines will hamper growth because there are few plans to build new roads that will accommodate cars and ease traffic. The condominium market that is located near the train lines has a definite advantage because it does not require lots of land for development.

The first and foremost consideration of home buyers is location and the ability to travel easily from point to another. Requirements of home buyers are easily addressed by Luxury House in Sathorn that has modern features and energy efficient technologies.

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Is Australia’s Record Housing Boom Finally Over?

Real estate accounting can be rather complex if you are managing properties for a client because you are dealing with large amounts of money on a regular basis. Well managed accounting system can make all the difference. Mistakes or erroneous entries could cost the client a lot of money. For an accountant working in the real estate industry, chartered accountant insurance is very important to cover professional risks.

According to a global investment bank, Australia’s world record housing boom is officially over. Home prices in Sydney have fallen for the second month in a row. UBS economists informed their clients that a persistent and sharp slowdown is unfolding to end 55 years of unprecedented growth that resulted into home values soaring by as much as 6500%.

In capital cities, home prices have continued to slow down on a quarterly basis. Everything is being weighed down by lending requirements that have tightened for property investors and banks raising home loan rates. Based on figures from property data group Carelogic, in Sydney, home prices fell by 0.6% over the quarter and down by 0.5% over the month.

In Melbourne, market prices have remained resilient with home prices up by 0.5% for the month but for Darwin and Perth, home prices were down by 4.4% and 0.7% respectively over the last quarter. Home prices have remained flat nationally over the month but edged up by 0.4% over the last 3 months to October 31.

UBS was previously cautious of the property market and has made the forecast that Australia’s annual home price growth will moderate from the solid double digits to 7% by January 2017. UBS also predicted that prices will fall further by 0.3% in 2018. The cooling is happening more quickly than expected with the recent weakness in auction clearance rates and the anaemic growth over the last 5 months.

One of the important aspects in risk management is chartered accountant insurance to provide protection against professional risks. Even with the minimum required insurance for accounting professionals, there are other unique risks that be encountered which require additional coverage that best suits the needs.

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Reasons To Hire Funeral Directors In Sydney

There are religious cultures that require the immediate burying of the deceased but for most cultures, viewing and holding ceremonies for the dearly departed is a common practice. There are different ways to show your last respects to a departed loved one, one of these is to hire one of those funeral directors in Sydney who will organize everything for you while everything is heavy and painful. Here are some of the things a funeral director will do for you:

Offer respect and dignity to the deceased

One of the best ways to show your love and respect to a departed loved one is to hire experts who will prepare the body and make your loved one appear dignified and presentable especially if the deceased got into an accident or a consuming disease that lead to his or her death. The funeral home, through the supervision of the funeral director, will handle the embalming, make up, dressing and overall preparation of the body for the viewing.

Celebrate the life of the departed

Part of the functions of funeral directors in Sydney is to prepare for the eulogy, the releasing of doves or balloons, organize the singing of songs, sharing of photos and happy memories of the deceased with the family or friends and other details that are in accordance to the family’s or the deceased’s last wishes. Losing a loved is already hard enough and if you would have to go through the paperwork and the tiny details related to the programs,the entire process would be even harder for you. The reason behind hiring funeral directors and personnel is for you to focus on more important matters related to the life and death of your loved one.

Easier acceptance

Losing a loved can never be easy no matter how you claim to be prepared. To give yourself more time to grieve to be able to heal, the funeral directors in Sydney will do all the tasks for you. This will make it easier for you to recuperate and finally take steps to move on.

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Considerations Before Buying A 12 Volt LED Strip Lighting

Whenever you need to buy a 12 volt LED strip lighting for any purpose whether it’s to light up the side of your car or, to hype up the swimming pool in your own backyard, there are things you must consider first because even though the LED technology consumes less electricity compared to the conventional bulbs, choosing the wrong LED bulbs is extremely dangerous and it can make any house vulnerable to fire.  Below are the considerations you must remember for your own safety and for the safety of your family and properties as well:

  • First thing that you will need to consider is the kind of LED strip that your house or office needs. Keep in mind that there are four kinds of LED strips you can choose from: the DC LED Flex strips which is the perfect choice if you specifically need the 12 volt LED strip lighting; the AC LED Flex strips which are flexible and you just need to plug them into the right power outlet and they are working; the LED Rope Light which is usually encased in the standard light rope packaging; and the High Power LED strips which have rigid strips with built-in drivers and circuitry. If you are not sure which of the LED strips will be perfect for you to use, it’s recommended that you consult someone who has enough knowledge when it comes to LED technology.
  • The next thing you will need to consider is the actual length of a LED strip that you will use for example, for your awesome display cabinet which holds your collection of action figures. The length of the strip must be able to fit the dimension of the cabinet to prevent overloading.
  • Keep in mind that not all LED strips can produce the same amount of brightness. Determine how bright the LED strips will be for your home. If you install LED strips that are too bright for your cabinet, this will cause physical damage to the ones inside the cabinet over the course of time. Also, you have to decide what colour the LED strips will produce when it’s lighted up.
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