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How You Can Set An Example Like What Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan Did To Latin Countries

So many Americans tend to complain and forget how lucky they are to live in the greatest country ever imagined. It’s not like this anywhere in the world, especially for countries like Honduras, Haiti and Bolivia. Before these countries became fully developed, Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan has showed his assistance through his volunteers and humanitarians in helping the rural poor especially in Honduras.

In certain studies, a Rotarian was interviewed to show her several medical missions in the Latin American countries that include Honduras. There are also others who shared their personal experience just to make the world become a better place to live in. It’s amazing and humbling how more people can do such righteous things to help people from all across the world. One of them is Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan as he’s known as a great philanthropist.

If you may consider, hard economic times don’t only affect the United States but those poorer countries suffering worst inflow of aid and assistance. Volunteers prepare themselves for the worst things to happen. Then there are the unfortunate differences of opinion and miscommunication among nations. Its leaders will greatly affect the poor and they become helpless.

Indeed, the government of Honduras has become distrustful now and seemingly, the diplomacy efforts have clashed with some of the leaders there. It appears that these fences need mending so that humanitarian support can happen with no restrictions so that there will be more flows of aids from neighboring countries and the world.

So, if you’re an American who likes to help countries like Honduras, you can start by just becoming a humble philanthropist of the country. You can start by becoming a volunteer or donating something to build schools, treat sewer plants, infrastructure, create mobile and fixed health clinics, and even books in libraries. This is what you should do for a more humanitarian aid. If you like to know where you can reach out, you can approach foundations owned by Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan or contact the USAID or UNICEF.

So, make a difference by helping out. You can start setting an example like what Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan did to Latin American countries.



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How To Choose Meeting Venue

Bangkok is the most preferred destination for organizing business events and meetings. The good connectivity and cheap airfares combined with the availability of world-class meeting venues are the reasons for the popularity of the city as a preferred meeting destination.

Bangkok being a tourist city has many hotels and resorts. Most of the high-end luxury resorts and hotels in the city offer meeting room facilities and business centres. Choosing the right venue is important for the success of a business meeting. The organizers are spoilt for choice as there are many options like, hotels with meeting rooms in Sukhumvit to luxury resorts in beautiful settings.

If you are planning to conduct a meeting in Bangkok and are searching for venues, here are some quick tips to find the perfect venue for your business meeting.

  • Location and accessibility

Location and accessibility are two important parameters to consider before choosing a meeting venue. The venue should be located in an easily accessible part of the city. Organizing meetings in far away locations, make its compulsory tom arrange for transport options for the participants.  For example, if you are hosting a meeting in Bangkok, choosing hotel with meeting rooms in Sukhumvit is the best idea as it is located centrally and well connected to the business districts and important locations like airport. Participants can easily reach the meeting venue using the mass transit system.

  • Accommodation

If you have participants who are coming from other cities and countries, it is important to search for accommodation options close to the venue. In such a scenario, it is beneficial to choose hotels with meeting rooms in Sukhumvit, as it saves a lot of time, if guests stay at the same hotel where the meeting is conducted.

  • Facilities and amenities

Before choosing a venue, check the amenities available. Most of the reputed meeting venues in the city provide latest audio-visual equipment and other facilities for the meeting. The venue should have proper seating arrangements and other networking areas like business centres, restaurants, cafes etc.

  • Budget

Budget is another important factor that influences your choice. Determine the budget for the event and search for venues that offer quality services at competitive prices. You can also get personalized quotes from hotel with meeting rooms in Sukhumvit, based on your requirements and preferences. Get quotes from two or three of your preferred venues and choose the venue which is easily accessible and provides all the required amenities.

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Who Takes Care Of The Pest Control In Brisbane – The Landlord Or Tenant?

When pests of different sorts come their way towards rented properties, a conflict can be created between the building owner and those renting the property. Note that pests and vermin can pose danger to one’s health, especially when they are found in homes. To prevent the issue, one has to make a remedy by hiring a pest control in Brisbane for the eradication.

If you sense the landlord ins unresponsive, the tenant should take care of his well-being. You can use DIY methods or make an appointment with a pest controller. If your landlord takes the initiative to contact a pest control in Brisbane, you can cancel the appointment and allow him to handle the problem. However, if he learns that the problem is triggered by your negligence, he may ask you to shoulder the service.

Who Takes the Financial Responsibility?

Pest control can really be expensive, so it can sometimes create tension between the landlord and the tenant. To maintain the structures, especially if it’s a multi-unit building, the landlord takes the responsibility to pay for the pest control services. To have it clear for both parties, it has to be stipulated in the contract, especially if it’s the tenant’s fault why the property is infested with pests. The landlord may contact a pest controller, and the tenant will just pay for their services. The landlord also needs to check his property before tenants start occupying the building.

Pest Control Timeline

If the tenant informs his landlord about pest infestation, the landlord should act immediately and sort out who’s responsible for the payments of the services. If anyone of them fail to act accordingly with the pest infestation, it can lead to legal troubles and the tenant can have the right to withhold the rent until there is a solution to the problem.

There is no reason why a landlord cannot reach a pest control in Brisbane for the eradication. To have them protected against possible infiltrations, a written contract must be presented on who is responsible for the eradication. The landlord then evaluates the infiltration problem, especially if he had the area treated beforehand by some pest control.


