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Target Is Allotting $20 Million For Transgender Bathroom

According to a new report, the Target Corp. is going to allot $20 million for the construction of single-stall bathrooms following threats of patrons to boycott the business after it has decided earlier this year to give access to transgender people to choose whatever bathroom they desire.

Cathy Smith, the Chief Financial Officer of Target, said that there are guests who like their new bathroom policy and there are those who don’t. This statement was released during the earnings call conducted with their business investors. After seeing the evident, Smith said that there is still no visible impact with regards to the new law.

A recent petition has been made by the American Family Association with regards to the decision of the retail chain with regards to transgender bathroom use. The association lives by their mission – “to inform, equip, and activate individuals to strengthen the moral foundations of American culture. According to them, the new policy of Target is the best way for sexual predators to get closer to their victims.

The American Family Association also said that there is another reasonable solution to this ongoing issue which is a common sense approach and it is to build a unisex bathroom that can be used by a single individual at a time. The association also added that the new store policy of Target will be endangering women and children if mean are allowed to have access to the facilities used by the women.

Last quarter, the sales of Target has fallen from the previous $5.20 per share to only $4.80. The yearly profit forecast of the company has been cut and some items have not been included. Earlier this year, it was predicted that the sales will increase by as much as $5.40 which is not what happened. The company also shared that within the same time period, the same-store sales of Target has fallen by 1.1 per cent.

The company experienced a previous decline with regards to same-store sales during the first quarter of 2014 but it was because the company was still getting back on its feet after their system data has been hacked.

For more functional bathrooms, add in simple Oak Vanity Units.

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Thai Boating Market Grows From Help Of Ocean Marina Pattaya Boat Show

Thailand’s boating scene has been on the rise in recent years. A lot of Thai people are showing interest in this kind of market.

Ocean Marina Pattaya Boat Show is one such event where it showcases this kind of market. This year, Ocean Marina Pattaya Boat Show is running on its fifth year. It is a four-day event that is happening on November 24 – 27, 2016 and is held at Ocean Marina in Pattaya.

The growth from the boat show

Since the launching of the event 5 years ago, a considerable amount of growth in the marine tourism and in boat rentals has been seen in the Gulf of Thailand.

Ocean Marina Pattaya’s boat show has helped the region in positioning it as a leading destination for marine exploration in Southeast Asia.

Boat show exhibitors

With early confirmations from exhibitors for this year’s event, the organizers are planning a larger display compared to last year.

This year’s exhibitors include top dealership brands such as Boat Lagoon Yachting and Simpson Marine which secured an even bigger exhibition space compared to last year.

There are also luxury Italian boat brands that are joining the exhibition such as Azimut Yachts, CNB Yachts, Monte Carlo Yachts and Wider.

Superyacht brands include Admiral and Sanlorenzo and also a number of brokerage yachts are also available on display.

Thais are getting into the boating scene

On last year’s event, sixty eight percent of the visitors were Thai. This number shows that a lot of Thai people are enjoying and spending more time on water. More and more Thais are coming to Ocean Marina Pattaya Boat Show to learn more about boating.

There are also more people going out on the water by chartering boats and enjoying the beauty of the marine playground in the Gulf of Thailand.

Being closer to Bangkok makes Ocean Marina the best coastal destination for weekend getaways for the capital’s almost 9 million inhabitants. Upon arrival at the marina, visitors can be in the water within minutes and explore the 43 islands that are less than an hour by boat near the marina.

While Pattaya is fast becoming the boating capital of Thailand, there are also numerous boating and sailing activities around the country. For Thais or tourists wanting to explore the boating and sailing activities in other areas of Thailand, they can check Thailand Dive and Sail for more details.

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Home Listing Includes A Posing Panda

A property causes buzz over its home listing that includes a huge panda in every photo showing off the four-bedroom property listed at $199,000.

Jessica Arnett who is a co-owner of Villa Real Estate from Houston dressed up in a large panda suit to get attention from potential buyers. This is the first time she pulled something like this to help sell a property. This is following 3 weeks of little activity and a few turnouts. Her clients were worried about their property becoming stale, and that is why they suggested a different and unique tactic. Despite her fears and some bad initial feedback, there were several showings she has scheduled on the day the listing was posted. She has also received calls from fellow realtors commending her sales tactic. She mentioned of using it twice a year only so as not to overuse the idea.

However, properties are not easily sold anywhere in the world. Arnett was lucky enough to have thought of this idea. For other realtors, they just have to stick with the most recommended ways of selling their property.

There is auction where potential buyers are not discouraged because there is no asking price. This also creates urgency with no delays from decisions of buying. The reserve price protects the property since it could not be sold unless the bidding gets to a previously agreed level. Prices can also go beyond expectation for auctions.

Aside from auction, realtors can go for private treaties where there is a fixed and set price. This price can also be modified anytime in the stages of marketing. Private treaties can help buyers formulate offers leading to faster negotiation.

Lastly, there is tender or selling the property to the buyer with the highest bid. This allows for prices to be discreet and the market dictating how much buyers are willing to pay. This method creates competition for the property.

Whatever it is a realtor pulls off, it helps to think of imaginative ways to sell a property. Arnett’s case is an evidence that incorporating quirky and unique ways like dressing up in panda costumes or considerably in other TV Store Online Costumes can attract and gain attention from potential buyers.

