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How You Can Set An Example Like What Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan Did To Latin Countries

So many Americans tend to complain and forget how lucky they are to live in the greatest country ever imagined. It’s not like this anywhere in the world, especially for countries like Honduras, Haiti and Bolivia. Before these countries became fully developed, Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan has showed his assistance through his volunteers and humanitarians in helping the rural poor especially in Honduras.

In certain studies, a Rotarian was interviewed to show her several medical missions in the Latin American countries that include Honduras. There are also others who shared their personal experience just to make the world become a better place to live in. It’s amazing and humbling how more people can do such righteous things to help people from all across the world. One of them is Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan as he’s known as a great philanthropist.

If you may consider, hard economic times don’t only affect the United States but those poorer countries suffering worst inflow of aid and assistance. Volunteers prepare themselves for the worst things to happen. Then there are the unfortunate differences of opinion and miscommunication among nations. Its leaders will greatly affect the poor and they become helpless.

Indeed, the government of Honduras has become distrustful now and seemingly, the diplomacy efforts have clashed with some of the leaders there. It appears that these fences need mending so that humanitarian support can happen with no restrictions so that there will be more flows of aids from neighboring countries and the world.

So, if you’re an American who likes to help countries like Honduras, you can start by just becoming a humble philanthropist of the country. You can start by becoming a volunteer or donating something to build schools, treat sewer plants, infrastructure, create mobile and fixed health clinics, and even books in libraries. This is what you should do for a more humanitarian aid. If you like to know where you can reach out, you can approach foundations owned by Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan or contact the USAID or UNICEF.

So, make a difference by helping out. You can start setting an example like what Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan did to Latin American countries.



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How To Choose Meeting Venue

Bangkok is the most preferred destination for organizing business events and meetings. The good connectivity and cheap airfares combined with the availability of world-class meeting venues are the reasons for the popularity of the city as a preferred meeting destination.

Bangkok being a tourist city has many hotels and resorts. Most of the high-end luxury resorts and hotels in the city offer meeting room facilities and business centres. Choosing the right venue is important for the success of a business meeting. The organizers are spoilt for choice as there are many options like, hotels with meeting rooms in Sukhumvit to luxury resorts in beautiful settings.

If you are planning to conduct a meeting in Bangkok and are searching for venues, here are some quick tips to find the perfect venue for your business meeting.

  • Location and accessibility

Location and accessibility are two important parameters to consider before choosing a meeting venue. The venue should be located in an easily accessible part of the city. Organizing meetings in far away locations, make its compulsory tom arrange for transport options for the participants.  For example, if you are hosting a meeting in Bangkok, choosing hotel with meeting rooms in Sukhumvit is the best idea as it is located centrally and well connected to the business districts and important locations like airport. Participants can easily reach the meeting venue using the mass transit system.

  • Accommodation

If you have participants who are coming from other cities and countries, it is important to search for accommodation options close to the venue. In such a scenario, it is beneficial to choose hotels with meeting rooms in Sukhumvit, as it saves a lot of time, if guests stay at the same hotel where the meeting is conducted.

  • Facilities and amenities

Before choosing a venue, check the amenities available. Most of the reputed meeting venues in the city provide latest audio-visual equipment and other facilities for the meeting. The venue should have proper seating arrangements and other networking areas like business centres, restaurants, cafes etc.

  • Budget

Budget is another important factor that influences your choice. Determine the budget for the event and search for venues that offer quality services at competitive prices. You can also get personalized quotes from hotel with meeting rooms in Sukhumvit, based on your requirements and preferences. Get quotes from two or three of your preferred venues and choose the venue which is easily accessible and provides all the required amenities.

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Five Benefits Of Hiring Professional Cleaning Companies

A clean and tidy office portrays a good first impression on the visitors. A hygienic office is essential to make the visitors feel welcomed to the office, to improve the morale of the employees and to enhance the durability of the expensive office furniture and furnishings.

Businesses can appoint in-house janitorial staff or hire the services of professional cleaning companies like showpiece services, to take care of their office cleaning and maintenance. Both the options have their own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Some of the advantages of outsourcing the cleaning function to professional cleaning companies like Showpiece services are,

  1. A professional cleaning service by Showpiece services, removes all the dirt and bacteria and other disease causing pathogens, from the office environment. The professional cleaning companies used specialized products to clean and disinfect surfaces effectively. This helps to provide a clean and hygienic environment for the employees and visitors.
  2. A clean and well-maintained office helps you to portray a professional appearance. You can invite business associates, prospective clients and other important stakeholders to the office. The visitors will get a positive first impression when all the areas of the office like the reception area, workstations, conference rooms, bathrooms etc. are well maintained and clean.
  3. A professional cleaning company like Showpiece services, uses hi-tech tools and products for deep-cleaning of different sections in the office. Deep cleaning helps to remove the accumulated dirt and germs from every nook and corner and maintain a sparkling workspace for your employees.
  4. Employees spend most of their waking time at their workstation. They consider office as their second home. It is essential to maintain a clean and healthy office to boost the morale of the employees, which also increases their productivity. Employees start taking pride in the office and are motivated to work hard. Moreover, a near and uncluttered workstation reduces work stress.
  5. Professional cleaning companies like Showpiece services, undertake the cleaning work after the office hours. They do not disrupt the work schedule of the employees. Cleaning the office after office hours helps to provide a clean and fresh office that welcomes the employees, the next morning.
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Budget Friendly Family Hotel In Bangkok

Bangkok is continuing to be one of the most visited places, a popular choice among tourists from all over the world. But one important thing that tourists consider in planning their trips is where to stay. It is a huge thing for a single traveller already, and so much more if they are traveling with the whole family.

