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Majority Of Raw Materials From Native Forests Goes To The Landfill

There are two different kinds of businesses – those that care for the environment and those who don’t. One of the best examples of the former is Academy Supply which is a school furniture supplier driven with the goal of providing quality furniture in a sustainable and eco-friendly manner. Sadly, there are many businesses that belong in the latter category.

This is why native forests are now suffering the consequences of the greedy actions of these companies. In Victoria, there are many native forests and majority of them are carbon-dense. Those who are logging in these areas would say that it is a good thing since the furniture they are making becomes carbon storage for a long time.

The problem is that these claims are not 100 per cent factual. In fact, majority of the trees that are logged for furniture in Victoria only ends up being transformed into pallets, woodchips and pulp – all of which have very short life spans. At the end of the day, these by-products just end up being thrown in landfills. When this happens, carbon is emitted back into the ozone layer as soon as the material decomposes.

This goes to show just how important is the native forests in Australia as they serve as carbon storage for long-term. Consumers are now waking up to the reality that wood products that do not have longer life spans actually contribute to carbon emission which is not the most ideal use of the precious native forests.

It is time to debunk the myth that logging native forests is helpful since the carbon is retained in the finished product. This is not a guarantee because the proportion between the forest biomass and the longevity of the product should be determined first. Research shows that once wood products have reached the end of their life span, these are also sent straight to landfills.

Consumers should be more conscious when purchasing products from companies. Schools planning to purchase furniture should choose reliable and green companies such as Academy Supply to make sure that they are not contributing to the destruction of the planet.

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Samsung Launched Three New Smart Home Gadgets

Security is a top priority among homeowners nowadays. This is the reason why businesses such as locksmith in North Lakes is urging everyone to upgrade their home security and make sure their locks can withstand intruders. For tech giants such as Samsung, this is a chance to release new products in order to answer the growing need of homeowners for more products to ensure their homes and loved ones are safe.

There has been some questions regarding the plans of Samsung when it comes to their smart home products because of some inconsistencies and pending projects. Many are still waiting for the release of Galaxy Home, a smart speaker that was originally promised to be released by the company along with another product called Bixby.

It was 2014 when Samsung decided to purchase the company SmartThings. It is a startup firm that specializes in home automation. The status of the company ever since the acquisition has been steady despite some issues with Samsung’s delay in releasing some products. Recently, the company announced that they are going to launch three additional products in the smart home line. These three will be available to consumers as a package as it will comprise their starter kit for a home security system. Their main goal is to offer a starter kit that is within the affordable range for consumers.

These three gadgets are the WiFi Smart Plug, Two and the SmartThings Cam. The best thing about this starter kit is that it does not need a separate hub. The Smart Bulb though needs one but it is reasonable because the suggested retail price for the product is only $10. SmartThings Hub by Samsung is currently on sale in the market for about $70.

The camera is worth $90 and it can take a video with 1080p resolution and set at a 145 degree angle. It can change into night vision as soon as the lights in a room have been turned off. It has the capacity to record HDR and is equipped with a two-way radio. According to experts and locksmith in North Lakes, despite the presence of smart home equipment, it is still advisable to have locks that are durable so as to avoid intruders entering the property.

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