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Extravagant Perks To Attract The Interest Of Foreign Real Estate Investors

In the United States, convincing billionaires to invest millions in real estate can be a challenging task. In the big cities, glass skyscrapers and sprawling spec homes that broke ground with much fanfare years ago are now full of empty units waiting for buyers. According to some experts, global economic instability has discouraged foreign investors from investing in real estate but this is not actually the case. Stricter regulations have been introduced on all-cash anonymous real estate purchases which are the preference of most foreign investors.

In order to encourage investment for multi-million dollar properties, real estate developers have decided to add some extravagant perks that include:

  • Cars – the penthouse at the Atelier condominium in Midtown Manhattan is currently listed for $85 million but the price tag includes some extras – 2 Rolls Royce Phantoms and a $1 million yacht. The cars and yacht are owned by listing agent Daniel Neiditch and he told the Business Insider that he will be signing over the ownership to the buyer of the condominium.
  • Yacht – the buyer of Alexander’s Bal Harbour Home will enjoy the extra perk in the form of a 55-foot VanDutch yacht.
  • Private restaurant – a 5-star restaurant will span an entire floor of a 96-story building, the tallest in the Western Hemisphere. The restaurant will have Chef Shaun Hergatt at its helm and his culinary skills will only be available for the residents of the building. Creating residents-only restaurants and beach clubs is a new idea of developers of new buildings to attract buyers.
  • Art galleries – a recently listed home in Beverly Hills offers any interested buyer the opportunity to buy 28 pieces of work that are on display including the Pablo Picasso sketch called “Fumeur a la Cigarette Rouge”. However, the artworks are not included in the $48 million asking price.

On a different note, manufacturers are starting to establish MAP policy applicable to all its retailers so that they will not advertise below the minimum advertised price (MAP). Compliance to MAP is not legally required but it is a win-win situation for both the manufacturer and the retailer because brand image and pricing is protected.

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New Avenue Booming With EGP 1.71 Billion Worth Of Deals

New Avenue Real Estate is a real estate marketing firm located in Egypt. It has recently closed an exclusive deal in the real estate market regarding Alstom Egypt’s need for a new administrative headquarters. Alstom Egypt is known to be a big company that specializes in projects regarding the transport of energy.

Their new administrative headquarters is located within the Cairo Festival City with a land area of 3,500 square meters. It is in Fifth Settlement and the rental costs is said to be at EGP 55 million in a five year contract.

According to the chairperson of New Avenue, Ahmed El-Dessouky, transactions such as the one they recently made is a proof that the demand real estate services catered for big international firms is rising once more. This is true especially in the case of administrative buildings. The decline in demand was due to the state of politics and security in last few years leading to companies’ reluctance in leasing headquarters or office buildings under the Egyptian real estate market.

El-Dessouky also said that the firm was able to make a lease deal for Alstom Egypt and they now have a new administrative headquarter which is under a five-year contract worth 1 million every year in Egypt pound.

In the last year, investors together with company owners were more flexible in terms of decreasing the price of the lease based on every square meter for administrative properties. This is to help in the recession and to encourage more investments.

He also shared that in terms of continuing the said policies, the demand for real estate used by offices will returns to its previous rates in 2010. This is in an attempt to help in the recovery of the real estate market.

The company of El-Dessouky has a goal of expanding business as well as contracts with some of the biggest names in real estate development in order to market for their projects which will come out in the next phase. Their company is expecting to have around 100 companies to be marketed such as Palm Hills, Sodic, Emaar, Mountain View and many others. If you are looking for a reliable real estate developer in Australia, send a message to

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Government Schemes To Boost First Home Buyers

First home buyers in New Zealand recently gained a boost from the government itself through the KiwiSaver scheme. Buyers who are looking for a first home will be allowed to search for a property within a more realistic price range through KiwiSaver. The scheme’s goal is to help first home buyers to put together their resources for a deposit with a grant of $10,000 for an existing home and $20,000 for a new home. For a couple who wants to use KiwiSaver, income caps will increase from $100,000 to $120,000 while for singles the income caps will increase to $85,000 from the previous $80,000.

The adjustments in income and home price caps through KiwiSaver will help the middle income earners in realizing their dream of owning a modest home. The same adjustments will apply to Welcome Home loan schemes that allow first home buyers to purchase a home with 10% deposit with exemptions from loan-to-value ratio limits from the Reserve Bank. Couples with a average income of $60,000 will be able to withdraw $45,000 from their KiwiSaver accounts and obtain a HomeStart grant of $20,000 to buy a new build after 5 years in KiwiSaver. With a $65,000 deposit, the couple will be eligible for the Welcome Home Loan that requires a 10% deposit and obtain a new home with a value of up to $650,000.

Because of the recent developments, first home buyers are favored over investors in the housing market. The two government programs will ensure that first home buyers will be given cash grants for their deposits. On the other hand, the loan-to-value ratio changes of the Reserve Bank will make things more difficult for low equity housing investors. The crack down on speculators will mean more affordable homes for first home buyers.

Through first homeowners centre, first home buyers will gain a different experience with their first home. A huge range of home designs are available through the centre so that clients can make a choice for the home of their dreams. The centre is also very transparent with information so that the first home buyer will gain the best value from the money invested.

