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Pointers To Help You In New VS Old Bike Decision

Every bike buyer is faced with one tough question of whether to buy a new bike or a used bike. While buying a new bike is always recommended, buying a used bike reduces your costs. It allows you to buy your dream bike at a low cost when compared to the new one. But there are some risks of buying a used bike relating to maintenance and guarantees. Some points to consider, before taking a decision whether to buy a new or old bike.

  1. The pricing is an important issue. While the price of new Kawasaki motorcycles is similar in all parts of the country, used bikes are priced differently with various dealers. The pricing of used bikes is influenced by a lot of factors like the demand for the bike, the year of its manufacture and the general condition of the bike. The main problem with used bikes is you cannot find out the actual condition of the bike and judge the fairness of the deal. It is a better idea to buy used bikes from a trusted dealer who offers guarantees on the products.
  2. The condition and maintenance of the bike plays an important decision. People prefer to invest in new Kawasaki motorcycles for two reasons. The new features and the brand new condition of the bike. Buying a used bike means you have no idea about the previous owner’s maintenance. The bike could have been neatly maintained or could have been used rough and tough. This is a risky scenario as you will never know what happened with the bike before you purchased it and any problems with the bike after the purchase are on you to take care. This means a huge spend on repairs. It is always advisable to buy used motorcycles from a reputed dealer. They properly repair the vehicles before sale and provide lifelong warranty even on used motorcycles.
  3. Another important point to consider before making the decision is what your expectations on technology and safety are. While new Kawasaki motorcycles come fitted with modern technology and security features like ABS and traction control, a used bike may not have these features. Buying a motorcycle from an experienced dealer helps you to check various bikes and select the one, which has the features you are looking for. You can also be secured about the quality of the bikes if the dealer offers lifelong warranties on used bikes.

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Tax Loophole Costing The British Millions Of Pounds In Taxes

Majority of real estate agents use the internet for their marketing campaigns; however, there are still agents that follow the traditional way of offering properties to potential customers. Occasionally, you will find a real estate agent riding a Suzuki motorcycle to get the job efficiently. They have driven long distances on the motorcycle they got from Suzuki motorcycle dealers to search for possible leads.

In the United Kingdom, there is no ban on foreigners owning UK property and there are no suggestions that foreign companies are doing wrong. Most of the registered foreign ownershipscan be found in residential and commercial properties. However, a major ramification may occur when the foreign owner decides to sell the property.

There a legal loophole which means that foreign companies will not pay corporation tax when they  make money during the sale of a commercial real estate property. UK individuals and companies are required to pay the corporation tax. It is estimated that at least one third of commercial properties all over the UK are owned by offshore companies which are basically tax havens. If the legal loophole is closed, it will generate between £5 billion and £8 billion taxes for the UK every year.

Stella Creasy, Labour and Cooperative MP for Walthamstow, is leading a campaign for the closure of the legal loophole so that foreign companies will pay taxes for the profits generated from the sale of commercial properties in the UK. She says that is unfair for UK businesses to be paying taxes while offshore companies don’t.

The figures are actually big and the tax loophole is costing the British taxpayer billion of pounds in taxes while foreign companies can get away with massive tax-free profits. Most countries tax foreign companies on the profits they make on the sale of commercial properties but the UK government refuses because it is too complicated to introduce.

If you are a real estate agent who wants a more efficient and convenient transport to take you from point A to point B, your best option is Suzuki motorcycle dealers in the UK that offer new and quality used road bikes and demonstrator bikes throughout the year.

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