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Legal Battle Over Junk In A Local Property In Salem

Whether the home is being prepared to be sold or even if the contract has been signed, it is important for a real estate agent to make sure that all the trash and junk in the property has been removed otherwise it will reflect poorly on his reputation and professionalism. Real estate agents must work with junk removal Orange County to clean up and haul all the junk away before the buyer moves in.

According to court documents, Salem’s legal battles over piles of printer boxes and other items placed on a local property will only end if the property is sold to a new owner. The owner of the property Michael Banes is negotiating a sale with a potential buyer who is aware of the situation.

The town of Salem took Bates to court last November in order to force him to clean up the property that has become a nuisance and a fire hazard. The fire department has notified Bates that the accumulated combustible material on the property is a fire hazard.  If the property will be sold, it can negate the need for further judicial intervention as long as the property is brought into compliance.

The trash which covers an entire backyard consists of boxes of Epson inkjet printers, loose cardboards and Styrofoam packing materials. As many as 200 boxes still had printers inside which can become homes to animals. Several of the printers were in their original packaging but unopened which means that there are inkjet cartridges inside that can cause environmental problems. Recycling is not an option because it is expensive.

Salem’s Health Officer, Brian Lockhard, is working with junk removal contractors on the estimated cost of removing the 10-foot tall mountain of junk at 45 Mclarnon Road. A company provided an estimate of between $7,000 and $13,000.

Items and debris that are left by previous owners of a property can be removed and hauled by junk removal Orange County the soonest possible time. Real estate is a word of mouth business and any bad news about a real estate agent neglecting junk in a property can be bad for business. It is important to ensure that properties are clean and free from clutter.


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Advanced FLOW Engineering Inc. (aFe) Looks For Social Media Coordinators

Are you looking for a job? Maybe you got what it takes to be aFe’s new social media coordinator.

With all the benefits that social media has in store for all of its users, social media has been deemed very important when it comes to digital marketing and business promotions. There are at least two billion active social media users in Facebook alone. Hence, imagine reaching out to these great number of people– most likely your sales would increase dramatically.

Therefore, there a lot of business sectors who now shift to digital marketing. Along with this, they also hire competent social media coordinators who could manage their online pages on different social media platforms. And thus aFe does the same.


As posted on their site, they are hiring for social media coordinators who are capable to connect and establish healthy relationships with major influencers online. Aside from keeping their page updated with the latest relevant content including, but not limited to, photos and videos, they seek for coordinators who are great at accommodating customers and who are willing to respond to concerns, criticisms, and inquiries. Coordinators are also expected to track the amount of traffic on their page, and to brainstorm effective strategies on how to increase their site’s visibility, readability, and return of investment (ROI). Furthermore, in order to efficiently carry out all these expectations, aFe is looking for applicants with great communication skills, both in speaking and writing, and those who have at least basic knowledge in photo and video editing.

Moreover, having a degree in marketing communication or work experience in related fields would certainly give you an edge from the rest.

Compensation and Application

Who would refuse to have competitive compensations with medical and dental insurance, employee/dependent life programs, gears, and a lot more benefits? Hence, if you are interested start drafting your credentials and resume now and send it to

All in all, social media indeed contains a lot of potential if you want to increase your sales and number of customers for a relatively lower price. As it entails more money to air advertisements on radio stations and televisions, social media coordinators have become an on demand job today. Therefore, join aFe’s team now for you might be the one that they have long been looking for.


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Business Spaces: Customise To Maximise

Business spaces are very important to the businesses themselves. It is usually the very first impression potential clients have about the business, so it is very important for companies to be able to maximise and express their brand and identity through the layout and design of their office and commercial spaces.


Many companies offer custom fitout and furnishings, but none other has had the 30 years of experience than Systems Commercial. Although based on Auckland, the company has become the go-to brand and is easily accessible at for their online store. They also have physical stores that clients can visit. Potential customers will be able to check the company’s wide array of ready-made furniture and schedule a free customisation consultation. They will be able to see why many continue to patronise the products and services that Systems Commercial has been offering.


Furnishings come in cost-effective pieces that have both form and function. They offer seating, work surfaces, partitions, and other office items. They also storage solutions, a complete reception set, and even school furniture. Customers can even choose accessories that follow the modern styles and designs, which are also all available at their stores and online shop.


Systems Commercial ensures that their customers experience high quality service for their customisation. It begins with a consultation with the customer, where customers could share their ideas and the experts could polish those ideas. The experts also do on-site visits for further studies of the space for the right fitouts and maximisation. The concepts are then rendered into 3D designs and layouts. This technology becomes a more realistic representation to ensure the client and the experts are on the same page. Before any actual design or layout is implemented, Systems Commercial experts also offer moods boards and trials for more evaluations of the designs and layouts. All these are to ensure that what Systems Commercial has conceptualise is able to maximise the business space.


Systems Commercial is available at for all the products and services they have available.Whether off the shelf pieces or customised items, customers will be able to choose among the many fitouts and furnishings they have available, and maximise on the space for their businesses.

