Airbnb Partnering Up With Boutique Thai Resorts


It’ll be easier to book a boutique Kanchanaburi resort thanks to the newest partnership between the online hospitality giant Airbnb and the Thailand Boutique Accommodation Trade Association (TBAA). This joint coop, an industry-first, aims to promote creative, people-driven Thai hospitality, according to reports.

Via the partnership, Airbnb and the TBAA will be bringing boutique hotels to Airbnb’s global hospitality platform, which will connect them to its traveller network, whose international reach has led to it handling at least 300 million guest arrivals since its founding a decade ago.

This partnership included Airbnb signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the TBAA, making it the first travel platform to do so. It comes on the heels of the company’s recent partnership with Thailand’s Ministry of Interior’s Department of Local Administration to up-skill and enrol local homestays across Thailand’s provinces, all 76 of them.

Airbnb Country Manager for Southeast Asia, Mike Orgill, represented the company during the signing ceremony, launching the partnership alongside Advisor to the Thai Travel Agents Association and TBAA President, SuparerkSoorangura.

Thailand is one of the world’s biggest tourism destinations, which means that this partnership is good news for those looking for a Bangkok or a Kanchanaburi resort, as provides travellers from across the globe easy access to at least 50 boutique hotels across 15 provinces in the Kingdome, which include Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Kanchanaburi and others.

According to the Memorandum, both parties agreed to and will be working on conducting training workshops for the TBAA’s members, with the goal of arming them with the needed know-how to use Airbnb, as well as the necessary digital skills for the creation, management and promotion of their own listings.

The collaboration hopes to empower the Thai boutique hospitality industry and its entrepreneurs with global hospitality standards, as well as promoting them and their creative design on a global market. Lastly, the MoU states that they would also work to revitalise local neighbourhoods by driving tourist arrivals beyond the more common and popular destinations.

Another part of the launch, was the announcement of the inaugural Airbnb and TBAA Thailand Neighbourhood Guide, which is a 17-page insider’s guide highlighting five under-the-radar neighbourhoods in the country, each with its unique blend of traditional heritage and creative spaces.