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Bridgestone Releases Street-Legal Track Tyre, The Potenza RE-17R

The Japanese tyre manufacturer, Bridgestone, has news for those track-day enthusiasts looking for a good tyre in Gold Coast, or anywhere in Australia.

The company has recently made a statement, saying that the Potenza RE-71R, its street-legal track designed tire model, will be available for purchase by Australian customers. However, the company has added that customers may have to undergo a waiting period following their order of a set.

According to the company’s spokesperson, Myles Wallace, the RE-71R is a low volume model, and, as such, requires importing from the company’s home country of Japan, which usually takes around four months.

To help with this issue, they have encouraged their dealers to acquire the notable stock of the most popular tyre measurements, especially if they have a considerable amount of track-day customers patronizing them.

Bridgestone released information on the RE-71R, saying that the tyre model is aimed at the track-day enthusiast demographic looking for a tyre model that is usable for both racing and daily driving. The RE-71R is said to feature improved contact patch and better tread compound, utilizing Bridgestone’s UltimatEYE technology, a Bridgestone-developed high-grip polymer they are marketing with the capability of adapting to varying road surfaces, on top of additional contact area on the tyre for better grip in a wider range of conditions.

Bridgestone made statements regarding the tyre, saying that the RE-71R showed improvements on lap-times on Japan’s Tsukuba Circuit, the country’s primary automotive testing grounds, all without sacrificing the needs of daily driving, such as comfort or durability. Data from the manufacturer showed a 3% increase in minimum corner speed and a 1% lap time improvement on the tests, done on the Tsukuba Circuit with a Toyota 86, and compared with the company’s currently outgoing performance tyre model, the RE-11A.

Andrew Moffatt, Bridgestone’s Managing Director for Australia and New Zealand, said that the company has managed to develop a model of tyres that are capable of acting as the standard for track-day enthusiasts looking for a good tyre in Gold Coast, Australia or NZ, whilst also delivering the same performance levels on regular street conditions.

The Potenza RE-71R is now available for interested buyers through official Bridgestone stockists, with sizes ranging from 165/55R14 to 295/30R20.

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Dengue Cases A 20-Year High: Massive Pest Control In Sydney Needed

Mosquitos are among the insects known to man and other animals which can cause the most number of diseases they can inflict just by biting and sucking the blood of someone. You see, mosquitos nowadays have found a way to develop their very own immunity to deflect chemicals used by pest exterminators against them, thus making it harder for the said exterminators to totally get rid of mosquitos in a specific property. Fortunately, these exterminators have been trained to deal with pests such as mosquitos and other disease-ridden insects without relying heavily on hazardous chemicals. In addition to this, accredited companies who can provide professional pest control in Sydney and in other major cities in the world, know they will eradicate pest infestation without taking too much from their clients and at the same time, they make sure that the infestation- like mosquito infestation which can cause the deadly Dengue Fever, will never happen a second time around. And, these licensed exterminators know exactly where to look for pests in any given property because of the mere fact that they have been trained to deal with these pesky pests so experience-wise, they would know where pests are nesting around.

Speaking of mosquito infestation and the deadly Dengue Fever, Australia has recorded a 20-year high in the number of travellers getting infected by said disease back in 2016. According to the federal health department, travellers who were infected with the said disease, had been said to have acquired the said virus from topical places such as Bali and brought the virus upon returning to Australia. All in all, there had been a grand total of more than 2,000 confirmed cases of Dengue Fever in the whole of Australia. According to an expert from the University of Sydney, the alarming rise in the number of confirmed Dengue cases can be attributed to the mere fact that Dengue Fever cases are a problem globally and because of this painful truth, Australians who are infected by said virus were bringing along the disease with them and there’s a high possibility that they involuntarily transmit the disease to others. To prevent a possible Dengue outbreak, the state government has been pushing for accreditation of more pest exterminators who can provide pest control in Sydney and in other states in Australia to at least control the spread of the said virus at least, from within the country itself.

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What Is Workflow And How To Develop It

An effective workflow diagram is important in any business or functional organization. In order for it to work, it has to be presented in a concise and visually engaging manner. If you are wondering what is a workflow, it is simply a diagram that allows team members to visualize the chain of command and how services would be carried out and services to be delivered to prospects. To develop a functional workflow, take a look at these tips.

Create a working draft

Before you create a workflow, list down all the elements that you want to be included. This way, you will have an idea on the number of boxes, icons or symbols that you are going to create. You may want to create a draft to visualize your workflow’s appearance. To make things faster and more efficient, create the draft directly on your computer so you can immediately see the results and edit what needs to be changed.

Use consistent graphics 

For an effective workflow, use consistent elements or symbols. The icons, shapes and figures help to deliver messages. Use the same icons to show related actions or ideas then change elements to show a shift in function or separate yet interrelated idea.

Keep it professional in appearance                                                                                     

If you are presenting a business concept or how project management should be implemented, use toned down colours to make the entire workflow professional in appearance. Use the right fonts and pick the appropriate font size. It should not be too big or too small for the workflow.