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Qantas Will Run Non-Stop Flights From Brisbane To Chicago In 2020

There’ll be a new way to get to Queensland for their Cairns to Port Douglas shuttle, as Qantas will be launching a new direct flight route covering Brisbane-Chicago, which would become the fourth longest passenger flight route in the world, and Qantas’ second longest, following their Perth-London direct flight route.

Running four times every week, the 14,326km trip will take about 17 hours, and will be launched alongside a Brisbane-San Francisco direct flight route, which runs three times a week.

Passengers heading for Chicago will be saving on more than six hours of travelling on a return trips compared to the current route of travelling via Los Angeles, with Brisbane-Chicago being the first and only non-stop route covering the Windy City and Australia.

Qantas hopes that this direct route, much like the Perth-London Boeing 787 flights, will encourage Aussie travelers to head for Brisbane, maybe enjoy a bit of the local tourism like a Cairns to Port Douglas shuttle, then embark on the long trip across the Pacific.

Qantas Group CEO Alan Joyce spoke at a media event in Brisbane on the development, saying that these new services are aimed at connecting Aussie business travellers and holidaymakers with key central cities in the United States.

Brisbane Airport Corporation CEO Gert-Jan de Graaf says that relative to the market size and levels of demand, Queensland has been under-served from the US, and Qantas’ offerings will do much to addressing that market.

Qantas has previously stated that they’ll be working on running non-stop flights from Aussie cities as part of their joint initiative with American Airlines, which received approval from the US Department of Transportation earlier in June.

The new trans-Pacific routes from Beijing will be taken via a Boeing 787, though there are no details yet as to which ones Qantas will be using, especially taking into account the fact that the airline is expecting a second batch of six new Dreamliners either in 2019 or 2020.

Chicago is a key market, representing a near-monopoly for Qantas, with only Air New Zealand to compete in the region with their Auckland-Chicago flights, launched in December 2018.

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Aussies Shunning Traditional Services, With Unique Trends Increasing In Popularity

Industry research company IBISWorld decided to look at how funerals were being held in Sydney funeral homes and across the world. They noted how funeral directors have now moved away from the traditional, religious service, instead opting for providing innovative alternatives for families.

From live-streaming services for family members and friends who can’t attend, to turning the remains into compost that can be used to promote growth and renewability, new, creative ways. As a result, funeral directors have been embracing new trends and developments in order to differentiate themselves from the competition.

IBISWorld Senior Industry Analyst Tom Miller says that religious services have dropped in popularity in different demographics, with close friends, and family have been increasingly embracing new and different ways to celebrate the lives of the duly departed, like streaming services, green funerals, and even DIY funerals.

Live streaming is particularly popular for families with members spread out across the world, as it gives them a chance to attend the funeral, take part in the proceedings, and be there for the people they care for, even if distance normally separates them.

Company OneRoom Funeral Webcasting is one of the key drivers behind the idea of setting up cameras inside venues and streaming live footage of services, all with the convenience of a few clicks. Once a service has been booked and scheduled, guests receive e-mails with secure login details, allowing them to see the service via the internet.

IBISWorld also noted how increasingly popular cremation has been getting over the past half-decade for Sydney funeral homes and other Aussie companies, with Australia seeing approximately two-thirds of deaths ending up cremated.

Meanwhile, the costs and lack of suitable land for traditional burials have also increased the popularity of green funerals, which have marketed themselves based on cutting down on the environmental impact caused by a burial.

The firm notes how innovations regarding green burials, as well as other options, have been becoming more and more popular over time, with some companies even experimenting with energy-intensive cremation, like water cremation.

Notably, the US state of Washington, earlier in 2019, legalised the process of composting remains as part of environmentally-friendly burial trends.


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Majority Of Raw Materials From Native Forests Goes To The Landfill

There are two different kinds of businesses – those that care for the environment and those who don’t. One of the best examples of the former is Academy Supply which is a school furniture supplier driven with the goal of providing quality furniture in a sustainable and eco-friendly manner. Sadly, there are many businesses that belong in the latter category.

This is why native forests are now suffering the consequences of the greedy actions of these companies. In Victoria, there are many native forests and majority of them are carbon-dense. Those who are logging in these areas would say that it is a good thing since the furniture they are making becomes carbon storage for a long time.

The problem is that these claims are not 100 per cent factual. In fact, majority of the trees that are logged for furniture in Victoria only ends up being transformed into pallets, woodchips and pulp – all of which have very short life spans. At the end of the day, these by-products just end up being thrown in landfills. When this happens, carbon is emitted back into the ozone layer as soon as the material decomposes.

This goes to show just how important is the native forests in Australia as they serve as carbon storage for long-term. Consumers are now waking up to the reality that wood products that do not have longer life spans actually contribute to carbon emission which is not the most ideal use of the precious native forests.

It is time to debunk the myth that logging native forests is helpful since the carbon is retained in the finished product. This is not a guarantee because the proportion between the forest biomass and the longevity of the product should be determined first. Research shows that once wood products have reached the end of their life span, these are also sent straight to landfills.

Consumers should be more conscious when purchasing products from companies. Schools planning to purchase furniture should choose reliable and green companies such as Academy Supply to make sure that they are not contributing to the destruction of the planet.

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