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Five Must Visit Islands Around Phuket

Phuket is the largest island in Thailand. The beach capital of Thailand is also popular for its nightlife. Tourists throng the beautiful beaches of Phuket to enjoy the sun and the sand. However, with increasing tourists, the beaches in Phuket tend to get overcrowded.

Tourists looking for a peaceful tropical getaway can hire a private boat in Phuket and visit the surrounding islands. There are many exotic islands around Phuket which offer exciting sightseeing opportunities. Here are some of the must visit islands near Phuket.

Koh Phi Phi

Koh Phi Phi is a must visit attraction near Phuket. The small island has no roads and offers stunning beaches and natural sights. Maya Bay is one of the must visit spots on the island. The bay is surrounded by limestone cliffs on one side and the white sand beach on the other. Tourists can hire a private boat in Phuket and plan a trip to the popular Koh Phi Phi to enjoy the scenery by the day and the exciting party scene at night.

James Bond Island

The James Bond Island is just a short boat ride away from Phuket. The scenic island is popular with the tourists. You can also visit the Koh Panyi Island, a floating village which is famous for its fresh fish delicacies. The village also has a floating football pitch.

Koh Yao Island

Koh Yao Islands are the best option for tourists who are willing to explore the local Thai life. The islands are perfect to experience the village life of the locals. There are many accommodation options ranging from luxury resorts to Thai bungalows for tourists who are willing to spend a couple of days on the island.

Coral island

Tourists to Phuket should not miss visiting the coral islands. The Islands are popular for the corals, which can be viewed in the sea and by the beach. The Long beach and Banana beach are the two popular beaches on the coral islands. Tourists can indulge in snorkelling and scuba diving and have a close glimpse of the corals.

Similan islands

These islands are one of the best diving sites in the country. Tourists can hire private boat in Phuket and enjoy a day or two in the beautiful Similan islands.



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Building Thailand’s First Musical Theatre: Takonkiet Viravan’s Story

Popular Thai producer Takonkiet Viravan shares his experiences joining the industry and making it on his own.


Leaving Boston

Takonkiet Viravan initially planned to take up economic at Boston University, in an attempt to please his father, the former minister Amnuay Viravan. However, he only lasted for one semester and switched to what he really loved: theatre. Years later, he earned his master’s degree in theatre and communication.


His Own Theatre

In 2007, he opened his own grand theatre on the top floor of a popular mall in the city: the Esplanade Mall. Tourists staying at a hotel near Esplanade Mall can have easy access to his 1,500-seater theatre, right across from the Thailand Cultural Centre. He explains that the owner of the mall wanted something that would attract people to the mall, and with agreeable terms in leasing, his theatre found a home with regular program of musicals to offer. The owner of the mall seems to have gotten what she wanted as well— some tourists would specifically look for a hotel near Esplanade Mall just to easily go to the theatre, and both local and foreign tourists flock the property.


Humble Beginnings

It didn’t start easy for Takonkiet. When he came back to Thailand, he says that the theatre scene in the country was very young, and that surviving as a professional in the field was impossible. So at the beginning, he decided to enter the entertainment industry through the next big thing: TV entertainment.


As a director, he launched Nangfah Siroong. It won Best Creative Play for Society and well as Best Play for Youth. After the huge success, he opened his own TV production company called Exact Co. They produced a drama entitled Sam Num Sam Num. It was such a big hit that it successfully ran from 1991 to 1998. The show became a benchmark in Thai drama, combining Western culture with Thai storylines.


Entering the Musical Theatre

He experienced success throughout the years, but he wanted to achieve more. He wanted to start the country’s very first musical theatre, but investors were having none of it. This is when he sought to build it on his own at the top floor of the Esplanade Mall. Inspired by The Sound of Music, performances in the theatre included Broadway classics and modern Thai shows.



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Five Benefits Of Hiring Professional Cleaning Companies

A clean and tidy office portrays a good first impression on the visitors. A hygienic office is essential to make the visitors feel welcomed to the office, to improve the morale of the employees and to enhance the durability of the expensive office furniture and furnishings.

Businesses can appoint in-house janitorial staff or hire the services of professional cleaning companies like showpiece services, to take care of their office cleaning and maintenance. Both the options have their own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Some of the advantages of outsourcing the cleaning function to professional cleaning companies like Showpiece services are,

  1. A professional cleaning service by Showpiece services, removes all the dirt and bacteria and other disease causing pathogens, from the office environment. The professional cleaning companies used specialized products to clean and disinfect surfaces effectively. This helps to provide a clean and hygienic environment for the employees and visitors.
  2. A clean and well-maintained office helps you to portray a professional appearance. You can invite business associates, prospective clients and other important stakeholders to the office. The visitors will get a positive first impression when all the areas of the office like the reception area, workstations, conference rooms, bathrooms etc. are well maintained and clean.
  3. A professional cleaning company like Showpiece services, uses hi-tech tools and products for deep-cleaning of different sections in the office. Deep cleaning helps to remove the accumulated dirt and germs from every nook and corner and maintain a sparkling workspace for your employees.
  4. Employees spend most of their waking time at their workstation. They consider office as their second home. It is essential to maintain a clean and healthy office to boost the morale of the employees, which also increases their productivity. Employees start taking pride in the office and are motivated to work hard. Moreover, a near and uncluttered workstation reduces work stress.
  5. Professional cleaning companies like Showpiece services, undertake the cleaning work after the office hours. They do not disrupt the work schedule of the employees. Cleaning the office after office hours helps to provide a clean and fresh office that welcomes the employees, the next morning.
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