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Realtors Release A Scary Forecast On The Real Estate Market

In 2016, a former motocross rider created a promotional video to advertise his new job as a real estate agent. Yes, indeed, real estate agents can ride motorcycles to home showings. It may or may not elicit strong reactions from clients but they will certainly understand the love for freedom and excitement. For the road bike range, there is Moto Guzzi for sale from UK dealers.

Meanwhile the forecast for 2019 that was released by California Association of Realtors (CAR) on the real estate market is a little scary. It is common for many housing economists to wait for November or December before they release their predictions but CAR’s forecast showed confidence regardless of whatever happens in the coming weeks.

Whenever realtors say that there might be a little adjustment in the market, people must take it seriously. The last time that CAR made a prediction about a minor correction in the market, property values fell heavily.

Realtors usually have the natural tendency to keep to a minimum any downturn in the market. By nature, realtors are optimistic and believe that they need to enthusiastically promote their services. However, when there is a forecast of modest decline in existing home sales, people should take cover.

The existing number of homes sales this year is lower than 2017 and CAR expects that sales will drop further in 2019. Inventory is scarce this year particularly properties that are below $450,000. For the coming year, inventory is expected to increase but there will be fewer buyers due to economic and demographic factors.

According to President Trump, the biggest threat is the Federal Reserve that has increased short term rates for the third time this year. Mortgage rates increased to the highest level in 7 years and created uncertainty among home buyers and equity traders. Property values are climbing too high and buyers are spooked.

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Buying A Home In Lake Tahoe – Take A Look At The Heating System

Once again, cold chilly nights are being felt by people and it is the most ideal time to take a look at the home’s energy expenses. In Lake Tahoe, residents are fortunate because they do not need air conditioning except for some places that see the sun more often. However, while they save on cooling costs, energy bills add up very quickly during winter time.

There are 3 major types of heating systems used by properties – forced air gas, hydronic or in-floor radiant and electric baseboard heat. Some homes use a wooden stove or fireplace as their heat source but in the North Shore of Lake Tahoe, passive solar is the most affordable source of heat for winter. Lake Tahoe enjoys 300 days of sunshine per year and passive heat supplements the built-in heating system.

Buyers who are looking at home in the Lake Tahoe area must take into account the heating system that the property is using. It is important to determine whether the heating system is hydronic or forced air gas. Home buyers who are allergic to dust and pollen are better off with the hydronic heating system that does not blow dust of pollen in the environment.

The hydronic boiler has a closed system of pipes that are either in-floor radiant or installed in the baseboards of the walls. The system is relatively quiet and efficient although it takes a while longer to warm the same space compared to the forced air gas system.

New homes and remodeled projects have opted for the two or three zones during the replacement of the original furnace. Generally, only one place is used for heating a home or condo but breakthroughs in furnace design have resulted into more efficient heating system designs that are more energy efficient and do not generate over expensive heat.

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