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How To Keep Warm And Safe This Winter

As soon as the winter months are coming, the first thing we think about is how to keep warm and how to make sure the heating system inside the house is checked properly to avoid any unfortunate accidents. When the temperature drops colder, expect that many of the boilers in residential homes will already be running before the first snow falls. It might be everyone’s top priority to stay warm but it is also important to think about safety.

According to the National Fire Protection Agency’s communications manager, Susan McKelvey, heating is the top 2 reason why many of the houses in the United States went up in fire. Majority of the home fires are happening between the months of December and February. It is evident by the fact that almost 50 per cent of the home fires that have been reported to the agency occur within those timeline.

A high number of Americans now have centralized heating system for their homes but there are those that are still finding alternatives in order to stay warm. The problem with these is that they are safety risks to the property and the people inside the house.

For in-home unites, regardless if stationary or portable, there are risks presented due to many reasons including not using the heating equipment properly, overheating and faulty equipment. While these are accidents which cannot be controlled, there are ways to prevent them from happening through preparation as well as monitoring by beginning with basic maintenance.

McKelvey said that an annual inspection should be done to the heating systems and it should only be carried out by a qualified professional. This means that everything from central heating equipment to water heaters should be checked. Make sure to use the instruction manuals as a guide as well as the local code. If you are not sure about your unit, check out boiler repair websites to hire someone who is well-verse with the heating system in order to avoid further damage.It should be done every year once the winter months are drawing to a near.

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