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Thai Airways Proposes 156 Billion Funding

Tourism continues to be a major contributor to the economy of Thailand with businesses such as a 4 star hotel in Phuket bringing in revenue. This is why a proposal was recently submitted by Thai Airways International to the cabinet asking for a 156 billion baht funding to be used in purchasing or leasing around 38 more planes. According to the proposal, 31 planes will be purchased within five years.

Sumeth Damrongchaitham, president of Thai Airways, said that the proposal will be submitted to Somkid Jatusripitak who is currently the Deputy Prime Minister. They are expecting it to reach the Cabinet before the month ends.

According to Khun Sumeth, they will acquire the new planes either by buying or leasing. They are going to purchase a combination of jets with both wide and narrow bodies. The proposal is divided into two phases. The first one will include purchasing of 31 planes as replacement for the old models and it will be spread out in five year. They will purchase seven more aircraft for the second phase in order to strengthen their fleet.

The airline management is also requesting the board to grant a new route between Bangkok and Sendai. If approved, the first flight will be scheduled on November which is right around the peak season. They are also considering the Bangkok and Manchester route but the airline president thinks that a thorough research is needed before making a decision.

He is also hoping that the airline will be able to get back on their feet through the funding. The goal is for them to get back to the trading scene and hopefully start profiteering again at the middle of year 2020. It is no secret that Thai Airways has been through a lot in the last ten years. They have been struck with challenges coming from the rise in local competition. Ever since the introduction of a number of budget airlines, they have to cut down on the passenger loads as well as their earning capacity.

As Thailand remains to be one of the top destinations all over the world, hotels and accommodations the like of a 4 star hotel in Phuket is positive that they will be able to recover soon.

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Practical Ways To Promote Party Venues In Caringbah

Party venue rental is a good business as there are numerous events of various kinds constantly being held today which include birthdays, weddings, reunions, corporate events, and many more. To be able to achieve your desired bottom line goals, it is important to have a strategic marketing plan for your business.

Before starting to promote your party venues in Caringbah, you need to know your customers. Identifying your customers will allow you to develop the right promotional strategies and design of your party venues. The clients that your venue attracts and the people who book for event spaces are the two different audiences of your venues. Knowing them would enable you to determine the right plan to achieve your goals and objectives.

Simple ways to promote your party venues in Caringbah for a successful business:

  1. Check your marketing assets

Once you have identified your customers and defined what your place represents, it’s now time to check on your marketing assets arsenal. Evaluate your website, channels, social media, and other marketing collaterals to ensure your selling points work towards your goals.

  1. Sponsor your own events

Events create a crowd. Showcasing your party venues in Caringbah as events hotspots is an important move and one way to do this is by hosting your own event. Doing this will fill your place with the crowd you are wanting to attract.

  1. Update the photography of your venue

Photos with bare rooms or grainy photography are unappealing to customers. Fill the place with cheerful and happy people and capture the moment with professional new pictures.

  1. Partner with a famous event

Consider offering the venue for free to a sought-after event coordinator to co-sponsor a trendy event. It will help you get a crowd to experience your venue.

  1. Sponsor a charity event

Sponsoring a charity event allows you to be hands-off in organizing the event but still enables you to attract bookings.

  1. Invest in SEO

Competition is fierce for venue searches. It’s essential for you to think about how people will describe your venue. Make your website speak to your customers’ needs.

  1. Get listed as a venue for events

Use as many sites in listing your venue to cater to all your potential customers.

  1. Affiliate with a famous ticketing provider

Partnering with the latest online provider could greatly help boost your sales.

There are still a lot of strategies you can use to promote your party venues. You just need to let your creativity work in finding new ideas to market your place.

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Increasing Recycling Costs Makes US Cities Stop Recycling

There’s a problem plaguing junk removal Orange County and across the US, as recycling costs are going up across the country. This is an issue as more and more cities across the country are stopping their recycling.

California Treasurer Fiona Ma, one of the states hit the hardest by the increased, says that the recycling movement is currently in a crisis. The crisis is prompted by China, one of the biggest buyers of recycling materials in the world, determined that too much trash was being mixed in with the recyclable materials. Thailand and India are accepting a lot of imported scrap, but they have restrictions.

The issues with the global recycling market has affected American cities in 2018, the problems have only worsened. Thanks to fewer buyers, recycling companies are compensating by increasing their fees, with some charging as much about 4 times compared to before.

The rising costs are making cities and towns considering to have to either raise taxes, cut other services, or abandon recycling programs. Recycle Across America Executive Director Mitch Hedlund says that recycling has been dysfunctional for a while now, but people just didn’t notice when all the waste go to China.

Companies like junk removal Orange County might have some trouble, but the biggest recyclers in the country, like Waste Management and Republic Services, have seen improvement, as recycling tend to be the least lucrative part of businesses, behind hauling and landfills. Analysts say that many waste companies tend to see recycling as a ‘loss leader’, offered only to win over the garbage business in a municipality.

The companies say that sales from plastic and paper aren’t enough to cover costs, which is why they’re raising their fees, both for municipalities and regular customers. Analysts say that the higher recycling fees will help boost the companies’ already large businesses. Waste Management reported increased operational profits in 2018, while Republic also reported increased revenue.