Limit slides for the workflow    

If you are still wondering what is a workflow, it is one of those tools used to present ideas. Create a hyperlink or scale down the elements to fit everything in the page. You can find samples of workflow on the internet.

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Online Marketing Trends For 2017

2017 is a year when everything seems to change so fast. From LED TV to the TV with the curved screens. From the usual rectangular-sized smartphones to the ones that curves, too. Everything nowadays is changing at a rate that if you stop following trends even for a second or two, you will be left behind in a flash and catching up is a huge challenge. It’s practically the same banana when you are at the helm of your business’ marketing department who have one primary objective: to make sure that the products and services that consumers can avail from your business, will continue to attract interested consumers in the long run. In doing so, a responsible marketing head should always make it a habit to keep track of the popular marketing trends that are being picked up on by professional marketers across the globe because these trends have been proven to be useful in maintaining a high interest level from consumers towards your business in general.

As mentioned, 2017 is all about the newest tends in almost everything that matters in life and it includes the newest online marketing trends for this year that are being picked by every single marketing professional across the globe. Below are just some of them:

  • Since almost everyone in the globe has a smartphone in hand, it’s recommended that you employ having an optimized website for your business that can be accessed even by mobile users without any lags or errors. You see, this is one major problem that many businesses around the world have been enduring. Yes, they have a website that allows online purchase but, some users are having difficulty in accessing the site especially on mobile devices because the site is not optimized for mobile uses. And this problem can cause major loss in sale numbers. Research says that a website that is not optimized can lose up to 1 trillion US dollars’ worth of potential sales.
  • Engage yourself in content marketing. You can do this by offering free advice and tips to consumers. In addition to this, practicing good content marketing habits will enable your business land in the desirable first page of Google in terms of SEO and search rankings.

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Where To Get Ideas For Team Building Activities

Most modern organizations conduct team building activities to foster internal relationships and to achieve certain organization goals. You have the option to hire a team of professional facilitators or you can also design and conduct the entire activity. Small organizations can be handled by internal employees, even those without much expertise on team building facilitation, since there are guides and ways to conduct the task without being an expert on it. Here are some tips:

Surf the internet

One way to come up with suitable activities for your team building event is to check through the internet. You can find a lot of ideas online starting from concepts, execution and even how to design team building activities and how to come up with a feedback mechanism from the participants or team members. For an effective design of team building event, keep your goals in mind or the purposes of the event and have them aligned to your team building activities. You can even find an entire program for a team building on the internet. You can just mix and match activities in order to come up with the best design that is suited to event goal.

Ask from friends for ideas

You can also ask from your friends for ideas especially those who have participated in a team building event in their own company. You might also want to discuss it with your friends who may have their own expertise when it comes to facilitation. You may even want to ask your friends to help you facilitate the activity if they are free.

Hire a professional facilitator

Some team building activities can be handled by internal employees. However, for big companies with a lot of sub-units, it would be best to hire a team or professional facilitators to conduct the activity for you. Search these types of companies on the internet and call them to find out how they can assist you with your team building needs. Some of these companies also provide suitable venue for outdoor and indoor team building events for organizations.

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High Demand For Industrial Real Estate In Metro Vancouver

In the real estate industry, there are days when a real estate agent has to show clients new properties, attend morning meeting at the office to follow up on contracts and be present at a luncheon date with a fellow agent. Yes, indeed, even real estate agents need proper time management strategies to ensure that their day is organized and productive.

According to Ryan Beedie, president of Beedie Development Corp the current industrial real estate market is so far the strongest that the veteran company has ever experienced. Only 2% of Metro Vancouver’s approximately 200 million square feet of industrial space is vacant. This is the tightest in Canada’s industrial market which is marked by soaring prices and the fast take-up of industrial developments.

The largest of the sevenindustrial projects in Delta is now underway with the first phase of Delta Link Business Park already 70% leased or sold. Beedie’s Delta Link Business Park has started last week with a 2-phase 533,765 square foot development in the Tilbury area. The development will cover more than 1 million square feet that will be occupied by 7 buildings.

At present, Delta dominates the Metro’s industrial landscape. Fraser Valley has 27.1 million square feet of industrial space with 3.4% vacancy rate. About 1.3 million square feet is now under construction. There is strong demand for industrial space from distribution and logistics space. One example is BC Liquor Distribution Branch that has leased 412,000 square feet at Delta Tilbury’s Industrial Park.

At the Delta Link Business Park, the newest tenants include Leon’s Furniture that leased 434,000 square feet of industrial space, Swiss Water Decaffeinated Coffee Co and North Delta Seafoods. However, when demand is high, prices of industrial space certainly go up. According to results of a study made by Vancouver Real Estate Forum in April price per acre of Metro Vancouver industrial real estate has accelerated to $1.4 million up from $1 million 2 years ago.

For a real estate agent, time is always a priority but it is also important to focus on being productive instead of being busy. There are time management strategies that will help a real estate agent to be organized and more efficient.

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