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Wonder Why You Should Get Into Bitcoin? Here’s Why

Bitcoin is known as a digital currency that is independent from any central authority. This being said, Bitcoin does not need third party brokers such as the government or any banking institute. This means that Bitcoin is not controlled or regulated by the following grants a number of liberties to Bitcoin users.

Bitcoin has been credited as the invention by a group or person called Satoshi Nakamoto. The identity of this bitcoin creator is still unknown as of today and the last that the world has heard of him (or possibly her) was back in 2011 when he said he is moving onto other things. While this Satoshi Nakamoto seems to have moved on, so does Bitcoin. Bitcoin has greatly improved since it was first introduced by Nakamoto back in 2009. Five years ago its value was only at a few cents but now bitcoin is valued at around $650. Bitcoin’s growth has been constant and steady which predicts a promising future for the digital currency.

It is easy to get into bitcoin. All you need to do first is get a bitcoin wallet and establish a bitcoin address. Afterwards, you can immediately start trading bitcoins. There are plenty of reasons as to why you should get into bitcoin.

First of all, Bitcoin offers numerous perks and among these is how bitcoin offers fast and easy transactions. Bitcoin transactions unlike banks don’t have to take several days to process. Bitcoin transactions often last only 10 minutes and at times even instantaneous. Transactions are also less costly as transaction fees are minimal at best and oftentimes free.

Another perk of Bitcoins is that it offers anonymity. You can basically purchase goods and services without having to disclose personal information.

Because Bitcoin is decentralized, you basically own your bitcoins and are less likely to experience inflation. Inflation gives a great disadvantage to people as it reduces their purchasing power. Governments can always print out more money and this causes inflation but Bitcoin has a set limit of 21 million in circulation. Bitcoin is more likely to experience deflation where prices for goods and services fall.

Lastly, bitcoin offers the opportunity to mine your own bitcoins.

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Bitcoin Mining Farms Taking Advantage Of Iceland’s Cold Climate

In the early years of crypto currency, bitcoin mining was simply a hobby for many tech geeks. They used their home computers and downloaded specialized software to perfoarm the complex computations and earn a few bitcoins in exchange for the computing power. However, the price of bitcoin increased and transactions grew so that an industry emerged.

Bitcoin mining can be profitable but miners have to source out for cheap electricity. The cost of running machines is estimated at $1,800 and keeping them cool is another economic challenge. About $200 worth of electricity is necessary for cooling power to mine one bitcoin. Operating expenses are also high leaving behind a very small margin of profit after halving happens.

In a small remote region in Iceland, you will find Genesis mining farm that takes advantage of cheap electric transmission costs. Inside the farm’s two large buildings, you will find tens of thousands of mining computers that generate a lot of heat. To save on cooling costs, the buildings are open to allow entry of cold Icelandic air. Particle filters are used to trap dust while fans in the ceiling allow hot air to escape to the environment.

Aside from Genesis there is also a China’s Bitmain that takes advantage of Iceland’s fast internet connectivity, renewable energy supply and cool climate. Iceland has welcomed the bitcoin miners to bring forth a boost to their economy.

Bitcoin miners are facing stiff competition from the Chinese that makes use of hydroelectric energy generated from their unused dams. Others are making use of cheap coal as their source for electricity. It is estimated that more than two-thirds of the computing power or hash power in the bitcoin network is controlled by the Chinese. When the mining reward is halved, bitcoin miners hope that the number of bitcoin transactions have grown sufficiently so that the small fees generated from users will be enough to smoothen out the cut in profit.

Bitcoin Mining Hardware has evolved over the years to solve complex mathematical puzzles and secure a block of transactions that is safe from hacking and manipulations. Security is one of the main attractions of bitcoin mining not to mention that it is a decentralized global network.

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High Tech Pen Used In Skin Care Treatment Could Help Reverse Skin Aging

The latest and the most popular anti-aging treatment that is available in Houston is the same treatment that was first used Hollywood and it is known to be used by reality celebrities such as the Kardashians and the cast of the Real Housewives. This popular treatment is more commonly known as face needling.

According to Jamie McCulley who is the esthetician at the Institute of Anti-Aging Medicine and Skin Spa, he likes to call the technology Micro-Pen. Majority of the people that are going through treatment feel uneasy whenever the tern needles are used. Basically, there are 12 needles that can be found inside the chamber of the micro-pen.

Patients are given the option to choose the type of anti-aging lubricant that will be used on their face before the needling process takes place.

McCulley shared that the patients are given two options when choosing lubricants – the first one is a hyaluronic acid that aids in moisturizing the face as well as improving the growth rate of the skin cells on the face while the second option is called PRP or platelet rich plasma. When it comes to option, this is at the top of the list and the most luxurious of them all. PRP is done by using your own blood platelets in order to stimulate the collagen as well as the elastin to create new versions of themselves.

The same treatment has been used by Natalie Beegle once last February this year. Beegle shared that she is almost 40 and she has already signs of pigmentation on her skin for years of being exposed to the sun. Aside from that, there are also signs of wrinkles, fine lines and a number of visible acne scars. After undergoing the first treatment, she admitted that her skin was glowing and it is now smoother to apply makeup on her face.

The anti-aging lubricant she chose was the PRP. After taking her blood, it was circulated in a centrifuge in order to separate the yellow plasma which is then spread on the face after numbing it. For people who are scared to undergo such treatments, there are many options for Organic Skin Care online Shop.

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