Most of the landfill increases in the industry were due to economic growth; with American consumption going up, junk production goes up in turn. However, analysts warn that some of the higher volume materials were recyclables that could neither be sold or repurposed.

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L’Occitane Acquires Elemis For $900 Million

Luxury cosmetics firm, L’Occitane International SA recently acquired the British skincare company Elemis for $900 million, with the aim of expanding its operations in the US and the UK, with the French company’s biggest deal in its history.

The Hong Kong-listed company came to a deal with Steiner Leisure Ltd., one of the subsidiaries of the private equity firm, L Catterton. This deal is the newest of a recent string of acquisitions made by high-end skincare brands in the world, keeping up with the growing demand for organic skin products and natural beauty products, a trend that has helped even the cosmetics giant L’Oreal SA.

L’Occitane issued a statement on the matter, saying that this latest acquisition will help bolster the company’s growth across the world, with plans to bring the Elemis brand, popular with millennial as well as Gen X customers, into new, untouched markets, extending the British organic skin products range.

The day following the deal’s announcement, L’Occitane shares dropped by 4.7%, which curbing the stock’s single-digit growth for 2019 a bit.

With this new deal, L’Occitane will be more likely to reach the company’s sales target of €1.7 billion/US$1.95 billion in two years, according to a report from Bloomberg Intelligence. The acquisition also gives the company the ability to launch exclusive products for China, Hong Kong and the US, which are keeping companies in the market growing in spite of Europe’s slowdown.

L’Occitane CEO Reinold Geiger stated that the acquisition is a big step forward for the company in their goal in creating a leading portfolio of premium beauty brands, and that Elemis is in a good spot for continued growth across the world.

Growth in the beauty market across the world grew around 5% in 2018, driven primarily by demand from Asia. As for L’Occitane, the company saw its same-store sales in mainland China going up by 7.4% in the three months ending in September, which is a significant boost from the world average.

According to L’Occitane’s filing to the Hong Kong stock exchange, the deal, which closed within the first quarter of 2019, will be funded by the French cosmetic company’s cash and bank borrowings.

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Where To Listen To Live Music When In Sydney

Music is important to every human being from workers such as timber floor installers in Sydney to students who struggling with their daily lessons. This is why we often seek solace from music and we seek out the best place to listen to it live because this beats listening to the radio or digital records alone. If you are living or visiting Sydney, make sure to drop by these locations to get a dose of live music.

Hordern Pavilion located in Moore Park. Live music can be heard from the grounds of what used to be the Sydney Showground. This site is quite famous in Sydney because of its architecture and social role in the community. It was constructed in 1924 and it is known to hold various events such as rock concerts, dance parties and even exhibitions.

Enmore Theatre located in Newtown used to be an open air cinema built in 1910. The venue is known to host live music for the longest time in all of New South Wales. It can accommodate around 1,600 people. It is composed of a general admission pit along with a dress circle for seated viewers.

Oxford Art Factory located in Darlinghurst is quite similar to the Studio 54 by Andy Warhol. This is a theatre focusing on art deco with a full bar. The music is served by local as well as international acts. It is also known for themed dance events like Queen versus ABBA.

The Lansdowne located in Chippendale is the place to go if you are looking for live rock along with comedy. It is found in the midst of Newtown’s suburb and the city centre of Sydney. Guests can expect a sports diner and a few pinball machines. The location is not as big as the previous two thus it focuses on local acts that perform rock and indie music. During Reggae Mondays, the place can be heard playing Ska genre. Every Wednesday, they have the Daddy Trivia and they also cater to the Graveyard Shift which starts at 10:30 in the evening. This is perfect for timber floor installers in Sydney as they are often busy the whole day and wants to have fun late in the night.

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Accounting And Finance In The Digital Age

Technology has come a long way that even an accountant in Thailand recognize that this is the age when digitization might dominate the world of finances. With tech, we can now access all our financial information in just a few clicks. Accounting and finance is moving into new territories as little by little the digital era is conquering the sector.

There is the fear of the unknown for many in the working class because of the possibility that sooner or later machines will take over the jobs once required human intervention. In a way, accounting and finance is also put in the same spot as the Industrial Revolution 4.0 is coming

The truth is that, if all redundant and time-consuming acts are done by machines, accountants and financial professionals have more time in their hands to focus on tasks that are of higher level. These are tasks that require advance analysis as well as counselling for clients. With the introduction of digital transformation, a number of opportunities are now available in the field of accounting and finance.

Finance teams are now relying on digital technology such as machine learning, automation, adaptive intelligence and minibots to help them get the results at lightning speed. There are tasks that can be designated to AI and machine learning therefore the professional will become extra productive and their tasks are more proficiently done. They can cater to more clients compared to before and these clients get the value for their money.

Machines are able to do the job with accuracy but only humans can deliver the emotional intelligence required by the job. With the help of machines, daily operations are more efficient and the costs of processes are reduced.

There is no denying the truth that in the near future, automation will be introduced in every division of the financial industry therefore financial leaders who are accepting of this change will also gain more experience. The result is that an accountant in Thailand exposed to digital automation will be a valuable asset in businesses as they transform to digital processes.

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