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How Much The $100 Is Worth In Every State

Traveling to various states in the United States will have anyone notice the difference in how much the dollar is really worth. The prices for goods is not fixed and variable. The prices change depending where a person is in the US.

The difference in prices

One gallon of gas will cost $1.82 in South Carolina, while it will cost $2.74 in Hawaii.

An average Tennessee resident will pay half the price of the electric bill of an average Connecticut resident.

Tuition fees on public colleges will also vary by state.

Regional Price Parities

The government has been keeping tracks of price disparities for years now. They have created what they call Regional Price Parities which measures the fluctuations of prices across the states.

The Bureau of Economic Analysis recently published their data last July. This data shows that the dollar can swing 30 percent more of what it can buy.

Example of price disparities

For a better understanding, imagine a store which offers a wide array of goods and services. Each of the items are priced according to its national-average price. Now, imagine a cart is filled with items that totals $100 from that store.

In Hawaii, 85 percent of the items in a cart is what the $100 is worth. While in Mississippi, one can get $115.30 worth of items for the $100.

Real value of the dollar

The dollar’s “real value” is highest in Mississippi and Arkansas which is worth $114.30, while it is worth the least in the District of Columbia at $84.70, Hawaii and New York at $86.40, New Jersey at $87.30, California at $89, and Maryland at $90.70.


The data used to calculate the Regional Price Parities is from the Consumer Price Index (CPI).

For the Consumer Price Index, the government is keeping tracks of a lot of goods and services such as college textbooks, electricity, cars, and even cereals. It also keeps track of rents which is variable in various states.
The “real value” of the dollar is also different in rents. The $100 is worth roughly $63 in Hawaii and is worth $160 in Arkansas.


So when an Alabama resident visits New York and looks into his New York City Illustrated Map to check where to avail of services in the city, he is now well aware of the lesser value of his money.

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Extravagant Perks To Attract The Interest Of Foreign Real Estate Investors

In the United States, convincing billionaires to invest millions in real estate can be a challenging task. In the big cities, glass skyscrapers and sprawling spec homes that broke ground with much fanfare years ago are now full of empty units waiting for buyers. According to some experts, global economic instability has discouraged foreign investors from investing in real estate but this is not actually the case. Stricter regulations have been introduced on all-cash anonymous real estate purchases which are the preference of most foreign investors.

In order to encourage investment for multi-million dollar properties, real estate developers have decided to add some extravagant perks that include:

  • Cars – the penthouse at the Atelier condominium in Midtown Manhattan is currently listed for $85 million but the price tag includes some extras – 2 Rolls Royce Phantoms and a $1 million yacht. The cars and yacht are owned by listing agent Daniel Neiditch and he told the Business Insider that he will be signing over the ownership to the buyer of the condominium.
  • Yacht – the buyer of Alexander’s Bal Harbour Home will enjoy the extra perk in the form of a 55-foot VanDutch yacht.
  • Private restaurant – a 5-star restaurant will span an entire floor of a 96-story building, the tallest in the Western Hemisphere. The restaurant will have Chef Shaun Hergatt at its helm and his culinary skills will only be available for the residents of the building. Creating residents-only restaurants and beach clubs is a new idea of developers of new buildings to attract buyers.
  • Art galleries – a recently listed home in Beverly Hills offers any interested buyer the opportunity to buy 28 pieces of work that are on display including the Pablo Picasso sketch called “Fumeur a la Cigarette Rouge”. However, the artworks are not included in the $48 million asking price.

On a different note, manufacturers are starting to establish MAP policy applicable to all its retailers so that they will not advertise below the minimum advertised price (MAP). Compliance to MAP is not legally required but it is a win-win situation for both the manufacturer and the retailer because brand image and pricing is protected.

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New Avenue Booming With EGP 1.71 Billion Worth Of Deals

New Avenue Real Estate is a real estate marketing firm located in Egypt. It has recently closed an exclusive deal in the real estate market regarding Alstom Egypt’s need for a new administrative headquarters. Alstom Egypt is known to be a big company that specializes in projects regarding the transport of energy.

Their new administrative headquarters is located within the Cairo Festival City with a land area of 3,500 square meters. It is in Fifth Settlement and the rental costs is said to be at EGP 55 million in a five year contract.

According to the chairperson of New Avenue, Ahmed El-Dessouky, transactions such as the one they recently made is a proof that the demand real estate services catered for big international firms is rising once more. This is true especially in the case of administrative buildings. The decline in demand was due to the state of politics and security in last few years leading to companies’ reluctance in leasing headquarters or office buildings under the Egyptian real estate market.

El-Dessouky also said that the firm was able to make a lease deal for Alstom Egypt and they now have a new administrative headquarter which is under a five-year contract worth 1 million every year in Egypt pound.

In the last year, investors together with company owners were more flexible in terms of decreasing the price of the lease based on every square meter for administrative properties. This is to help in the recession and to encourage more investments.

He also shared that in terms of continuing the said policies, the demand for real estate used by offices will returns to its previous rates in 2010. This is in an attempt to help in the recovery of the real estate market.

The company of El-Dessouky has a goal of expanding business as well as contracts with some of the biggest names in real estate development in order to market for their projects which will come out in the next phase. Their company is expecting to have around 100 companies to be marketed such as Palm Hills, Sodic, Emaar, Mountain View and many others. If you are looking for a reliable real estate developer in Australia, send a message to

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