Automotive Firm Ventures Into Driverless Vehicles For Logistics Company


Brose, a leading automotive supplier in the United Kingdom, is utilizing the latest innovations in order to improve the logistics industry, acquire new business partnerships for succeeding models to be launched and to have better efficiency. Brose decided to venture into vehicles that can be used by every specialist logistics company which was launched as AGV or Automated Guided Vehicles.

Brose is known as manufacturer of window regulators as well as seat structures to brands such as Toyota, Jaguar Land Rover and Nissan. Their new venture which is the AGV costs them almost £2 million in the past two years. This innovation will make it possible to transfer goods as fast as possible and to remove possibility of error caused by human intervention.

The driverless vehicle technology has been fully adopted by the factory located Colliery Lane, Coventry. The AGVs are set to accomplish over 650,000 different tours annually while in seat production.

The AGV is designed to travel one metre for every second therefore it will be able to cover approximately 67,000 km annually. The most typical application would be in delivering high volume of goods in the same movements that are done by repetition. The task should also be easily accomplished without the need for human intervention.

Brose UK’s managing director, Steve Wilkins, said that the demand in the automotive industry is quite high therefore they have to manufacture parts as fast as possible and still be able to meet the demand despite the fluctuations in the market. Logistics, therefore, is essential for them to do that. Coventry was picked by the company as one of the factories to pilot the production because they know they will be able to win contracts with its strategic location.

The navigation system of AGV utilized laser reflectors and they use software based on CAD to program. It determines which paths can be used and points to the location where the products can be loaded or delivered. The future is bright for every specialist logistics company who will be able to invest in this new innovation.