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Three Lesser Known Attractions In Kanchanaburi That Are Worth Visiting

Kanchanaburi is a sleepy town around 120 kilometres away to the East of Bangkok. The beautiful town is endowed with natural beauty and tops the backpackers’ wish list. The city is also associated with the memories of world war ll and has a number of historical monuments and museums. Kanchanaburi has a number of beautiful national parks and sanctuaries that offer an escape away from the chaotic city life and fills your senses with the beauty of nature.

Visitors to the town prefer to stay at the Kanchanaburi River Resort, located on the banks of River kwai. The resort offers the best amenities on par with the 5 star designer hotels in Bangkok. The views of sunset and sunrise over the river Kwai, visible from the rooms are breath-taking.

Apart from the popular sites like the Death Railway, Hellfire pass and Museum, Jeath war museum, bridge over river kwai, Don Rak cemetery and Erawan national Park, there are a number of other attractions that are worth visiting.

Tourists can book their stay at the Kanchanaburi River Resort and enjoy these off-the tourist circuit activities to get in touch with the rich cultural history of Thailand and Kanchanaburi.

  1. PrasatMuang Singh Historical park

The historical park is a cultural highlight close to Kanchanaburi. The historical site contains ruins of a 13th century Khmer-style temple and an ancient burial site. Visitors can walk on foot or hire bicycles to explore the historical park.

  1. Sai Yok National Park

The national park is located at the end of the Death Railway track. The park is famous for its scenic beauty and has a number of sites like the Sai Yok Waterfall, Lava Cave, Daowadueng Cave, Kaew Cave and hellfire pass memorial.

  1. Wat ThamKhaoNoi

The temple is a revered place of worship for Mahayana Buddhists. It was built in 1883 by a Chinese abbot. The temple is located on a scenic hilltop and is constructed in Chinese style with a towering pagoda which has seven tiers. The views from the temple are marvellous.

Tourists can stay at the Kanchanaburi River Resort and hire a bike or taxi to visit all these places. They are located close to the town and can be reached easily.

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Thailand Reporting Increased Tourism From India

Thailand has seen a recent growth in tourist arrivals from India, having reported a 15% increase in Indian tourist arrival numbers for the first half of 2017, which is attributed to the greater number of direct flight options from various Indian locations.

In terms of tourist arrivals in Thailand, India ranks in at 6th, with the South India region accounting for approximately one-third of all arrivals. Around 8 lakh/800,000 Indian tourists visited Thailand until the end of July in 2017, which is a marked increase of 2016’s numbers, by about 16%.

The Tourism Authority of Thailand has stated that, based on these numbers, they are expecting an increase in revenue in 2017. According to their Deputy Executive Director, SripornBhekanandana, they are expecting an approximate increase of 14%.

The TAT also say that they are aiming to make sure that the more unexplored venues such as the villas in Cha Am and Hua Hin are visited by tourists, alongside the more common destinations such as Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Trat, Krabi, and, of course, Pattaya, Phuket, as well as Bangkok.

Director Bhekanandana says that the rise is primarily attributed to the launching of direct flights to and from Kochi, in India, back in 2016. She says that following that, tourism traffic from India to Thailand increased, and that the TAT is confident that the trend of growth will continue.

Part of the TAT’s efforts to improve tourism is a delegation of 30 tourism related companies in India, aimed at advertising the country’s more unexplored destinations  such as villas in Cha Am, as well as new Thai products for the more modern travellers. Director Bhekanandana was part of this delegation.

Additionally, the Director says that travel agents also need to be aware of destinations in Thailand beyond the obvious Bangkok and Pattaya, in order to offer and sell a wider range of products and experiences for their customers.

She says that, in India, the Thai wedding tourism sector has been building steam, with around 250 weddings in the country being held by Indians hailing from Kolkata, Mumbai and New Delhi. The TAT, in response, has introduced several new offers and special promos for wedding travellers.

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3 Reasons To Travel And Boo At Hotel Near Phrom Phong BTS

There are several reasons why people pack their bags and travel. For one, travelling is proven to have therapeutic effects both physically and psychologically. It offers a new perspective and it makes the traveller see the world in a different perspective. To make your holiday a truly relaxing and beneficial one, choose a hotel near Phrom Phong BTS where almost everything is accessible. If you are having second thoughts on travelling, take a look at the benefits you can get out of it.

Rest and relaxation

People at work who are battling with personal and professional challenges are usually advised to take a leave and travel. Those who file for resignation are also offered with leave to take a rest and re-evaluate the decision. This is because travelling allows us to think and rest since some rash decisions are mainly due to overworking and overthinking. When you travel, your energy is replenished especially if your travel destination is along the beach where you can get negative ions that boosts your mood and aids in getting a restful sleep.

Meet new friends

Being on the road helps you come up with fresh insights. To intensify your travel experience, go with a partner or travel on your own to better experience things. It would be best to book in a hotel near PhromPhong BTS where you can find a lounge bar, a swimming pool and a café where you can socialize and meet new friends.

Gather exciting experiences

One important benefit of travelling is you gain new experiences, you meet different kinds of people, you experience other culture and see the other parts of the world that you only find in magazines and movies. To make a lasting impression on the place, choose a hotel near PhromPhong BTS where you can be safe and comfortable without going beyond your budget. Take advantage of promos and hotel deals to minimize your overall expenses. Conduct a good research on the internet to find affordable hotels around the busy districts of Bangkok.

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