Fortunately, looking for a family hotel in Bangkok isn’t too hard. There are options to choose from, depending on your budget and expectations.

Lub D

For those traveling with a tighter budget, the Lub D could be a good option. There are two of these hostels in Bangkok, featuring industrial designs. One is located at Decho Road, while the other one is in Siam, right across from the National Stadium, and a short walk from Siam Square and Rajaprasong.

The establishment offers cheap beer and free Wi-Fi for all their rooms. They have four-bed dorms for group of travellers, as well as economy twin rooms, and even a queen-sized bed suite with its very own bathroom and LCD TV.

Mode Stahorn

For those in the mirage, the Mode Sathorn is a good family hotel in Bangkok that combines affordability with fashion. With 201 rooms in the property the hotel also offers a presidential suite on its 36th floor, three restaurants, and three bars.

The Theater Bar stands out because of its circular TV screen and areas for wine, beer, and cocktails. The hotel has its own rooftop bar with live DJs as well. Secret M is a much more intimate location for those who want a quiet place to drink and relax, which is just one floor down.

Bangkok Treehouse

The property has twelve suits inspired by Henry David Thoreau and his work Walden. Situated in Bang Krajao, the city’s green lungs, the place offers its guests an opportunity to be closer to nature, together with its floating pontoon and gourmet organic restaurant.

Each suite has its own bedroom, living room, and roof deck—something that some other hotels do not have. It is a perfect way to enjoy the river, the coconut plantations, and the mangroves surrounding the area.

Guests wouldn’t feel too isolated either, as the suits have all the usual features such as TV, DVD, air conditioning, and Wi-Fi. The hotel has its own shuttle boat to help guests cross Chao Phraya as well.

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How The Courier Industry Is Changing

Uber came into the scene over a decade ago and it had the biggest impact to the taxi industry. It has faced many issues and scandals over the years but the brand’s market cap is now estimated to surpass Ford Motor Company. Many believe that Uber started the gig economy and it also gave car owners the chance to earn while using their own vehicle. The courier delivery industry is expected to be shocked with the same intensity that Uber brought to the taxi scene. This is with the introduction of blockchain. It may change the basis for courier quote or overhaul the processes as a result.

Just like blockchain, the new parcel delivery system will follow a decentralized system. This means that individuals will be able to earn money by delivering parcels to their recipients. The rule is very similar to that of Uber where drivers can pick up passengers through the app, drive and drop to their location and repeat the same process.

With the growing number of population turning to online shopping, the number of parcels that are delivered has also increased rapidly. The shipments are done from business to consumers. With the positive, comes the negative and these are challenges faced by the parcel delivery industry. Shipping from business to business is more efficient because of the presence of a centralized hub but the same cannot be said when it comes to business to consumer since the recipients are located far and wide.

Management are usually done properly except for the last leg where not every parcel can be tracked effectively. Therefore this part of the delivery process is what takes up the most time as well as resources. One of the main reasons is market fragmentation. There are many players in the market from the top companies to the small ones. In order to meet the demand of the consumers, these shipping companies should come together regardless of their size. While they may have a fierce competition in courier quote, it ensures that the needs of the general public are met with regards to quality parcel delivery services.

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Importance Of Investing In A B2B Website

Cloud Cartel has designed many websites for its clients especially those that are in the B2B industry and one thing they can attest is that a website is one of the most important investment. It is like the lobby of an office building – it is the first thing visitors will see upon arrival and the platform provided for first interaction.

If you have an existing B2B website, take a look at it and determine whether it looks polish and professional. Focus on elements such as the layout and the images used. These should be presented in a way that speaks for the brand of the company. If there are blurry or pixilated images, it speaks volume of the type of company that is behind the website. This should be rectified immediately to avoid sending the wrong message to future clients.

The latest B2B websites have modern features such as a mobile responsive design. If your website was launched five years ago and has not been updated since, the users will be able to tell at first glance. There are many changes in website trend for the past five years that it is possible to tell an updated website from the ones that are not. Aside from updating the website’s design, the services and products listed on the site must always be in sync with what the company is offering.

Your brand should be reflected on the kind of website your company has. Take for example a giant tech company with a website that came from the retro era which is opposite of the technology they are offering. The same goes with B2B branding that wants to offer top of the line customer service and navigation with ease. The user should be able to locate the information they want to know and customer service buttons should be easy to recognize.

You might want to hire Cloud Cartel for website design but the content of the website is still determined by the company. Therefore, the essential information should be conveyed without putting too many texts or without cluttering the website as a whole.

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